How to make residual income using your own car: 8 Easy Steps in Making Passive Income by Driving Your Own Car

Ever wondered what Carvertise Company is all about? They are a national advertising business. It pays drivers to place removable ads in their cars. As you know, car advertising gained popularity and it’s probably the best time to join fad. By simply driving your car every day, you are getting paid. Pretty amazing!

Car Advertising

This is a method of advertising products or companies placed on a car. The vehicle should travel often in busy streets of the city or community. It aims to be seen up to 70,000 people a day, hence it appears to more cost-effective than other ad mediums.

A company will look for people who own a car – regular people who do about to their normal daily routines. Put into an agreement to place a usually vinyl decals or wraps which covers a large part of the car surface.

The rental of the company depends on the agreement stipulated in the contract. Yet, mostly it will be around $100 to $200 USD a month.

Steps in Advertising Companies on Your Car

So, to understand better, let us tackle deeper and learn the steps in going into this kind of business. Make your car as a traveling billboard and get paid. Here is how you can simply do it:


Step 1: You need to sign up with a company who markets your car to advertisers. But, check on few important things prior to application. Take time to complete the following:

  • Clean drivers’ license.
  • You must own the car.
  • Active auto insurance.
  • You should be driving the car frequently.
  • Remember that companies will prefer drivers traveling in high-traffic areas.


Step 2: Once, you have pre-qualified yourself, it is time to look for the specialist company. These car wrap advertising businesses are searchable online.


Step 3: Before signing up, study the feasibility of the opportunity. Learn about the potential earnings it offers. It is a good idea to have a clear picture of what to expect prior for you to proceed to the application. If you think it is within what you can provide and need then it’s the right time for the next step.


Step 4: Sign up online. You need to provide personal details and information essential for the approval. Upon completion and submission of the form, wait for the company to contact you.


Step 5: If you have been selected, you will receive an invitation to apply for advertising wrap or decal.

A little suggestion: to hasten the agony of waiting, you might as well sign up for several companies. This gets higher chances of getting an offer.


Step 6: Sign a contract or agreement. This is upon selection, it should scribe the agreement between you and the company. Make sure to read everything.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Know the underlying statements. Including the kind of ad, they will place in your car before you sign.


Step 7: Take the car to a shop for wrapping.


Step 8: Finally, drive your car as normal as long as it is within the agreement you have with the company. There will be a GPS installed to track your destinations and the frequency of driving.


In conclusion, car advertising is another way to make passive income. It is very interesting to know that while doing the normal routines of daily life, an extra money comes in.

Wait, you need to be comfortable with the idea. Since the car will be wrap with the ad that you have agreed upon. So it would be under the impression that you love the kind of ad placed in it.

Being a driver of such car makes you somehow a part of the company. True, you represented the company as well. So keep in mind that you should behave well and will not misrepresent what you have advertised. Driving with full discipline and in accordance with the rules is of utmost importance.

So, if this fits you think you qualify, then start searching for the best car advertising company now.



How Landi English Creates Online English Teaching Jobs.

Ever wonder how we contribute to the society while working? Have we asked ourselves if we are only working for our own benefit? Or did we ever wanted to make a difference to touch other’s life?

Landi English is related to ABC360. It is another Online School who aims to teach the language to Chinese children. Developed with a captivating teaching approach, the company focuses on positive radical change. That brought into the lives of their students through adopting the English language.

The company has an updated online program for one teacher is to more students. It is a method of teaching embraced, developed by Harvard Professor Eric Mazur. It is called peer instruction. Part of the development was testing the classes extensively. The goal is to know the best teaching technique for the children.

With this, they have come up with creating smaller classes. That is supposed to be more appropriate for Online English Learning.

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What are Landi English’ Requirements for their Teachers?

  1. Candidates need to have proven experience as an ESL or EFL tutor.
  2. Must have a complete knowledge of teaching the English language.
  3. Prefers candidates with a degree in teaching or a special certificate in education.
  4. Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Patient, energetic and most of all creative.
  6. Very organize.
  7. Committed.
  8. Native speakers from the UK, the US, and Canada.
  9. Ready to follow the company’s policies and process.
  10. Stable working Hours (not less than 12 hours in Days per week)
  11. Computer proficient.

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Will they create an imprint on the lives of their Teachers and students?

As part of the company, we become a reflection of what it believes. With the ideology of an integral education. They aim to reach globally with the aid of the technology. That will bring equal opportunity in learning English. Through online education, they teach all children around the world.

With that aspiration, teachers they hire should keep the quality fit for it. So that will they can create an impact on the lives of learners.
The best character itself says a lot about what we can do. It influences your students and manifests on how they can learn. With this, you as a teacher creates an impact on your student.

The mantra that the company believes makes a lot of sense when we want to bridge the gap between cultures. English Online Education, made it possible to break barriers. Hence with Landi English, you can help change the world through educating people.

What’s more?


  1. Regular pay may reach up to $40 USD/hour. Yet the base pay is around $18 -$25 USD plus incentives. The chance of earning up to $40 USD would depend on experience. While other incentives which you will know upon discussion with the management.
  2. With a laptop and an internet, teaching can already be possible. Plus, the schedule is adjusted according to your availability.
  3. Complete teacher management with a good support system.
  4. Helpful online teaching experience.
  5. The company provides teaching plans and materials created by Landi curriculum team. They train new tutors with the right method and approaches.


  1. Based on a review from an employee. The only disadvantage they got is not being able to physically speak or teach to children. Well, it is all true to online education.
  2. Hours are rough, teachers from the West need to wake up so early.
  3. Waiting time was too long to be able to start teaching.
  4. Payment is correlated to the ratings given by the students. This requires the teacher to remind students to give them feedback.

Wrap Up

Become fluent in any language!
Landi English’ reviews from their employees are so far pretty great! We have searched a lot of positive comments but of course, there are some who had some complaints. To finish this up, the banner that the company brings is significant. It takes a heart and passion to reach the goal of reaching out to the other side of the world.
To share what the native speakers for this part of the earth already have. Sure enough, if you are a teacher of this company, you were able to create an impact on your students. And to the rest of the world.
Hence, remember, making you do what you have done, is a mark created by the chance Landi English gave.
If you think you fit in, click here to check for yourself and apply.


Incredible Benefits of Work Home-based as a Golden Voice Online English Tutor

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Tutors should be at their best at all times. Their role is to provide learning in the language, but it does not stop there. Yes, hence it takes an essential character to portray it. You must have the heart for what you are doing.

Golden Voice English Online Education Inc., you need to have the passion for the Chinese kids. It is because that what they do. There must be a kind of connection which is quite unique from a conventional teaching style.

Golden Voice English is an online English school from Toronto, Canada. It aims to bridge the gap of Chinese Education System by encompassing the language. This intent to provide great quality education to help Chinese kids learn English.

Basically, like all others, the company is looking for sharp and potential teachers. This is to ensure that more than the education, the right people can help the team grow. Then, later on, create a significant impact.

Let’s dig in

  1. Benefit 1: Competitive Wages. Based on the research, they pay their teachers, $20 CAD/hour or $18 USD/ hour and it depends on experience.
  2. Benefit 2: Flexible Hours. Since the students are from China, tutoring hours are between 6 AM to 10 AM EDT every Monday to Fridays. While during weekends, time slots are between 9 PM and 10 AM EDT. Such great flexibility it is.
  3. Benefit 3: Free Training. To be effective, GVE provides professional development and orientation to teachers. This includes training the tutors in using the technology. Its goal is to perfectly convey the best English online lesson. Plus, training is all paid. Sounds great!
  4. Benefit 4: Great teaching materials. GVE has designed unique and innovative lessons. It is used as a tutoring material and resources. They have original and professional made PowerPoint presentations for the class session. Hence, teachers don’t have to spend too much time preparing for the lesson.
  5. Benefit 5: Work from Home. Really an advantage. Yes, you may wake up very early due to the time availability. But it doesn’t need you to wake up much earlier to prepare and get out from the house to work. Working in the comforts of our homes is totally awesome.

Now, we have learned the great things about GVE. But, to make it balanced and to help us come up with an informed decision, let’s carry on. Here are some downsides spilled over by employees or former teachers, as researched.

  • Early working hours.
    Management inconsistency which would also mean the need to improve leadership or the process.
    Not enough working hours. As the time frame is only about 4 hours a day every weekday. While only during weekends when a wider time ranges offer extra hours.
  • Paid on a monthly basis.
    Some have experienced delayed payment.


For a company like of Golden Voice English Online Education Inc., offering jobs is a blessing. Both the teachers and learners got something from it. A job and a lesson.

If we are looking for an extra money to tie both ends, we need to exert extra effort too. Waking up early is not essentially an issue if you want to pursue financial plans. Well, if it is hard, just try further, then if not doable and doesn’t fit your need then don’t push it, it will just hurt.

Again, we are here to bring insights to you. Hoping to let you see the two sides of the coin and have an informed judgment and decision.

If you think Golden Voice English Online brings you the job that fits, visit their website to learn more.


Why should you consider Teaching English Online at 51Talk?

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it in tales sweat, determination and hard work”

– Colin Powell

We can consider teaching as a job that we all have to awe from. Without your teachers, formal or informal ones, you cannot learn anything. With the technology, teaching English online has become a tool for many to earn income. Unfortunately, there are also many unwanted stories that we can find all over the web, so we also have to be careful.

51Talk (Five-One-Talk) is a home-based Online ESL platform established in 2011, in China. In 2012, it started its operation in the Philippines offering online teaching jobs.

Interestingly, the company’s name can be translated as “I want to talk”. In Chinese, five sounds like the word “I” while one is homophone to “want”. That is the reason why teachers give a lot of talking time to their students during classes.

Make sense, right? It requires their students really practice the language thru conversation.

Good things about 51Talk

Excellerations New Products

True enough that before we join a company to work for, we look into its bright and promising side. Who doesn’t? So, the next thing we do is to search the internet and by clicking enter, boom! Not really surprising. Lots of disappointing comments and feedback will slam into our faces.

There are only two things that will happen next: move away or dig deeper and seek the truth.

Well, we don’t have to spill everything here. Some good or bad things about them will give you a great start to head on to your next best decision.

  1. There are on only 4 easy steps before launching. It includes the New Teacher’s Training
  2. Well-guided training provided upon completion of the requirements. An 8-hour Training via Skype is conducted before placing you on board. It is an advantage. Simply because it adds knowledge. So if you are better, you have placed yourself as a higher value online teacher.

    Training is a factor to become effective and efficient which you can keep forever. It adds value to your working experience. No one else can take that away from you. So enjoy and learn as much as you can.

  3. You can get free certification training that helps you upgrade skills.
  4. Gets at least 32 classes per week, 5 days a week. This sounds great though, for possible higher income and teaching practice.
  5. Larger time range 10 AM to 11 PM, Beijing Time. This could mean wherever you are in the world, you can work early in the morning or at night. You choose.
  6. Earning potential is good. Upon review, an American teacher can earn at least $11 USD per 25-minute class. Yet, the pay may vary from one teacher to another depending on the experience. This scenario is normal, logic tells us that experience has its price.
  7. Another good reason is, you will be teaching to Asian learners. It will help you understand cultures which are different from yours. It bridges the gap and breaks barriers.

But then again

Become fluent in any language!

Well, we need to understand that 51Talk is a business after all. They are too loud about themselves in their ads and they missed to be more specific on what they mean to say. But true enough that we can point out some cons, which will help us make a better decision later on.

  1. Penalties. Yes, it sounds awful being penalized when it is not all the teacher’s fault. But, surely the management should be working on that.
  2. Racial discrimination and rate difference. Not good, but we can say that maybe they are looking into the learning process of the students. The company might be looking at their goal to make it a point that students will have to converse with ease.But if it is about the experience gained by these teachers. Well, all we can say is, higher experience deserves a pay for its worth. And, if getting the largest pay means working a lot, then it is human.
  3. Being very strict in attendance and performance. It is not exactly wrong to be obedient if that would be the case. Success starts with good discipline. So, is not a 100% con for us. But we understand that stringent rules make people uncomfortable, just saying.



Get 20% off $50 at!With all the things we know about 51Talk, why are we to consider them? As much as possible, we want to help anyone who is actually looking for a decent income or to earn an extra buck. Whichever is the case, we want you to have an informed decision. No one truly knows which one fit for something unless weighed over.

Experience is the best teacher. And it differs from one person to another yet most likely, it depends on how we react or deal with it.

Teaching English online with 51Talk finds you interesting? Click here.



Online Teaching Company

5 Reasons to Join KK Talkee Online Teaching Company

Right now, you can have five reasons to join KK Talkee.  The teaching profession is one of the noble jobs on earth. It takes a lot of pride to become one. Now, wherever you are, your profession no longer limit you to your locality. It is a great opportunity to share knowledge even to the other side of the globe.

KK Talkee is the online teaching company that will take us to the next level. As many people all around the world tried to find the best way to learn the international language. This created the way for skilled people who are native English speakers to be an awesome tutor.

About KK Talkee

KK Talkee is again, an online English school. It is a company owned by KK America, who started to help students learn the language in 2014, globally. They are using the American English Curriculum in the interactive lessons to students.

The company aims to teach Chinese kids in a one-on-one lesson set up. Each class will last within 25 to 50 minutes. They need their teachers to be available from 6 to 9 pm Beijing, time zone. They welcome applicants who are non-native speakers but have a native level.

They do not ask a degree, ESL certification or any teaching experience. Yet, having those makes helpful. Depending on the teacher’s experience, pay rate is around $14 – $20 USD.

Here are the whys?

It is but normal for us to look for what is beneficial for us to consider. As a home-based worker, we have the perks of working while refraining the hassle of getting out. We get the chance to complete tasks at the comforts of our homes and get paid. These are some of the good things we can enjoy working remotely.

So, let us see if we can consider joining the team of KK Talkee as an online English teacher.

  1. Time flexibility. Upon research, there is a certain time frame that they ask from their teachers. But, considering the time difference we got from China, we can find a way to fit what best works for us and the company.
  2. Decent pay. Everyone who is looking into an extra money would always see if the extra work gets paid. It should be enough for the extra effort we spent. This company, it is definitely giving its teachers the pay we can consider decent, a $14 to $20 USD is fair enough.
  3. Training is Free. This is an important factor for anyone who is new to a job. We need serious training not to make us efficient but to be effective as well. And when they say it is free, another reason to join the team. Also, materials are provided by the company.
  4. Working Remotely. This is the highlight of all the reasons for considering KK Talkee. It means that there is more independence on how you do the job but with the standard that the school imposed. There is a support team that will assist teachers’ inquiries. Plus, for health reasons, they give paid breaks of 5-10 minutes between every lesson.
  5. It is paid through direct deposit or Paypal.

The reasons that we can consider choosing the company are the benefits we can get. But, there are some cons that we have seen within their platform and policies. Let us check these out.

  1. Flex hours aren’t really flexed as they need their teachers to be available between 6 to 9 pm Beijing time zone.
  2. Only 7.5 hours per week – limited opportunity to maximize income potential.
  3. Payments are on a monthly basis which is quite long to wait for the next payday.

KK Talkee to your next career adventure

To finish this off. The attributes we found with KK Talkee, give us no reason for anyone not to consider joining the team. It is in a very rare occasion that you will find all you want in a single company. At least the cons that they have will only let us weigh things up against the pros. It will help you decide which matters for your move, to achieve a fulfilled and happy career.

So, taking the leap will make you reach the next level of your journey.

If you are interested in joining the company, click KK Talkee Site for more information. You may also visit them on Facebook.

If you have more reasons to share, leave a comment below.






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