Completely Add to Your Income with QKids. A review by Guest Blogger Jadie C

I’m so happy to have Jadie C as my first guest blogger this week.  Jadie is reviewing QKids which is an online school for teaching English to students in China. 

If QKids seems like a good fit for you please use Jadie’s referral code: Jadie7377

You can find the link to apply below.

I’m now in my 3rd week with QKids, and I thought I’d write my honest review!

All I can say is “Where has this company been all my life?”

  1. First, the basic requirements (I didn’t make the rules):
    • Native American English speaker (or good American Accent I would imagine)
    • Live in the US or Canada (not sure if they make exceptions to this, like if you’re a US citizen living abroad for example)
    • Bachelor’s degree…. However! I didn’t know the bachelor’s degree “requirement”, and I applied with just my TESOL (and experience) and I got hired. So… I say it doesn’t hurt to try??
  2. Second, the application requirements:
    •  Along with resume, they ask for a 1 minute video demo with a brief intro (name, state, education), and you telling or reading a short story as if to a child. They will be looking for things like enthusiasm, body language, facial expressions, proper lighting and sound.
    • You will need to provide a screenshot of your computer system specifications (the page on your computer that says what processor/RAM/OS, etc you have)
    • Your availability. They offer up to 38 slots a week (more during school holidays), typical Chinese hours, Monday through Saturday early EDT hours (5:-40am-8:10am), and Friday and Saturday EDT nights (7:40pm-10:50pm). You must be available at least 6 hours a week.
  3. Third, the hiring requirements:
    • Install WeChat and Qkids software
    • Ethernet cable (they really stress this), and headset
    • Self-paced study/practice materials training (paid)
    • 2 demo lessons/sessions with the staff (paid)
    • 3 trial lessons with kids (paid)
    • You’re hired!… if you don’t get hired, your training is still paid!
  4. Fourth, what they’re like:
    After an initial good, and in the end not-so-good experience with GVE, I decided to look at other options, and I’m so glad I did! Qkids impressed me from the beginning with their training, communication, and professionalism! I have never once felt lost or alone, they are very helpful and always available right away (or within a reasonable amount of hours, time difference after all). My schedule was completely full by the second week! No begging for hours here. Their platform is easy to use. (I used to look at the lessons for a few minutes before each shift to review them, but after the second week this wasn’t necessary any more. They are simple, fun, interactive, and user friendly) Classes have up to 6 students in them (all classes paid at same base rate). Unlike with zoom, you can see all the students faces at once, and can easily mute/unmute as necessary. Activities are arranged by individual and group types, so it’s not overwhelming. The kids ages are 5-12. Because the platform is so fun and interactive, they are happy and eager to learn!

What I don’t like: WeChat is annoying. It’s not the teaching platform, but the chat program used to communicate with the staff. They require a QR code or approval from your cell to log in to another device, and if you lose your cell, like I did for a few days last week, you can’t get into WeChat at all. I was thankfully still able to contact them when I needed to via email. I also don’t like that even though I’m working, say, 5:40-8:10, I’m only getting paid 2 hours, not 2.5 because there’s down time in between lessons that we don’t get paid for. I guess this is pretty typical for online teaching jobs, it’s not the first time I’ve encountered this. At least with Q Kids, we don’t have any reports or evaluations to do!

Time off:

No dock pay!! No 6 month (or any) contract commitments!! They do ask for 24 hour notice for time off, and ask that you not have “too many” (interpret as you can) short-notice absences. Classes are scheduled Sunday for the following week. I actually didn’t realize this my first week, and checked my schedule the Friday before instead, and missed Monday and Tuesday altogether thinking my first class was Wednesday. They forgave me when I explained and took the absences off my record.


$16-20/hr. The base pay is $8/30 min class. You get a point for each day you show up to class, and you lose a point if you’re absent. The points equal dollars, so if you’re present in every class each week that’s an extra $1/30 min. You get an extra $1/30 min for getting good ratings by the students/parents. So if you do the math, $16/hour is easily actually $20/hour. I’ve actually always been scared of working for a company that does rating systems, but so far, the parents have been gracious 🙂 Once in a while you might have a “standby” lesson in one of your slots (In 2.5 weeks, I’ve had one of these). If there is no need for you to fill in, you will still get paid $4/30 min class just for being available. If there is a system glitch and you can’t teach, you still get paid. If no students show up, you still get $4/30 min class!

Have I missed anything? Feel free to reach out to me, I’m happy to help! I was referred myself, and I’m happy to refer you, too!

How to apply?

Email Apply at QKids with your resume, 1 minute demo video (can be an attachment or a YouTube or cloud link), screenshot of computer specs, availability, and, if you would be so gracious, my referral ID too: Jadie7377 🙂 (yes, there’s a bonus potential for me here:-)

One more thing, If you do use my referral code, please send me an email so I know who I’ve referred, but also because I’m more than happy to answer any questions, give you tips, guide you through the process, etc!

All the best to you!!

Jadie 🙂

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