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Building Passive Income through Real Estate Business

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There are many kinds of businesses that we can choose from to build our passive income. Real estate is one among the popular methods.

But before going further, let us define what passive income is.

Passive income is an earning collected from rental properties. A portfolio income that yields dividends and interests are also considered passive.

In this event let us focus on the kind of passive income that we get via real estate. Don’t be surprised that this is not limited to a traditional property owning. Yes, it is because there are already other ways for us to utilize real estate as a vessel for generating income. Read on to learn.

Other options to make passive money in the real estate industry

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The first choice, which is very common is the traditional property (brick and mortar). This takes a hands-on effort from your end, so you have to do it right. You can either own a residential or commercial real estate rental. Also, to this kind of an investor, you can choose to own farm, timberlands or another real estate form that people rent out., Inc.

Make sure that these properties managed by someone you trust or yourself can make it well. Plus, to keep the upright condition of the assets, thus maintenance is a must. Anytime tenants call for repairs, it must at once done.

Tenants must be reviewed and undergo background checking. Part of this is to get employment verification. To make sure that they will meet their financial obligations to you.

Through, we can consider that this kind of investment is a good path to collect passive income. It needs a lot and kind of a tedious work. To aid this, hiring a professional managing person or team to help to manage is a nice move. Towards success in your investment.

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The second choice is with online real estate investment platforms. Realty Shares is one of the companies we can site. An online platform that offers profitable opportunities to investors, borrowers and sponsors.

Companies who operate in this nature may differ from each other’s approach. Realty Share offers a wider variety of investment choices in properties. While others, like Fundrise, focuses on commercial properties only.

These online real estate investment companies have different chances given to investors. Because some only accept accredited investors. While others offer the opportunities to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

Read Top 10 Real Estate Companies to Watch in 2018. To learn more about online real estate investments platforms.

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The third choice, real estate option is the REIT (real estate investment trust). This is another form of passive income. It is like mutual fund which gathers different investments in each fund. All investments in REIT are incorporated in real estate.

It might constitute an ownership of commercial buildings or timberlands and warehouses. This is a less risky investment since it has spread to a variety of mediums in investment.


Spreading your investment into different forms is a wise decision. Real estate as a medium in building passive income works best when handled correctly. But then again, as an investor, we need to be able to understand how it works and the risks it involves. Your knowledge will get you covered.

If you think that you got the right acceptance of the method to make money, then, take a call to action. Yet, if everything is still clouded, speaking to an expert might be the best option. Rather than jumping into the ocean of uncertainties.

Passive income in real estate has been profitable to other. It might also work for you, so think about it and act.

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Clothing Rental Services

Clothing Rental Services: 7 Best Companies

Can help us get trendy with Outfits without Spending Much

If you want to look fantastic for any event you’re attending, turn to clothe rental companies. It is such a great way to be dressed up without spending so much.

These services for clothing are both available for men and women. Yes, renting wardrobes may not be for everyone, but it would be a good and reasonable option. Most especially for people who want to put an extra glamour on their clothes.

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To know a little more about the rental services for clothing. Here are the 7 companies that can help you get a spectacular dress for any occasion.

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Option#1: Rent the Runway

It is one of the first companies’ engaged in clothing rental services. From the start they have taken off, the company focused on dress and women accessories. To help ladies go to an event wearing great fit wardrobes. They are offering both traditional and plus-size dresses.

They will send two dresses. The first one is the size you have requested and the other is next size up to make sure that either of the dresses will fit.

Prices: as seen on price tag marked on each dress

Number of Days: Four to Eight Days

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Option#2: Style Lend

The company rents out designer clothing. Browse through thousands of best designer items. These have been carefully chosen by New York’s fabulous closets. In case the dress didn’t fit, you can give it back to them and they will change the item just before you would need the dress.

Highlight: Same-day shipping within New York City and two days shipping nationwide

Prices: starting at $25

Number of Days: Seven days

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Option#3: Le Tote

They give you the chance to select up to three clothes and two accessories. These are sent over to your doorsteps unlimited times every month. Wear anything you like and send it back. And you will again receive the next set of clothing days after.

It is ideal for girls who love to change outfits often for events or office. Also, good fit for pregnant women as they got impressive maternity selections.

Highlight: Monthly Subscription for a box of clothing

Prices: starting at $59 per month

Number of Days: monthly subscription

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Option#4: Gwynnie Bee

An online clothing company that offers subscription services for women. They are targeting girls who want to be stylish and crafty in their daily outfits. Plus, it is for free shipping and exchanges. They got a wide variety of selection from work wear to casual and formal dresses.

Highlight: Monthly Subscription for a box of clothing

Prices: starting at $49 per month

Number of Days: monthly subscription

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Option#5: Glam Corner

An Australian based dress rental company established in 2012. It is today one of the leading websites for women to shop for designer outfits for rent. They aim to provide women with a good quality of wardrobes without creating clothes often. It makes an impact of a lot of savings while being trendy and glamorous.

Highlight: Plus Size Dresses

Prices: starting at $39

Number of Days:

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Option#6: The Mr. Collection, Inc.

It is a clothing rental services for men who love to have a new, great look every time they go out. Upon subscription, they will have to fill out a survey of their preferences. And, a stylist will have to put together the idea and box set of clothing sent over to the subscriber for a month use.

An option to keep the box for two months and buying any cloth or accessory at a discounted price is also offered.

Highlight: Monthly subscription


Casual Clothing for $39 per month

Business Clothing $45 per month

Men’s Accessories $25 per month

Number of Days: a month or it depends on when the box of outfit will be returned then another box will again be sent to the subscriber

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Option#7: Mine for Nine

A rental clothing service for expectant mothers. You can rent wardrobes from a variety of choices, formal, casual or business attire. It is a good idea to get this option since while your tummy is growing. Until you deliver, you don’t have to buy clothes that we can’t wear after maternity.

The right size for you every after month is just there waiting to be rented out.

Highlight: Maternity Rental Service (pregnant women)

Prices: see website

Number of Days: one month

Final Words

Renting clothing for occasional events is the most practical way to look fabulous. While getting great savings at the same time. We don’t have to spend so much with a designer dress to be worn just once. The idea of saving money with this strategy will give you more glamour, right?

Clothing rental services have given a solution to a dilemma for people who love dressing up. Yet, those who are not fond of buying new clothes every month or every week. But there is a need to look captivating for work or other personal reasons. Try it, and see how it fits your lifestyle.

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Home Delivery Services

Top 3 Meal Prep at Home Delivery Services

Are they worth their cost?

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Do you love to cook? Or you would rather get a food from delivery services and escape from the lengthy process of cooking. Not to mention, the time spent on groceries that are exhausting.

Meal preparation for me would always be an artistic expression. The colors of the fresh veggies or meat make it more of a piece of art once all combined. That is me talking.

Like, a majority if not all mothers out there tries to cook for the family. Or, just anyone who wants to get healthy food would choose home cooked foods. Then the one from fast food chains or restaurants. But, with the hectic schedule, how can it be possible to go to groceries and spend so much time?

Meal prep home delivery meals, to the rescue!

Yes, it’s like fresh ingredients from the grocery or farm delivered right to your doorsteps. And the twist goes, you will turn yourself into the chef. In an interesting note, these delivery services give you the recipe of food that we don’t commonly eat. Awesome!

Yet, you don’t have to worry, the instructions on how to prepare the meal are there as well. It makes your life so much easy. The service does the grocery for you, think about the kind of meal you want to prepare. All you need to do is cook the fresh ingredients once it arrives.

So how does it work? As easy as 1-2-3-4.


Step #1 Sign up. Customize your delivery dates within your accounts.

Step #2 Select your preferred food. There will be a rotation of recipes so you can choose which one you’ll love to try cooking and eat.

Step #3: Receive. It will be delivered in a box with an easy to follow the recipe, fresh and proportioned ingredients.

Step #4: Cook. Super easy, healthy and delicious meals.

Carry on, here are top 3 delivery services that you can try on and experience the difference and see its worth.

Blue Apron, Inc.They aim to give each customer the best cooking experience. On your first order, upon subscription, they’ll give you $32 discount. You will have the option to sign up for a good for two meal plan or a family plan for a weekly delivery. Each box will include fresh ingredients that you can make six to sixteen meals. You don’t have to think about food wastes as it has been already sliced in portions. And, if the recipe is not within your preference you can just skip a week through your account. You can check the meal prep ingredients on their website.

Price: Starts at $8.74 per meal

The scope of Delivery: Nationwide (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

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Home Chef

They have created a perfect proportion of meals which goals to end up wasting food. They give much importance on quality and simplicity. To make sure that all meal preparations are healthy and delicious. Plus, this is so easy to cook. Every box delivered comes along with the affordable, high-quality ingredients. It has the recipe cards that are simple to follow when cooking your meal. Click here to learn more.

Price: Starts at $9.95 per meal plus $10 Weekly Shipping

The scope of Delivery: Nationwide (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)


Hello Fresh

If you are looking for healthier options for food on your table, Hello Fresh is someone you can call. On a weekly basis, you will get to receive the box with all the ingredients good for three meals. And, you will have it right on your doorstep. Each box can make a food for two or four people. The recipes for these meals would only take around 30 minutes to prepare.

Check their website for the recipe plans.

Price: Starts at $8.75 per meal

The scope of Delivery: Nationwide (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)


This kind of meal preparation option’s worth depends on someone priority. For anything that we want to put first, no price would be expensive for it. Meaning to say, going to the grocery takes a lot of your time which ends you up losing money. As it affects work or business, so spending higher budget than usually can be more cost-effective.

So, looking at the prices as well as the ingredients of each food preparation. The cost of each piece might differ from another. Some might be more expensive if you’ll buy it from the grocery. Most especially those items you can only buy in bulk.

Getting meal prep home delivery services could be a better option for savings.

Valuing the worth of these kinds of delivery services depends on the kind of lifestyle you have. For some, it might be cost-saving while for others it, not a perfect options. So before choosing this kind of meal preparation for your family, take time to think. If it works well for your finances as well as if it fits your life preference.

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Investing Inherited Money

Best Directions to Take in Investing Inherited Money

Few things to remember before pouring it all to investment

Getting into business investments is one of the best things that comes to mind. Right after receiving your inherited money. While others might be thinking of shopping spree. Or taking families to a grand vacation or other stuff that you are not common to do.

But experts tell us not to rush on these things. Ann Minnium, a certified financial planner, says” Don’t react emotionally.” Take time to breathe and create a plan of your finances. As you think things over on where to spend it, park the money. Deposit it in a high-yield savings account to give yourself a time to set out which are your priorities.

Here are few best things you can do before investing your money.

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#1: List your financial goal.

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Learn from the past mistakes in handling your money. Correct your bad spending habits and focus on which is more important.

#2: Emergency cash deposit.

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Make sure that this is on the top of your mind. An emergency fund for at least equal to three to six months. This will avoid a chance of being in debt, in case crisis come that calls for finances.

#3: Retirement savings.

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Open a savings account for ready for your retirement. It really makes so much sense to maximize the money that you have inherited.

#4: Paying off debts.

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Outstanding debts should be paid off, like loans, mortgage, and credit card payments. By doing this, you will have the chance to be starting a clean slate and debt-free life. Yet, for mortgages, you need to consider the interest rate and the expected rate of return. Say, if the debt is letting you pay a relatively high rate, then, paying it off is a good option.

Danielle Schultz, a certified financial planner and principal at Haven Financial Solutions Inc. says, but if it is a low-rate mortgage, then consider your age and modest employment aspect. Then, investing your money off is a good step.

Now, let us talk about investments.

Read on to know some of the best vessels to grow your inherited money by investing in these businesses.

Option #1: Stock Market


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This is one of the popular methods in growing money. Yet, bear in mind that this is a risky path to take. Stock market rise and fall depending on the economic status. Sure enough though that there are many people who have profit with it.

So, it would be best to get into this kind of investment once you’ll have a good understanding of how it works.

Option #2: Foreign Exchange Market


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An interesting way to earn profits is to invest your money in Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). You can actually do this in the comforts of your homes. It only has a simple concept of buying and selling currency. As one currency goes up, the other inversely goes down.

A little precaution though, it is a volatile market. Putting your investment in the best decision can be made. By thorough study or analysis of the market trend and exchange rate can give you a good profit.

There are many factors that can affect the behavior of the market. It could be the news, employment rate or any major events that affect the economy. So, if you are planning to put your money here, be as vigilant in these matters.

Option #3: Binary Options


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It is a market that works like Foreign Exchange market. The only difference is that with binary trading you will choose the direction of the market is going. Once you have placed your position you will no longer be able to get out of it, in case the trade changes direction.

Again, you need to understand how it works to gain instead of losing your money.

Option#4: Arts


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If you are into arts, investing in this aspect is also a good idea. There are many wealthy investors that appreciate the value of fine arts. Paintings are priceless. Many known painters have gained many returns on the investments in their painting.

Yet, we suggest speaking to an expert prior to you investing in this kind of investment vessel.




Verdict, Inc.

In conclusion, investing your inherited money, first of all, needs time investment. Yes, a time for you to think about where you can be confident of placing this valuable amount. Remember that inherited money tags along emotional attachment somehow. But, don’t be too emotional about it.

The most rational way to take the next best direction is to let is breath. Take time to create a financial plan and study the best investment vehicle to grow that money. So, part of that investment would be for yourself. Investing in education that will always be useful now and in the future is another good option.

Lastly, learn how to invest your money in the best way possible. Study different investment strategies before diving in. This will save your inherited money from being gone without you being aware.

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Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell: Reaping Profits from Old but Good Domain Names

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Ways on How to Make Money from Buying and Selling Domain Names

Another great idea on how to make money through buying and selling from the comforts of our homes. It is through domain name flipping. With this kind of business in mind, we need to know where to get the best ones. And, the marketplace to sell it.

But before moving forward, let us define what domain flipping is.

It is the act of buying an item at a lesser cost and selling it with a markup.

Now, getting a better picture, aren’t you? Yet, before jumping into that nice idea running through our head. Take a pause and ask yourself these following questions:

Where is the best marketplace to buy good domains?

Where are you going to sell it?

How can the domain be transferred to the buyer?

For how much are you selling a domain name?

How will you handle trademark issues on this?

Yes, ALL buying and selling businesses are potential to earn you profit. But you need to make right strategies to make it work and profitable. So, those questions above are very important and will serve as your map towards success.

Read on to know the steps towards this profitable business.

Steps to Earn Profits from Domain Name Buying and Selling


Step #1: Learn how to buy domain Names., Inc.This is the first thing you will have to master. Be knowledgeable about where are the best sources of the good domain names that you can buy and trade later on. The reputation of your supplier matters. As you won’t like to end up getting something unsaleable.

You can get it from them from domain registrars. Like Namecheap, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, and Hover. For the complete list, click here.

Search the domain name that you have chosen. Then, if it is available, you can buy for a few dollars per annum.

In an event that the chosen name is registered to another person, find the owner to know if they will sell it.

Other domain names became expired for several reasons. These are also good items to buy once it is open to being resold.

Important rules:

  • You cannot buy a domain name if it has been trademarked by a company.
  • Never use a company or person’s identity to buy that domain.

Step #2: Selling

Marketing your domain name is the best way to have it sold. So the good avenue is to place an ad on the landing pages of your website. By then, any potential and interested buyers can contact you.

Yet, the best way to let others know that you are selling your domain name is to have it listed on marketplaces. This is platforms intended for domain selling. If the domain registrar where you have bought your domain has a marketplace. Then, list it there as well. To name a few, you can check NameJet, Flippa or Sedo.


Tips to sell your domain name:

  • Give a fixed price for each domain name.
  • Or you can set up an auction and invite interested buyers and the highest bidder will take the name.
  • Make a decent deal to potential buyers.


Step #3: Transfer of domain name ownership

This is an important step. To keep you away from future undesirable events of ownership issues. You need to know what you are getting into to make this task easy. For security purposes, you need to complete this process in only one phase.

Here is your quick guide for the transferring procedure:

#3.1: There must be an agreed finalized term with the buying party.

#3.2: Double check in the length of the time left you got on your domain name.

#3.3: Let the buyer set up an account with the registrar with the domain name registered.

#3.4: Change applicable settings.

#3.5: Let the buyer submit the transfer request.

#3.6: Accept and finish the transfer supplication.

Read How to Transfer a Website Guide, for the detailed and step by step process.


The principle behind buying and selling domain names is so simple. We get it at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. Then, we profit. Yet, with the basic knowledge of business, it is, all the same, it needs familiarization and skill.

Domain name selling started with the creation or buying an old, existing or expired ones. But by the time you are going to sell it, make sure that it is in its best condition. Reaping small or big profits will always boil down to good ethics and practices. And, it makes this business even better.

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