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Uber and Other Ways to Make Money Using your Car

Hilton HotelsTaxis have long been existing to provide transportation services to everyone. Not only that, it’s one of the methods of making money with the wheel. Yet, nowadays, they have found a stiff competition. Now that ride-sharing services have emerged. Uber is among its growing competitor.

They have introduced that unconventional way of providing transportation. And, many commuters have embrace due to the convenience it serves.

If you own a vehicle and wants to earn, you can make driving your car as your side hassle and earn from it. There are many companies that you can sign up with and be a registered driver. Let’s face it, owning a car is expensive and we need something to get covered. So carry as we are with you to discover further on how we can earn from driving.

Get paid to drive other people around with Uber is so simple. But, you need to know first if you qualify to their stipulated standard. Check this out.

#1: You can drive with Uber if your 21 years old and above.

#2: Having a valid driver’s license is a must.

#3: The vehicle you own must have 4 doors.

#4: Only the registered owner can drive the car. And must have insured the vehicle.

So, if you think that you passed these pre-qualifying questions. You are now ready to move on. Click here to get to Uber website to get more information.

Aside from Uber, there are still other sharing companies. Yet, there are also other services that you and your car can do. Just look for a company that you can partner with, to drive and get paid. Read on to learn.

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It is a courier of food. As a driver, you will have the possibility to earn up to $25 per hour whether driving or riding their bike. Like Uber, it has an app that the company can know if you are free to take an order or not. As soon as you’ll get available, orders for delivery will pop out on your smartphone. Then, it is your choice whether you’ll accept or decline the task.

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Lyft, Inc.A rideshare company that works quite like Uber. They will be contacted by a commuter for a ride. They will assign a driver nearest to the location to pick up that passenger. If that current driver isn’t available, then the next on queue will then get the chance.

Drivers and Lyft communicated via an app. Once the driver picks up a rider, he or she will tap the button on the app. Then the system starts to count the distance traveled. This then equates to the cost or bill if the passenger.

They simply tap the app again once the passenger had been dropped off to their destinations. The system notifies the company.

The pay is on a weekly basis. The payment received by the driver is net the fare deducted with the percentage of Lyft. Click here to learn more.

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Another app-based company that makes you earn by driving your car. It is a carpooling app that connects riders to drivers. Take note of its difference from Uber and Lyft. They pick up riders who happen to be traveling in the same directions with the driver.

Yes, technically, giving you an extra cash for an extra seat of your car.

It is the driver’s route, not the passenger’s. The riders only tag along about where the driver’s location is.

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It is a delivery company that carries a variety of things such as groceries, supplies and even food. Earning money with them is cool: be their delivery driver but you have a flexible schedule. You have the freedom to choose what can you can drive for them. And, a $25 per hour is pretty awesome.


Uber is just one of the many companies that had opened doors to car owners in maximizing the use of their car. It is given that we buy a car for family use. Yet, instead of letting it seat of you got nothing to do, why not maximize both of your time and make money. Remember, there have been many apps to choose from, and seek on what best works for you. Won’t you feel happy of your car pays its own mortgage? Just saying.

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