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12 Summer Jobs Teens Can Earn and Learn

Hilton HotelsA summer job is it? Well, you have landed in the right place! Summertime so some people means vacation, travel or mere fun. Yet, we can do either of those while making money on the side and having a good time.

There are a lot of ways to earn while learning this summer. Keep reading to know how you will spend this season with lots of productivity. Here is a short but meaningful list you can check on.

Category #1: Writing.

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Actually, this is a good fit for every teenager who can write. I mean, who loves to write and wants to learn further.

Job#1: Article Writer

There are many opportunities online that for teens to write and get paid. The works may vary from personal essays to online magazines or websites.

Job#2: Blogger

If you’re a blogger, you can make money through ads, selling products or even e-books. You can start building your audience by writing your own blog or, as a guest writer at other blogs. Showcase your idea and your ability to editors. Who knows a simple summer job may turn out to be a career that you’ll enjoy?

Category #2: Designer.

Most teens are artistic in many ways. And, this equates to the last chance of getting a job that will teach you and pay you more. Explore and let your images capture the moment. Below are just some of the artsy jobs that you may want to get some adventure on.

Job#3: T-Shirt Designer

You can design your own shirts and sell it online. Let your colorful mind create and maybe build a fortune. Visit Spreadshirt, Teespring or Etsy to learn how you can earn with them.

Job#4: Photographer

Capturing special moments. These breath-taking scenes can earn you extra this summer. You can sign up on websites for stock photography and sell your beautiful photos there.

Category #3: Cleaning Jobs

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Job#5: Car Washer

You can provide car washing services to your neighborhood. Start with your pals, family and maybe try to apply to any car washing businesses nearby.

Job #6: House Cleaner

It is so simple and basic job. Any teenagers who love to organize and keep places neat can apply for this job. This is just as good as extending your household cleaning chores. Somewhere else, but the nice thing is, getting paid for it.

Job #7: Dishwashing Job

Another easy to do a job. Try to apply to restaurants who are accepting teens for summer to fill in the position. Or, even a small cafeteria near your place. They might be needing an extra hand to wash the dishes that customers had left on.

Category #4: Teaching Jobs

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Job #8: English Tutor

Interestingly, you can do this offline too. Yet many opportunities are offered in this job online. No sweat. All you need to do is to apply for a job to teach kids or adults who want to learn your basic language: English.

By conversing with them during tutoring hours gives decent hourly pay. Sounds like a good way to start earning on your own.

Job #9: Dance Teacher

Again, if you got what it takes, so go for it. If dancing is your cup of tea, share it and get paid. By giving dancing lessons to kids in your neighborhood. You can definitely save money for the forthcoming school year.

Category #5: Outdoor Jobs

Job #10: Landscaping

Maintaining a lawn requires planting and gardening. Yet, in this kind of job, being able to work with a company specializing this can help you learn while earning more.

Job #11: Apple Pick

Try to seek for good opportunities in apple orchards and be one of their apple pickers. It is an easy and fun job while enjoying the air breeze and the sunlight. Not only that. There another task that you can explore in plantations aside from being a picker of fallen fruit.

Job #12: Tour Guide

This is an exciting job which teens can do quite well. As long as you are not scared to speak to strangers. And you talk with confidence, you might be a good fit as a guide for tourist. Entertain them with information and lots of stories. Because they want to know more an about the place you are touring them around.

Wrap up

OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.Not all jobs are something we know from the start. Most of them could be something we love to do. Or task that we want to explore and learn how it is done. We are capable of learning, so never be afraid to explore new things. And the best about it is you will earn from it – monetary and experience wise.

Teenagers spending summer working is a good start to get the idea of how to make a living, as an adult. As we all know that everyone goes there. So getting a dose of it will make you become a better spender, employer or even a business owner.

So, if you are a teenager looking for a summer job, make it worthwhile. Not just by earning money but gaining knowledge in whatever endeavor we take.

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