Five Podcast Tips

PART 2: Five Podcast You Want to Hear


Five Podcast Tips ? Let us continue our journey in searching for a podcast that will match your interest. Here is another set of those that you want to hear.

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The Dave Ramsey Show – Ramsey Solutions

If you are looking for someone who can guide you. A person who that will teach you on how to balance life and money. The Dave Ramsey Show – Ramsey Solutions is the best podcast to listen to. The show is about real life situations and how money makes it evolving. It is nice to listen to someone who reminds us on how to manage and budget money. Not only that, he will teach us how to get out from debt as well as build wealth and financial freedom.

Good management of money will certainly reduce stress. It will somehow help refrain marriage conflicts which relate to money. And if we were able to manage our money properly, the financial security for our family will follow.

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

Being unshakable according to Tony Robbins is not a matter of money, it is a state of mind.

In this world that is changing makes things uncertain, unpredictable and volatile. So how can we become unshakable? Tony with his co-host, Peter, tell us the secrets to overcome fear. They shared the lives of those who have been traveling through the hardest roads. Yet, these people still end up being successful in their endeavors.

Listening to this podcast will help us learn how to survive. By way of striving to achieve financial freedom, without being affected by what is going on around us.

For further information, check their website:,   while listening to their podcast.

The Tim Ferriss Show- Tim Ferriss: Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig

A podcast from a bestselling author and self –experimenter. He is also known for his book, The 4-Hour Workweek.

In this show, we will be able to listen on how he breakdown world-class performers from mixed areas. He digs deeper to be able to find out the tools, techniques, and tricks that we as listeners can use.

For an episode, he invites great people who he can interview. He asks almost anything and everything under the sun. Throwing questions in a creative way makes the guest answer every inquiry he has on the mind. He let them share their thoughts which makes it beneficial to the listeners. Here we can be able to get amazing facts that we can be able to learn to apply in our personal lives.

The Trevor Chapman Show

It is about us. This is where human experience is celebrated. The podcast tackles interesting, high-achieving and most engaging human beings in this world. They will discuss all aspects of life like business, performance, and happiness. Most importantly they give insights about how to make this life great and fulfilling.

It is indeed nice to hear great things from people who have proven success in their lives. It makes us believe even more that this life is worth nurturing. To achieve the price already in store for each one of us.

The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk, #askgaryvee

In this podcast, we get the chance to listen to an achiever in business and a public speaker. This show discusses the variety the #askgaryVee show episodes. Also tackles marketing and business segments from his DAILYVEE video series. We will hear his interviews with different people that might capture your interest.

He will share with us personal thoughts about any topics that are fascinating too.


Again, listening to the different podcast which captures our interest will help us. It makes us grow in knowledge and understanding. We will be able to feel and know why other people are such, or why they are different from us. They got the experience that made them who they are. This is a way that we get to learn these people better and somehow also learn more about ourselves.

The podcast is a pavement to the whole world interconnection and collation. It is not about speculating what these people do. But it is more on how can we learn from their successes to make a better version of ourselves. Listening to them is the most convenient way for us to know what is missing in what we do to be an achiever as well. So let’s continue to learn and get inspired. Get motivated and let’s move.