Amazon Reviews

Writing Amazon Reviews: How can you get paid with Free Stuff by Shopping on Amazon?

World Port SeafoodShop on Amazon and write a review. Get Paid. Easy as one, two, and three! Want to know how to earn while shopping in this cloud-based marketplace?

Here are the steps to get started, for FREE!

Step #1: Create an account on Amazon

To sign up for an account on Amazon, use an email address that you always use. Make sure that all information about you are there in your account profile. Using an alias and animated Avatar are acceptable.

Step #2: Get that app installed on your smartphone.

The downloadable barcode has a scanner that use to shot products you have used or already own. You can review both used product or purchased a new one.

Step #3: Review the product.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 3

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Make sure that you are very honest in writing the review. Products that you have tried and reviewing needs outstanding. But, it needs believable and real reviews that will help it create an image to other users. Yet, it is fair to provide feedback that will keep the product real.

You can also provide your thoughts on what products are amazing and worth buying and what is not.

Step #4: Write for a product with a lesser review.

If there had been many reviews, either positive or negative, it is quite hard for your review to be seen. Unless there will be a customer that will command your review as helpful and made them buy the product.

Step #5: Try to ask questions.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 2

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 2

Write a review by starting to ask important and striking questions. Make this an eye-opener. It will help customers have an informed decision while buying. And the seller will get a real value when they make a sale.

Step #6: Review same items types often.

This strategy will help you master on how to be the best reviewer of such line of product.

Step #7: Product Release Schedule

Be vigilant on the best time that new products issue in Amazon. Most especially, if there will be an upcoming sale. The fresher your reviews for the new product, the higher is the chance of getting a good feedback of your review.

Step #8: To rank well, never downpour your account with reviews.

If you got many reviews compared to “Helpful Votes”, it would be a challenging work to take on to a higher rank.

Step #9: Set up a Social Media Account for Review Purposes Only

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Another way to get items for free on Amazon is to build an audience that are targets of different companies. To do this, having a social media account for review purposes is a good way to advertise products. As a result, companies will give more advertising request from you. Most especially if you’re a Top Reviewer.

Step #10: Maintain integrity in all your reviews.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The trust that we can get from the customers will come from our reviews. If we are not telling them the truth and they experience otherwise. They can always post their own review and vent their frustrations on the product. Or even spread bad comments in different mediums.

Of course, the reviewer will get to be a factor of dissatisfaction.

Once you will give an honest feedback, there is nothing you will be liable for. Your experience with the product is the only truth.

Also, if you the product for free, tell the customers upon review. This is a MUST.


Hilton HotelsShopping while getting paid has become a trend nowadays. With Amazon Reviews, we’ve got the way not only to help the customers. But the business owner themselves, to help them improve not only sales but the quality of what they sell. That is why honest reviews are very important to both parties.

This gives the reviewer a chance to enjoy stuff for free. So saving them from spending a dollar for those items, instead.

Are interested to become a top-notch reviewer of Amazon? Click here to start.






Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer Lending (P2P): Understanding the Concept, Benefit, and Process

Peer to peer lending otherwise termed as Person to Person or P2P lending. It is an easier way to lean money, without the hassles like the banks. But this seems to not too familiar to everybody. So we will cover some few details enough to understand the whole idea.
Securing a loan from the bank is not easy, do you agree?

Making it possible

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

This method of lending connects the borrower directly to the investor. And it is through the digital platform. And it eliminates the intermediary – the bank. The cost that the bank needs for them to survive in the industry makes the loans through them high-priced.

It is why that is not surprising that investors are getting a higher interest rate of return. They do not penalize the borrowers by not imposing higher loan rates.

Peer-to-peer lending does not have the overhead and cost that physical banks need to pay off. So, instead of spending some part of the margin to other business costs, it goes to the ROI of the investors right away.

The only screening P2P does is the credit grades of the borrowers. They determine it through credit score, profile, and income. And also considering the loaned amount and payment term.

World Port Seafood

Exploring the Benefits, Inc.With peer to peer lending, someone borrows money via electronically, from investing people. It is a lending platform. It has so much different from the troublesome policies of the banking institutions. So, we can do it online, what an awesome convenience!
It is a two-way traffic. The individual investor gets to profit from the payments of the borrowers. On the other side, debtors will get their inexpensive and fast cash advances.
Note: the speed of the process would still depend on the borrower’s response. Such as more information or the lender’s document requests.
Clients can get better terms as compared to local banks. While investing parties who lends money gets higher rates of returns too.



Photo by Pexels Stock Photos

These steps are got differences from other lending institutions. Yet there is still commonality to loan process in general.

Step #1: Fill out a form found on the platform.

Step #2: The loan inquiry will be forwarded to the investors. They will figure out if they are willing to invest or decline. And they will decide on the rate based on the borrower’s loan grade.

Step #3: If an investor is willing to lend the amount to a borrower, it is now pre-approve and ready for funding.

Step #4: The borrower is then asked to submit legal documents. These are like a statement of income, proof of employment and list of debts if case applies.

Step #5: Loan is for endorsement and checked if the documents submitted aids the claim. Then it will either be for full approval or will need more documentation.

Step #6: Approval. At this stage, prepare all loan documents and send off for the borrower’s signature.

Step #7: Once the signed, documents need to be returned to the lender through the platform. The funds will get wired transferred to your bank account.

With all these processes, the platform charges a start fee which is between 1% and 5% of the loaned amount. No other fees involved.


Hilton HotelsTo wrap this up, peer to peer lending two players. If you will stand at the corner of the investor, higher rates of return for the proceeds of your money invested. While as a borrower, it is an inexpensive, fast and easier way to get a loan.
So before making a decision, always be informed. Study more about peer to peer lending industry. As it will help you understand better. And fends you off from frustrations caused by uneven expectations. Please click here to learn more about the review of the leading companies.



Membership Sites

What are the types of Membership Sites?

Membership sites are platforms where people join. They get involved or for whatever activities or get products or services they offer. Examples of these are articles, tutorials, software and a lot more. It would depend on the niche the site is tapping.

Why do people join these kinds of sites?

There are many reasons why people are joining. It boils down to what they need and their lifestyles are. Especially, for people who want to broaden their horizon in some specific areas. Being part of a group which shares the same interest becomes a necessity. It will make life more updated and, will keep your circle growing.

There are several kinds of membership sites to choose from. It depends on what kind of variety you can offer the best.

World Port Seafood
Here are some of those:

Drip Feed

This model is common. It involves monthly payment from members to access the site and view new contents.

Contents are fed at regular intervals as scheduled. This strategy will keep the members coming back for more. The first issue is out but the second issue will be available only after 30 days.

All-in Membership

Hilton HotelsAll in models gives access to members right away. As soon as you sign up, you can access all information, product or services that you will need.

There are 2 ways for the payments in this kind of model: fixed fee upfront and monthly payment.

The latter type of membership, it would be best to provide information or material on a monthly basis. This will refrain members from subscribing in the first month then later on cancels.

Online Course

It a bright idea to set up an online course via membership site. This keeps all the information you provide exclusivity to paying members.

Provide courses as modules (monthly basis) or everything accessible upon sign up.

You will have an option to have the courses paid at once or staggered but the price is fixed.

Online Community, Inc.Building an online community is more popular today. With all the tutorials and platforms where we can organize one, it becomes easy. Yet, the monthly fee will only be charged to private groups. It means that people can only access it if they pay.

As long as we can take care of the community and keep it a happy and safe place to hang around, members will stay. Since even if it a virtual community, everyone needs nice people too.

Most of these communities have specific topics that members enjoy discussing and sharing.


As the name suggests, it means that it a combination of different membership models. It is designed in such a way that will fit you and the members need.

This is actually challenging you to be more creative in setting up your membership site. Not making it odd but try to be more accustomed to your personality as well on the members. Somehow, if done, it promotes a simple site and gets you there as planned.

Final Thoughts

Membership sites are great ways to gather like-minded people. Sure enough that if a person feels that they belong. And got what’s need for them, the fee imposed is not an issue at all.

There are many ways on how to maximize a membership site. Whether for free or with a fee it an interesting avenue to get to know a lot of people. But, the reality is, we want to create to earn, so why not?

Using a membership site to earn is an awesome way to generate income. A little tip though, before jumping into the ship, please be mindful of the right things to be done. We don’t want you to get into something that will ruin your business because you were not sure of what you are doing.

Most especially in dealing with money. When payments or fee are collected from members, do the best practices. Always deliver what is promised.

Once again, study. Understand every detail before diving into it.


Save Money

Top 10 Helpful tips on How to Save Money for Families without Compromising Happiness, Inc.As a parent and a wife, I can truly relate to how other moms and dads aim to provide the best of life to their kids. Today, being mindful of how we can save money for the family is on the top of our minds. Simply because we are thinking of our loved one’s happiness, now and in the future.

But, how can we meet both ends?

Well, making life worthwhile don’t need us to be extravagant. It is more practical to raise our kids in a modest and realistic way. Without depriving them to have a happy and fulfilling family life.

But how can cut off of wants lead to a simpler but pleasant life?

If we have saved money in our bank accounts, it relieves us from stress. Hence, give us to a healthier, contented and happier family.

Ways for the Family to Save Money

There are simple tricks on how to make saving easier, check these out.

Learn to be an organized shopper.

Photo by Oli Dale on Unsplash.jpg

Photo by Oli Dale on Unsplash

A prepared list of the things that we need to buy in the grocery will save us from three important things. TIME, EFFORT and MONEY. Since our goal is to make spending within the budget, it is very wise to write the items we need, and stick to it. This will help us buy what is only necessary. And prevent us from returning to the store again and again.

Get into the habit of planning and preparing meals at home.

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash.jpg

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Indeed it is a great idea to plan the menu for the week. A list of the meals that we want to prepare for the family help us save some dollars. By not spending unplanned dinner into expensive restaurants.

Also, this strategy will make us very keen on the food that we will prepare for our family. Giving our family a healthier, homemade meal will also save us from eating instant or fast foods. It is a great way to eat healthy food.

Shop around to find great deals.

The price comparison is another way to make great savings. The price difference from one store to another for the same item give us an extra dollars for our bank accounts.

Stay-cation instead of an expensive travel or vacation.

The idea of family- bonding will never be eliminated by staying at home instead of flying for a vacation. A quality time we have spent with our kids are more important. As compared to a luxurious getaway that is a budget buster.

Avoid spending with credit cards; use cash.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.jpg

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Usage of credit cards sometimes will leave us overspending. Or even buying things that we don’t actually need. It adds up to your liability which gains interest. Most especially if you were not able to pay off the balance due for a specific month.

Be a wise shopper, pay in cash.

Do not shop when you are stressed out.

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash.jpg

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

We used to think that shopping relieves my stress, but it’s a wrong perception. Since we can end up buying unnecessary stuff. De-stressing like exercising, reading or napping are more effective. Take note, these activities are all FREE of cost.
Hilton Hotels

Make it a rule: Save Energy

Aside from this makes Mother Nature happy, it saves us money too. By simply turning off lights, create an impact to your budget by lowering the utility bill. And, the kids will learn a good lesson and discipline on energy conservation.

Use the reward points in Shopping.

By signing up to these reward programs lets you enjoy the perks and rebates. Once accumulated points are redeemed, you can use these for groceries or travels. It is a great way to enjoy without spending.

Buy quality appliances or other household items that are durable and reliable.

Always true. A durable product will save us from buying over and over again. Also, energy efficient items might cost a little higher, in a long run it actually saves you a lot of money. So, it pays, to do some research before buying any appliance or items.

Take good care of your health.

Photo by Jony Ariadi on Unsplash.jpg

Photo by Jony Ariadi on Unsplash

“Health is wealth.”

This does not only gives us the benefit to living longer, as this makes an impact on our financial stability. If we are often sick and needs medication, how can we save money for the future? And, if we are sick, we will not be able to move to work and be productive so this leads to the financial burden.


To wrap this up, there are many ways on how to save money which we can read in books and other articles alike. The reason for that is, many people are in search of an answer for financial freedom. Yet, we don’t realize that even how many books and write-ups we can read every day, if we don’t take the step, nothing will happen.

Saving for the family doesn’t have to be painful for kids nor the parents. It should be an experience worth doing that will eventually become a habit. Once, it will become part of the culture of the family, it is already a natural flow that everyone is happy of doing.

The practice will not only teach us how to save us from financial burden. But the inner value and lesson that will shape us and our kids, now and in the future.

Remember though, it will start with self- discipline, it must be within you.

If you have more tips on how to save money for the families, feel free to share it with us.

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building an online course

8 Basic Steps in Building an Online Course

If I open the internet, especially the Facebook, ads for online courses are all in my feed.

The truth is, I am happy about it.

It was that day when I got to scan the page and saw a sponsored ad on how to become a VA via an online course, and the rest is history. Thanks to my coach.

Online courses are an extension of offline school education. A great way to learn a lot of things, from cooking, language, designing, and the list goes on. Online learning is essential to my growth in this career I have taken. It helped improved my craft in writing and designs too. And, I am getting to know more about other things virtual via e-learning.

As we know many things are teachable, even though online.

This made information much accessible to everyone who wants to learn something new. Not only that, those people who have the skills can share. And make a profit by building an online course in specific disciplines.

I definitely understand that we are looking at this in the light of earning. Yes. We can earn by creating an online course. But, let me remind you that it does not happen overnight.


Correct, and lot of perseverance will take you there.

If sharing what your skills are what you love to do, this will not be so painful. Instead, it would be an enjoyable journey.

Here are the shortened steps on how to start an online e-course.

For the complete details, please feel free to visit

Step 1: Think of what you can and want to share.

Hilton HotelsFirst, decide what you are able to share and want to share. Logic will tell us that someone can’t teach if they got no knowledge about something. It is best to take time to ponder on the best things that you can share with anyone.


Step 2: Outline your Content.

Once you have figured out the best topic, it is time to move the next step – outlining. Creating an outline makes the task easier.

Start with the lesson title, the order of the contents up to the specific details that will fit the course. Then, see how you can group the lessons together to form modules.

Step 3: Write the Content.

This is the more specific and detailed part. You need to write everything about the lessons. Break each lesson into sections. Organize the write-ups in such a way that it is readable and easy to understand.

Step 4: Design and Branding

Since you already got the idea of the course that you will teach, the next thing to do is to dress up your brand. Always consider that the looks of the course match everything. It is important to be consistent with your brand. Remember to make it look professional and with great quality.

Step 5: Choose the best method to teach the Lessons.

Pick the best method that the lessons will be used by your students. The video is a popular medium since it has the audio and visual component that is also vital in learning. But, audio and written-only courses are another way of sharing the lessons with your students.

Step 6: Accessibility of the lessons to your students

You can choose from a variety of ways to make the lessons available to your students.

For videos, you can use YouTube and Wistia.

For audios, Soundcloud is also a good option.

Now, it does not end there, you also need to choose a platform for hosting your course. Teachery is something you can use.

For written-only course, Mailchimp – delivering series of emails for each lesson.

Step 7: Targeting your Market, Inc.The interesting part. Yes, because we are almost there! So, getting to this point would only mean that you have built the course. It is about time to appeal to your target market.

Tap the right audience.

Now that you know who your market is, think about their capacity to pay the price of the course. Feel your audience, how is this course impact them? If this will make a lot of benefit for them, how much are they willing and able to spend? Answering these will help you come up with the right pricing.

Step 8: Launching

Finally! It is available for the buy! Tell your audience about it and direct them to the right place to get the course.


Online learning to the different course that interest us is a good way to kick off. From there, we can build our own set of knowledge that we can share with anyone at a certain price.

In this kind of business, credibility is very important. We need to make the learners confident. Online courses must be taught by someone who got what it takes—proven track records.

Well, it not really hard to do, if we want to take this route in earning money online, no problem. Just learn and be the best in what you do. Good standing is earned in what we do. The works you have done will tell your audience that you are you’re their time, effort and money.

So, if you have been learning and have been the best of it. Sharing or teaching then it’s about time to build that online course.

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