Five Podcast Tips

PART 2: Five Podcast You Want to Hear


Five Podcast Tips ? Let us continue our journey in searching for a podcast that will match your interest. Here is another set of those that you want to hear.

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The Dave Ramsey Show – Ramsey Solutions

If you are looking for someone who can guide you. A person who that will teach you on how to balance life and money. The Dave Ramsey Show – Ramsey Solutions is the best podcast to listen to. The show is about real life situations and how money makes it evolving. It is nice to listen to someone who reminds us on how to manage and budget money. Not only that, he will teach us how to get out from debt as well as build wealth and financial freedom.

Good management of money will certainly reduce stress. It will somehow help refrain marriage conflicts which relate to money. And if we were able to manage our money properly, the financial security for our family will follow.

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

Being unshakable according to Tony Robbins is not a matter of money, it is a state of mind.

In this world that is changing makes things uncertain, unpredictable and volatile. So how can we become unshakable? Tony with his co-host, Peter, tell us the secrets to overcome fear. They shared the lives of those who have been traveling through the hardest roads. Yet, these people still end up being successful in their endeavors.

Listening to this podcast will help us learn how to survive. By way of striving to achieve financial freedom, without being affected by what is going on around us.

For further information, check their website:,   while listening to their podcast.

The Tim Ferriss Show- Tim Ferriss: Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig

A podcast from a bestselling author and self –experimenter. He is also known for his book, The 4-Hour Workweek.

In this show, we will be able to listen on how he breakdown world-class performers from mixed areas. He digs deeper to be able to find out the tools, techniques, and tricks that we as listeners can use.

For an episode, he invites great people who he can interview. He asks almost anything and everything under the sun. Throwing questions in a creative way makes the guest answer every inquiry he has on the mind. He let them share their thoughts which makes it beneficial to the listeners. Here we can be able to get amazing facts that we can be able to learn to apply in our personal lives.

The Trevor Chapman Show

It is about us. This is where human experience is celebrated. The podcast tackles interesting, high-achieving and most engaging human beings in this world. They will discuss all aspects of life like business, performance, and happiness. Most importantly they give insights about how to make this life great and fulfilling.

It is indeed nice to hear great things from people who have proven success in their lives. It makes us believe even more that this life is worth nurturing. To achieve the price already in store for each one of us.

The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk, #askgaryvee

In this podcast, we get the chance to listen to an achiever in business and a public speaker. This show discusses the variety the #askgaryVee show episodes. Also tackles marketing and business segments from his DAILYVEE video series. We will hear his interviews with different people that might capture your interest.

He will share with us personal thoughts about any topics that are fascinating too.


Again, listening to the different podcast which captures our interest will help us. It makes us grow in knowledge and understanding. We will be able to feel and know why other people are such, or why they are different from us. They got the experience that made them who they are. This is a way that we get to learn these people better and somehow also learn more about ourselves.

The podcast is a pavement to the whole world interconnection and collation. It is not about speculating what these people do. But it is more on how can we learn from their successes to make a better version of ourselves. Listening to them is the most convenient way for us to know what is missing in what we do to be an achiever as well. So let’s continue to learn and get inspired. Get motivated and let’s move.

Five Podcast

PART 1: Five Podcast You Want to Hear

Business woman listening to music

Podcasting is on its way to being so famous. It becomes a medium of expressing an idea and story. There is so much fun listening to these five podcasts that we want you to hear as well.  Here comes a mixture of various topics that touch human interest. So without so much ado, may we take a sneak peek into these podcasts?

Build an Online Business- Online Masters Course

This podcast will help us in knowing how we can become a successful Amazon entrepreneur. It boosts confidence to anyone to be able to start a business by following the simple process. They share helpful strategies and techniques to make a home-based business a triumphant.

One of the things highlighted in an episode, which is helpful was about how to rank on Google. It says, ranking better will give us more business. Yet, equally important to keep things simple and focused. This is very crucial. To be able to get there, we need to understand what the users are actually looking for.

This is just a few of the best learning we can get while listening to this podcast.

The Passive Income Report – The Passive Income Report

Now, here is a very interesting episode we have checked. It talked about how a common person was able to make a sale of $46,500.00 in 30 days! It gave an amazing idea that learning will lead to success. A testimonial on how well he did after applying all the instructions. Listening to this podcast is a good way to be motivated. This might require us to go out from our comfort zone and learn new things, well, not bad if it will lead to a success.

It contains realistic ideas to help us decide if we want to do online business. Yet, The Passive Income Report Team teaches us to follow the 16-Step Process to be able to generate income. And through their podcast, each one of us can learn from them and leads us to a journey that makes life meaningful.

Planet Money – NPR

As exciting as the rest, Planet Money, tackles about the US economy. And this is a great way for us to learn more and understand better what is going on economically speaking. It feels like, we got the chance to interact with the people who know the economy better. It is a way to be able to become knowledgeable in that aspect of living.

This is about real stories which affect everyone as economy impacts all us.

Sharing a great deal of knowledge will give you so much in life. This is an exciting way to do it, be informed and inform others about it and no one will get behind.

How I Build This with Guy Raz – NPR

Inspirational. It is truly a piece of advice if you will hear someone telling you to listen to this podcast. Guy Raz, gets into the real story behind successes of some known companies. We will get to know the humble beginnings of entrepreneurs and idealist themselves. We hear the guests’ voices full of reality and sincerity. Thus, making it more relate-able.

This moves us to become motivated in building our lives and dreams. Because these people are the living testimonies most of us wanted to hear.

Work life with Adam Grant – TED

This is one of our favorites. The realistic possibilities which unfolded in each discussion. We got to be able to explore a lot of amazing ideas that will help us grow as a person. And will make us a better player in a team or a leader. This so inspirational which make us realize that we can make our role in a team better. It opens our eyes to see that we can make work and life more meaningful and beautiful.


Knowledge is the beginning of power. We should learn to accept that there many things that we do not know yet. We can only gain once we open our minds to hear or know what has been experienced by other people. The person behind every podcast, could it be the host or the guest got what we need to learn.

Hearing them sharing a part of their life creates a connection between us. It creates no boundaries when we allow ourselves to accept the good things they are giving.

Cheap cruise line

How to select a cruise line for your next family vacation

All entrepreneurs should utilize the option of rest and relaxation.  Last summer I worked so hard that vacation escaped me.  This year, it is imperative that I take my family on a vacation.

With so many options, I did not know where to get started.  Although I love to travel, by choice I had never been on a cruise.  Being that I would be taking the kiddos, I decided that a cruise would be our best option.  Next steps involved selecting a cruise line.  There are so many options, especially for kids.  Naturally, Disney sounded like the best option since I would be bringing the kids (see here).
Cruise Ship On The Shore In A Tropical Climate

Realizing Disney would not be the option for us right now, I narrowed down my choices between Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Each option seemed to have steller kids clubs and other amenities that will entice my wee ones.  After much research, I determined Royal Caribbean to be the winner.  They had a lot of kid friendly options on their ships that seemed like a good deal.

Speaking of deal, I got the best deal that I could get for the high season time that we are going.  Being new to this cruise life, I had no idea that cruising was so expensive in the summer.

There is so much it takes to plan a vacation.  Next on the list is accommodations.

Aldi Grocery Shopping

How to Completely Change Your Grocery Shopping with Aldi


Completely Change Your Grocery Shopping with Aldi

If you do not have an Aldi in your neck of the woods I want you to stick with me.  Over the weekend I visited Aldi for the first time in a long time and my grocery shopping will never be the same.  The Aldi that I visited was brand spanking new. You know how a new car has that new car smell? Well Aldi had that new store smell going on.  I inhaled fresh Aldi and boy did it smell good.

The first time I visited Aldi I was impressed with the prices but the produce left a lot to be desired.  Well, Aldi must of heard my cry because I definitely saw a lot of improvement with Aldi 2.0.  I was impressed with not only the prices but the quality of the produce. They had cantaloupe for $0.99, do you hear me $0.99!  


Tonight I enjoyed the Aldi salmon which I prepared on Calphalon Signature Nonstick Bakeware with delicious zucchini noodles I prepared with the Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer.  

Other great finds from my Aldi haul include Korean Style Barbecue Strips.  I prepared my kids a delicious spaghetti with the Apple Chicken and Mild Pork Sausage combination.  The apple chicken is the perfect combination of sweet meets savory.  

The best part of my Aldi adventure was leaving with a basket full of groceries for less than $100.  Do you have an Aldi in your area? What are your favorite Aldi finds?

Post Hourlies PeoplePerHour

How to Post Hourlies to Completely Change Your Life!

Post Hourlies at to Completely Change Your Life!

All around the world today, crowdsourcing is not a new thing. It is a way on how businesses maximize the resources. But, not only that, because it also provided a boundless opportunity for creativity. People who got what it takes to provide the services needed for the job has that edge over others.

There are many online platforms available in the market competing from one another. It is a good sign. Indeed. It makes freelancers more competitive hence motivated to produce better outputs.  PeoplePerHour is among these digital marketplaces, where we can post our services.

It is a company based in the United Kingdom. It introduces is an online platform in 2007. This enables freelancers to do business online. By posting services they offer which is called “hourlies”, we can reach out to our market. Hence, can showcase our skills to assist businesses or individuals with their needs.

This brings convenience in their search for the best talent who can complete the jobs.

Process of Joining

So, to start with the journey with PeoplePerHour, we all need to register on their website. Account creation is free of charge. Registration is very easy using your LinkedIn or Facebook account information.

Second, we need to make an awesome online portfolio. This is the part that we can showcase our samples and set our hourly rate.

Every time we will complete a project, it will be included in the list of the portfolio for the next client to see.

Third, on the website, we can start browsing for opportunities to send proposals. It must include the list of the services that we can provide with the corresponding rates.

Using the instant messaging tool on the site, the buyer and seller can communicate to each other. The invoicing and work stream within the system which makes the transaction smooth.

Finally, let us talk about getting paid. If a buyer wishes to post a job, they need to make an initial payment in an Escrow account. The payment will only be released once the project is completed.

PeoplePerHour is a global market which supports a variety of currencies. The payment will be transferred to your bank account or Paypal account that will usually take up to 3 days.

Making Freelancers Secured

The review that PeoplePerhour does in all applications makes freelancers and buyers secured. It means that they are only accepting the best freelancers. This contributes to the confidence that they give to the buyers. Even if they required buyers to pay upfront, this motivates us to produce a better output.

The system eliminated the dilemma of unpaid services and inadequate result. The challenge though is the for the seller to meet the requirements of the buyer. But in a positive way, as a freelancer, we will aim to make it impressive every time we commit to a project. Because this will create a better relationship with the buyer and seller.


This kind of job to earn a living has a significant impact. Our buyers are also business owners like us, this is their way to make a living. So it is very important that we respect each other and see ourselves in their shoes in every project we deal with.

For aspiring freelancers, start looking into a brighter possibility of making it big. Trading our skills for a decent income is a great step to financial stability. If you have a day job, taking an extra way to earn on the side is not greed at all. But remember, we need meet with the commitments we give to our clients.