Online Teaching vs. a Brick and Mortar School, Which is Really Better?

paper-iconIf given the choice, would you rather teach online or in a traditional school?  After teaching online for over a year and in a traditional school for over seventeen years, I realize I do have a preference.  I feel like online is more of a hit em and quit em style while brick and mortar is a classic style of teaching where the teacher is the authoritarian and students maintain a routine.  
I think it takes a certain discipline to be able to learn online.  I have two children and I know that one child has the attention span to sit 25 minutes in front of the computer to learn something while the other one does not.  In terms of pay, B&M wins hands down and also offers benefits packages while online usually does not in most cases.  
I do believe that everyone can learn in a classroom setting but it takes a great deal of discipline to learn online.  Where do you think the future lies regarding online teaching and B&M schools?