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12 Important Tips with Cargo Cruise Ship Travels

World Port SeafoodCruise ship travels are our holiday dream vacation. To see the other part of the world with the convenience of a luxury ship. But would you consider fulfilling these wish with a cargo ship cruise?

Why not?, Inc.Travel equates itself to adventure. Exactly, it is an adventurous experience to be getting a ride from a cargo ship. Freighter cruises give their passengers the awesome chance. To experience great travels that regular cruise ships offer.

And, it doesn’t cost so much. It is an amazing way to sail on a boat. Click here to learn more about the cost.

Read on to know the important things that you must know about joining a cargo travel ship to see the beauty of the world.

Tip#1: Book Early


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Book your trip 6 months in advance since cargo ships only have few cabins for their passengers. Definitely, no peak or off-peak prices since the ships are working vessels.

Tip#2: Be there several days earlier.


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Arriving at your destination of embarkation several days early gives you an advantage. As it will allow you to get in touch with the port agent. This is for you to know when the ship is arriving. Hence, they can tell you when to join and will arrange for the immigration process.

Tip#3: Always research the place as where are you going.


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Read about the places you are visiting. It will help you get prepared for what you can expect.

Tip#4: Mingle with the crew, get to know and be friendly.


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Being amiable gains you some favors and will make you feel comfortable. Yet, make sure that you won’t cross the borders that will make you an annoyance instead of a lovely guest on board.

Tip#5: Take your favorite book or anything that will entertain you.


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No one can entertain you, so you need to be self-sufficient. You can tag along videos, rest or sleep and glare at the ocean. You can also prepare lots of reading materials. Get your ebook reader, or laptop ready. Fill it with materials that will help you overcome solitude moments.

Tip#6: Don’t forget the camera.


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Taking photos in the destinations you are going to is a must for a traveler. This will add to your enjoyable freighter travel diaries.

Tip#7: Bring necessary supplies.


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It is very important that tag along with you supplies that you might be needed during the travel. Yet, check and make sure that prescription drugs that you have are not banned. Or it’s legal in the places you are about to visit.

Tip#8: Be ready for changes, as it happens.

Flexibility during this travels is a must.Tip#9: Don’t expect the crew on the ship to entertain you.


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You can definitely interact with them and be friendly. That could be something we can also consider as a reward for that travel.

Tip#10: Keep a positive outlook.

Even if there will be no set of activities arranged for you. There will be a standard comfort and food like what the crew is getting.

Tip#11: Prepare to spend so much alone or with your partner.


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If you are with your partner or a loved one, then it could be a perfect time to bond. Yet, if you are alone then, a time for solitude is also good to get to know more about yourself. Then, become better once you get off that ship.

Tip#12: Finally, prepare for motion sickness essentials


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If you have motion sickness, take a seasick tablet. Or, research on how to overcome it.


To wrap this up, traveling in a cargo ship is so much fun and inexpensive. Yet, we need to be cautious about things that allowed to be done and not. Safety should always be on top of our minds in traveling. Most especially if we are not familiar with the place and when we are alone.

Traveling to another side of the world nowadays is not that challenging any longer. Thorough research on how to do it in a cost-effective way can help you enjoy a travel. So, a backpack and on the go trips is so much suitable on a cargo cruise ship adventure. Let’s go, and have our dreams fulfilled.

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