Tips for the Side Hustling Entrepreneurs

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We are all given the same twenty-four hours in one day.  If you ever found yourself saying that in a perfect world you would be a full-time entrepreneur, you are not alone.  Truthfully, I enjoy my full-time job yet I also find it fulfilling to work for myself as well.  Here’s another truth bomb, my full-time position offers great benefits so at this point in time I do not wish to leave my full-time job.

That being shared, I simply don’t have the time or know how to fulfill everything that I want to get done.  I have admitted to myself that DIY is a bad idea when it comes to building your website and brand.  I have bit the bullet and have become an advocate of hiring people to outsource the technical side of my entrepreneurial endeavors.

In the past, I would watch YouTube tutorials and try to emulate what I saw.  I have no IT background, so the result was usually, for a lack of a better word, a hot mess.  Fast forward to today.  I have a full-time job, husband, kids, and household to maintain.  So, I do not have the time nor the patients to work on something that will not get me the desired results.

I proudly admit to outsourcing.  I think that outsourcing should not be a dirty little secret.  I currently use but in the past I have used Upwork, Fiveer, and (here’s a secret) eBay.  Yes, you can outsource on eBay too.  I will say that eBay isn’t as well known as the other websites listed so tread with caution, but it can be done.

What are some great outsourcing websites that are missing here?  Subscribe and comment below.

Completely Add to Your Income with DadaABC, A Guest Post Review.

dadaabcI have permission to share Iwillpickonelater’s review of DadaABC.  If you are interested in working for DadaABC please you the referral code:

DadaABC ,The online company I’ve been teaching for, is looking for new teachers. It’s an easy gig and the pay is good considering how easy it is, so if any of you are looking for a job or want to supplement your income, it might be worth checking out. Here’s my review of working for DadaABC –

The Goods

  • PAY – The pay was the highest I could find for any online company, after some negotiation I got $22US (150RMB)/hour, but it is based on experience. I believe the range is from $15-$25.
  • SHORT CLASSES – regular classes are only 30 mins and trial classes are 14 mins, so it’s over and done pretty quick.
  • OWN HOURS – There are set hours to choose from (Evenings during the week, mornings on the weekend (Shanghai Time)) but you can choose to work as little or as much as you want
  • 50% PAY IF NO CLASS – during your set hours if you don’t have class, you still get 50% of your pay, although personally my schedule filled up right away
  • MATERIAL – the company provides it’s own software that acts as a virtual textbook. It’s not the best, but I’ve also seen worse. Either way I do absolutely no prep time before class, I don’t even have to preview the material.

The Bads

  • THE PENALTIES – Every time you mess up they fine you, and the fines can add up pretty quickly. Be 10 minutes late for a class and you’re basically teaching the rest of the class for free. If you miss the whole class, then not only will you not get paid for that class but they’ll take an additional fine out of your paycheck.
  • TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES – as we all know sometimes your internet cuts out and there’s nothing you can do about it. Well they consider this to be your fault and they’ll penalize you for it. I find it acceptable however because of their high wages and the fact that these outages are fairly rare for me, but if your internet connection isn’t stable, then this probably isn’t for you.
  • LOOK PROFESSIONAL – for me this is a no-brainer, but I think they’ve had big problems in the past with teachers eating during class, teaching in their pajamas, teaching while laying in bed, being on their phone during the lesson, etc. All of these will get you penalized.

TLDR – Don’t be late and be professional and you shouldn’t have any problems. The job is really easy and you can work as little as 2 hours a week, so it’s a good way to supplement your current income. Super easy format so it’s especially good for new teachers.


Online Teaching vs. a Brick and Mortar School, Which is Really Better?

paper-iconIf given the choice, would you rather teach online or in a traditional school?  After teaching online for over a year and in a traditional school for over seventeen years, I realize I do have a preference.  I feel like online is more of a hit em and quit em style while brick and mortar is a classic style of teaching where the teacher is the authoritarian and students maintain a routine.  
I think it takes a certain discipline to be able to learn online.  I have two children and I know that one child has the attention span to sit 25 minutes in front of the computer to learn something while the other one does not.  In terms of pay, B&M wins hands down and also offers benefits packages while online usually does not in most cases.  
I do believe that everyone can learn in a classroom setting but it takes a great deal of discipline to learn online.  Where do you think the future lies regarding online teaching and B&M schools?

Behind the Scenes of Cryptocurrency. Is this the best investment for your future?

What do you think of the long-term investment opportunities with Bitcoin and Altcoin? Right now, the market is looking shaky and when I really do my research I question the long-term possibilities with this whole thing. Yes, I’ve read stories and heard about people losing their life saving with Cryptocurrency but just about all the investments gurus I’ve read and watched advise that you don’t put in more money than you can afford to lose.

As an educator, do you feel that cryptocurrency is a good investment? Right now I’m watching my initial invest seriously dwindle. What do you think of the long-term possibilities with cryptocurrency? Do you think we will still be investing in ten years or will we be on to the next big thing? What coins do you invest in if you are an investor and why?

Completely Add to Your Income with QKids. A review by Guest Blogger Jadie C

I’m so happy to have Jadie C as my first guest blogger this week.  Jadie is reviewing QKids which is an online school for teaching English to students in China. 

If QKids seems like a good fit for you please use Jadie’s referral code: Jadie7377

You can find the link to apply below.


I’m now in my 3rd week with QKids, and I thought I’d write my honest review!

All I can say is “Where has this company been all my life?!”

First, the basic requirements (I didn’t make the rules):
• Native American English speaker (or good American Accent I would imagine)
• Live in the US or Canada (not sure if they make exceptions to this, like if you’re a US citizen living abroad for example)
• Bachelor’s degree…. However! I didn’t know the bachelor’s degree “requirement”, and I applied with just my TESOL (and experience) and I got hired. So… I say it doesn’t hurt to try??

Second, the application requirements:
1. Along with resume, they ask for a 1 minute video demo with a brief intro (name, state, education), and you telling or reading a short story as if to a child. They will be looking for things like enthusiasm, body language, facial expressions, proper lighting and sound.
2. You will need to provide a screenshot of your computer system specifications (the page on your computer that says what processor/RAM/OS, etc you have)
3. Your availability. They offer up to 38 slots a week (more during school holidays), typical Chinese hours, Monday through Saturday early EDT hours (5:-40am-8:10am), and Friday and Saturday EDT nights (7:40pm-10:50pm). You must be available at least 6 hours a week.

Third, the hiring requirements:
1. Install WeChat and Qkids software
2. Ethernet cable (they really stress this), and headset
3. Self-paced study/practice materials training (paid)
4. 2 demo lessons/sessions with the staff (paid)
5. 3 trial lessons with kids (paid)
6. You’re hired!… if you don’t get hired, your training is still paid!

Fourth, what they’re like:
After an initial good, and in the end not-so-good experience with GVE, I decided to look at other options, and I’m so glad I did! Qkids impressed me from the beginning with their training, communication, and professionalism! I have never once felt lost or alone, they are very helpful and always available right away (or within a reasonable amount of hours, time difference after all). My schedule was completely full by the second week! No begging for hours here. Their platform is easy to use. (I used to look at the lessons for a few minutes before each shift to review them, but after the second week this wasn’t necessary any more. They are simple, fun, interactive, and user friendly) Classes have up to 6 students in them (all classes paid at same base rate). Unlike with zoom, you can see all the students faces at once, and can easily mute/unmute as necessary. Activities are arranged by individual and group types, so it’s not overwhelming. The kids ages are 5-12. Because the platform is so fun and interactive, they are happy and eager to learn!

What I don’t like: WeChat is annoying. It’s not the teaching platform, but the chat program used to communicate with the staff. They require a QR code or approval from your cell to log in to another device, and if you lose your cell, like I did for a few days last week, you can’t get into WeChat at all. I was thankfully still able to contact them when I needed to via email. I also don’t like that even though I’m working, say, 5:40-8:10, I’m only getting paid 2 hours, not 2.5 because there’s down time in between lessons that we don’t get paid for. I guess this is pretty typical for online teaching jobs, it’s not the first time I’ve encountered this. At least with Q Kids, we don’t have any reports or evaluations to do!

Time off:
No dock pay!! No 6 month (or any) contract commitments!! They do ask for 24 hour notice for time off, and ask that you not have “too many” (interpret as you can) short-notice absences. Classes are scheduled Sunday for the following week. I actually didn’t realize this my first week, and checked my schedule the Friday before instead, and missed Monday and Tuesday altogether thinking my first class was Wednesday. They forgave me when I explained and took the absences off my record.

$16-20/hr. The base pay is $8/30 min class. You get a point for each day you show up to class, and you lose a point if you’re absent. The points equal dollars, so if you’re present in every class each week that’s an extra $1/30 min. You get an extra $1/30 min for getting good ratings by the students/parents. So if you do the math, $16/hour is easily actually $20/hour. I’ve actually always been scared of working for a company that does rating systems, but so far, the parents have been gracious 🙂 Once in a while you might have a “standby” lesson in one of your slots (In 2.5 weeks, I’ve had one of these). If there is no need for you to fill in, you will still get paid $4/30 min class just for being available. If there is a system glitch and you can’t teach, you still get paid. If no students show up, you still get $4/30 min class!

Have I missed anything? Feel free to reach out to me, I’m happy to help! I was referred myself, and I’m happy to refer you, too!

How to apply?
Email Apply at QKids with your resume, 1 minute demo video (can be an attachment or a YouTube or cloud link), screenshot of computer specs, availability, and, if you would be so gracious, my referral ID too: Jadie7377 🙂 (yes, there’s a bonus potential for me here:-)

One more thing, If you do use my referral code, please send me an email so I know who I’ve referred, but also because I’m more than happy to answer any questions, give you tips, guide you through the process, etc!

All the best to you!!

Jadie 🙂QKids

Why I Still Need a Podcast.

Touch screen mobile phone, in handI’m putting it out there.  I want to have a podcast by the end of the year.  I have several ideas floating around but my issue is making the time to get the idea into fruition.  It is also important to have the time to show consistency in being able to record.  I need to do a better job with my episodes than I do keeping this blog up to date.  What are your favorite Podcasts?  What genre do you enjoy and why?

Behind the Scenes of My Vacation, Travel with TeacherCes. Review, SLS South Beach Luxury Hotel

SLS HotelLiving up to some of the words in its title, SLS South Beach Luxury Hotel is a hotel on the beach and quite luxurious.  Upon entry onto the property, I made note of the offer to rent a luxury Lamborghini.  Making note does not necessarily mean that I will blow my latest paycheck on such opulence but it is always nice to know that the option is there if I so choose to do so (which I don’t by the way).  

The front desk check-in was actually to the side of the entrance.  I made note of the imported Brazilian Cherry Wood (note, I have no idea what type of wood that was used for the front desk so Brazilian Cherry Wood sounds good, but probably not true).  The staff at the front desk was very friendly, I mean friendlier than the average hotel friendly, and very accommodating to hold my bag while I look for the rest of my party. Fortunately, I found my friend quickly in the lounge/bar area and proceed to enjoy a Jasmine’s Margarita which I found tasty and not too heavy with the blanco tequila pour (but they could have been heavy with the pour and it would have been alright with me).

I found the elevator quite intimate (small) on the ride up to the fourth floor.  IMG_0010I think it is safe to assume that most older buildings on South Beach have elevators that might be on the smaller end.  The hallways were a cross between dark like the club or dark like those cheesy haunted houses that pop up every October.  Not feeling the dark hallway at all, put in some light.  The hallway also had a very pungent marijuana odor that was on and off throughout the stay at SLS (not judging but you should know this).  

The room was very sexy and very small.  No closets or dressers anywhere to be found. However the beds were very plush and comfortable.  I appreciated that the room was facing Collins Avenue, yet one could not hear noise from the street.  That my friends is always a big plus.  The bathroom was also on the smaller end but if you like showering with multiple people, this is the hotel for you!  The bathroom had the longest shower, with rain-shower type head on one end and a more traditional head on the other.  Since I find great joy in showering alone, I only used the rain-shower head and left the other head off.  

Overall, SLS lives up to its brand of style, luxury, and service.  Yet with that there is a hefty price tag that comes with it.  My hat is off to those who come here often but this is a great hotel for celebrating a special events for the “average” person.  

When It’s time to hire someone to do your dirty work

Make Money Switch Showing Startup Business And WealthThis is not a post about my adventure into the underworld.  Although I do like the title and think it sounds pretty bad ass.  I most of my community have figured out I have multiple side hustles.  One of them is slinging shirts.  The world of the side hustle is not a new world to me.  I was side hustling back when I was a freshman in college.  

I held down various jobs since I was fourteen years old. I promised my mom I wouldn’t get a job freshman year as I attended college not only out of state but out of state and a place where I knew nobody.  Being a woman of my word, I did not get a job per se but I needed money coming into my room.  Therefore I became the candy lady of the second floor.  

My co-partner and I bought a hand basket with wheels and we were in business.  We took the subway several stops to Sam’s Club and bought about $50 worth of goods. Pastries, sodas, candy, ramin, and every other type of delicious a freshman girl could want.  I went to the library, created and printed a menu, and a business was born.  I made decent money but I didn’t keep records so the amount is unknown.  I always had enough change for the laundromat so that was a plus.  

I’m getting off topic.  Fast forward twenty years (damn I feel old writing that).  I realize that I have my limitations in terms of time, ability, and capabilities.  I have spent the past few days on Skype, which is a platform I don’t use often, interviewing graphic designers to help me business grow.  I think I found someone I like, so I’m feeling hopefully.  I have positions I would love to be able to hire but I’m taking it step by step at this point so I can only afford to hire a graphic designer.  The end goal is to be able to hire a virtual assistant and really just be the manager of my operation.  Has outsourcing become a part of your business plan?  How do you find people to outsource in order to help your business grow?

Make sure you subscribe to my blog.  It’s kinda cool and I love my followers.  Also if you are interested in finding a reliable source for outsourcing use my link:

Online Jobs Filipino

Full disclosure, there is a monthly fee.  Although, I don’t agree with the $69 a month fee, the quality of workers are REALLY great.

Why is a Disney Cruise Better than a Carnival Cruise?

cruise-ship-floating_MkYuq8__Asking for a friend (not really, I’m asking for myself).  

If a Disney Cruise sounds like an awesome idea but you can’t afford it, what would be a great alternative?  I can’t see paying what they are asking for at this time for my family of four.  I’m thinking about either just taking the fam to the actual Disney World or taking a Carnival/Royal Caribbean cruise this summer.  We don’t go on family vacations every year so I want to make it semi-special this year.  Of course if you are a representative from Disney, Carnival, or Royal Caribbean I would be more than happy to blog and Instagram about my experience.  What is a good family oriented cruise line?  Leave your comments below.

A Quick Update on Pinterest

I’m going to link this information about Pinterest promoted ads. I received it in my email today. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE POWER OF THE PINTEREST PROMOTED PIN! It is my favorite way to promote. I will say that I already had a pretty active Pinterest account before I learned of the power of promotion. If you would like to collaborate on a Pinterest board leave me a comment.

Why Pinterest ads work

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, & Educators

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - SEPTEMBER 07, 2014: A bitcoin home page o
I am the last person who should be teaching anyone ANYTHING about cryptocurrency.
My brother has been my tutor regarding getting started so I am not an expert.  I do enjoy watching YouTube videos about which coins are worth investing in but at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own money. You do your own homework.

With dreams of grandeur I jumped on the cryptocurrency train. I have watched several YouTube videos and only really have a surface level understanding of what exactly this could mean financially. However, the one thing that has been made perfectly clear is this is a gamble and don’t put in more money than you can lose. With that understanding I have jumped on the crypto train.

So far, I haven’t lost all my money, so that is a plus. The negative is I haven’t really made money either. I’m open to advice as the whole point of this is to make money. How do you feel about this whole cryptocurrency thing? Leave your comments below.

I’ll leave some video’s that I enjoy.
This channel is updated daily so try to watch the most up to date video.
Crypto Coin News

Super Basic Explanation of Bitcoin

Teacher Ces, Where have you been?!

It’s been awhile, as I have been busy on tour . . . Nah, who am I kidding!  I’m busy, I’m a mother, I work (full time), I’m an entrepreneur.  I’m doing good just being on time to the places that I need to be.  This post will contain a freebie to anyone in my online teaching community.  Especially those that are teaching to students in China.  I’m exploring branding especially branding that will continue to get me booked.  So I have created a template that can be used as an opening slide to parents.  I’ll leave a link for upload here:

Link that I hope works!!!