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5 Tips to be a Recommendable Pet Sitter and Earn Extra

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Pet sitting might not be for everyone. Most especially if you are not really fond of pets. Lucky you, if you love to spend time with a dog or cat, then this can be a good start to make a business out of it.

Well, this can be a challenging task but as mentioned if your love to hang out with animals, that won’t be hard to do. Aside from enjoying their company. Playing with them, earning extra buck makes the idea happier!

So before we jump into getting into the business. We need to revisit some factors for us to know is we are a good fit as a pet sitter.

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Ask yourself if you are a pet lover.

This is the most important question that you need to answer first. It only has two answers: YES or NO. If your answer is the latter, then no further questions ask. You can go somewhere else.

But, if your answer is a big, awesome and believable YES! Then, we can consider moving on to the next level. Pets need you to be loving and attentive to the animal’s needs. Being patient with them will help you gain their trust and create a bond that is equally necessary to the task.

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Be committed to the job.

Like any other jobs, showing your commitment to your employer by getting there on time. Be enthusiastic about doing your job, pretty well. Those tasks that you need to complete has to be impeccable. Take care of the pets like babies.

You must return the trust that the owners have given to you. It’s done by fulfilling your duties and responsibilities.

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Let the owners be aware of anything.

For some unlikely events, that their pets got into something that made them injured. Inform the owners with humility and honesty. Never let them discover by themselves that something had happened to their pet. It would be better than you confess and be ready to tell them.

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Give the pets sometimes to feel comfortable with you.

Noted that you love pets yet we cannot always guarantee that they will love us back instantly. So providing them enough time to get to know you. Don’t force anything or yourself to them.

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Step Up.

Set yourself stand out from the rest. Get some certification from pet sitters organizations or better yet, enroll courses online. Yes, it would mean an investment, but if you want a good business out of it then why not spend some dollars. Anyways, you will get the returns back as long as you are doing your best as a pet sitter. The point is, you are stepping up, and this makes you more recommendable.

Closing, Inc.

Pet sitting is a good source for an extra income. The rates that pet sitters may vary from $10/hour to $100/night. It really depends and may differ from one place to another.

But, sure enough, that it’s a decent pay.

So, if you think that you are a good fit as a pet sitter, take the action now. Earning some money is always possible, most especially when done. with ultimate correctness. Let your neighborhood know that you can watch over and take care of their pets while they are away. Or, get online and let pet owners know you, try to visit and learn more.

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