Helpful Tips and Steps on How to Claim Back Bank Charges

There are several reasons why bank charges their customers with fees. Some of these are,  below maintaining balance, non-payment of checks and overdraft. There are many of us who have been caught in such a situation, which ends us up owing money.

And, this is undeniable, stressful. This brings so much hassle. Most especially if we feel that it had been incorrectly charged against us.

Yet, never fret on that, since you have the right to ask your bank. If you have proven them right, you can redeem back the bank charges.

In claiming back bank charges you don’t need to use a  claim management company directly. As this will weaken your claim if you do so. The best way is to make a formal written request rather calling your bank for correspondence. Good thing, there are several other options that the bank may offer you. This is apart from giving you immediately a full refund.

If you decide to file a formal complaint. And want to reclaim unfair bank charges, you need to present the case first your bank. This is an official complaints process. The bank has two months to make their final decision on your case. But if the bank failed to respond to you in a given specified period of time.

The next step is to forward your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). If the FOS doesn’t support your complaints, then you go to the court. This is your final recourse to claim the unfair bank charges.

Before you file a case to claim back the bank charges you need to consider if you fit these scenarios

Point#1: Are you struggling financially?

This applies when you are struggling to pay your basic obligations. Such as rentals, mortgage, electric and water bills, food, and taxes. And also if you have a problem with the repayment of your outstanding loans and credit cards. You need to show pieces of evidence that you are in financial hardship. It could, because you lost your current job, or your partner becomes sick, or suffer disability.

Point#2: Bank charges are disproportionate.

This situation is not automatically accepted as a reason to file a complaint. It depends on the gravity of the circumstances. If you are in good standing. And no record for delinquent payment then you have the reason being irritated. But if you have a bad history it might be hard for your bank to consider your case.

Point#3: Charges are reinforcing a cycle vicious.

This is being slapped down back. And your overdraft is continually going. It means to say about being in trouble of debt because of charges. Like in a cycle of financial hardship.


If you have a genuine case then you need to follow the right protocol in filing the complaints. Follow these steps:

The first step, you may file a case directly with your bank.

The second step, make a follow-up and wait for the grace period for the bank to respond to you the solution.

If still, you are not happy with the decision of the bank.

The third step,  file your case to the Financial Ombudsman Services for free.

Finally, if the FOS does not support your claims then take your case to the court.


The customer has the right to claim back the unfair bank charges. But you need to be sure that if you file a case you have a solid ground to win your complaints. This will to save you time and effort.

A friendly reminder, bringing your case of bank charges, to the court is quite expensive. Not only that, as it is also risky, so before making a crucial decision you must think about it wisely.




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5 Simple Ways to  Make an Effective Company Slogans

The alluring and effective company slogan is very important in the field of business. This makes people or customers get attracted to the products offered.  Then the actual purpose of the product itself.

If the company wishes to be recognized by the public. The first thing they have to do is to hire the best advertising company. To help promote their products or services.

An advertising company will have to create an attractive slogan. That makes prospective customers easily remember in a short glance.

In this article, we will help you get an idea of how to create an effective and catchy company slogan. A good slogan will instantly make you visualize the functionality of the product. It is an effective one if by seeing and hearing the slogan alone, it creates a quick recall.

Steps in making an effective company slogans

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STEP #1: Company Logo.

You must design an excellent company logo because a great slogan will come upon the best logo. These two are just like a twin, the bread and butter they will become more attractive if they will work for hand in hand. Yes, it is possible that the company uses only the logo and no tagline used. But the presence of the two elements together shows the specific purpose.

eneida-hoti-391098-unsplash.jpgSTEP #2: Make it Simple and short.

An effective slogan is absolute does not go beyond one sentence. The simpler and shorter it is, the better. Because the audience definitely can easily understand and remember it quickly. But it must be composed of simple and short words. That will never compromise the context, and it should always be compelling like, “You Need It, we got it”, or “Just do it”.


STEP #3: Make it Roll off the Tongue.

The principle is the easier to utter the words the more remember it easily. Gillette’s slogan, “the best a man can get”  is effortless to say.


STEP #4: Use Powerful Phrases or Words.

Strong emotion will be triggered by powerful words or phrases. Try to observe these slogans, ” You can Do it”, and ” Happy”.


STEP #5: Funny slogans is also effective.

If you can make your slogan sounds humorous then do it. You must remember that in creating funny slogans it should be appropriate. And not malicious. Take note if not easy for you to create a funny slogan without sound it lame, don’t do it and proceed your next best options.

In creating an effective company slogan most advertising companies adopt the AIDA technique.

AIDA means

A- attract the attention of the clients or prospects buyers of the products

I- Interest; create a compelling interest in the customer’s mind with regards the products

D- desire; after the created interest. Ensure that the customer has the desire to acquire the products

A- Action. This is the final step that the customer will move to action in buying the products. This is the ultimate goal in creating an effective company slogan.


The ultimate purpose of creating an effective company slogan is to help the business. In the augmentation of the company’s products or services awareness. From awareness, it will help in building huge customers to patronize the products. If you will become successful in creating a famous tagline. Then your company will become more profitable.


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4 Amazing Tips to start crowdfunding your business

Starting a business is not that easy, especially if you don’t have enough capital to sustain it longer. Establishing a business fund is not a major problem, at all. Yet, for starters, it may take them for a while and even gets several tries to make their investment stable.

When an entrepreneur needs extra funding, they actually have lots of options to take. Here are some of those:

  1. You may approach your bank to avail a business loan.
  2. Go through to your friends and relatives to borrow funds,  but this is tough.
  3. And finally, you can do crowdfunding for your business. This is another best alternatives.

How does crowdfunding works?

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Crowdfunding is a process of raising funds for a specific project or business. This is done online. So, you have a bigger source. And you are not limited to your friends and relatives to contribute a certain amount of money.

Because strangers can fund the project or business you are organizing.

There are different types of crowdfunding that will work on you.

First, a kind of crowdfunding that is based on donation. This may come from other individuals, relatives, and friends.

Second, a crowdfunding through the reward system. This approach will give out incentives to the top contributor. While a token of appreciation for those who give the small amount.

Other forms of crowdfunding are Equity and Peer-to-peer.

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Four effective Tips for a successful crowdfunding

Tip#1: Set smart campaign goals.

This means that you need to set a SMART Approach. It is a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goal. To avoid wasting your time and effort. You should know how much money needed to fund your business.

Along with this, prepare what strategy or method you are going to use in your campaign. And when is the target date to meet the plan?

Tip#2: Use your social network.

You need to focus on how you can reach out to your connection. To let them take part through a small donation. They are the first contact person that you need to approach for help before you go to strangers.

Tip#3: Provide a solid marketing plan.

In making an effective marketing plan you need a good platform. Create an awesome project page. There, post your attractive video which explains the cause of your campaign. With the help of using excellent images and GIF,  you can the gain interest from your audience. That makes them decide to your favor, and shell out any amount as their donations.

Also, beautiful visual aids, picture, the flawless marketing campaign will help a lot. This increases the chances of success of your crowdfunding.

Tip#4: Make your start great and your crowdfunding will soar high.

Day one of your crowdfunding campaign is very crucial. We need a strong momentum to reach the goal and create a domino effect reaction from your audience.

Remember crowdfunding campaign doesn’t always succeed. So, the early result is very important to have another option if the plan doesn’t work.

Final Thought

Crowdfunding is one of the best options to fund your business. This is easy to do but doesn’t mean it will guarantee a perfect result. Perhaps it will cost more than your expectation or it will take longer than you plan. As much as possible you need to start your project earlier. But don’t rush, as everything should be in proper place and order.

Definitely, there is no secret formula in crowdfunding your business. But proper preparation, consistency, and the right attitude will is a key to a positive result. Remember, humility is the virtue.



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Coupons: 3 Tips on How to Make this Marketing Strategy a Saving Grail For Customers

Ever wonder how this marketing strategy of stores makes you a winner by using coupons? Well, we often see these vouchers in digital or in a magazine or newspapers which tells us to save in few bucks. It could be from 50 cents to a dollar or more, but does it makes sense?

Remember this quote:

“ It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor. ” – Seneca


Seldom we can see the importance of little things if it isn’t something that we get so much satisfaction from. We have thought that’s not worth our time to sort those out. Or don’t give a deal as it looks so much hassle. But the truth of the matter is, it’s really worth the try.

Read on. We got something bigger for you to find out! And that is to know how you can make these coupons a saving grail.  And creates an impact to a greater picture of the resource maximization strategy.

Coupon is as good as another currency, as Kathy Spencer, a co-author of How to Shop for Free, describes it. And, yes it is!

3 simple tips to get you to start saving

Tip#1: Look for the best place and sources on where you can find these coupons.

Here are some of those:

    • Newspapers. These are the earliest way coupons had been introduced to us even before the birth of the internet. You can find here coupons for different items and brands.
    • is another way to get these discount vouchers. You can print these out and tag them along when you go for a grocery.
    • Coupon Apps are today’s most convenient way to get these coupons. And of course, enjoy awesome discounts. Simply download grocery applications such as iBotta, SnipSnap and among others. Click here for more list that you can refer to.
  • On products. It always pays to check on the label. The packaging of the items may have the coupon inserted inside. And these are usable the next time you’ll get this product.

Tip#2:  Organize the coupon.

Keeping these claim stubs intact and neat makes your shopping systematic. Plan while you are still at home on which coupon you want to use so you can have them ready. This will drop the discomfort that can affect not only you but the rest of the buyers in line.

By doing this, it will encourage you to use a coupon as much as possible. As it is easy to use as your paper bill from your wallets yet stashing any amount from your bank account.

Now, dispose of expired coupons as this is good as trash. Getting rid of worthless vouchers will help you clear your organizer. As well as encourage you to look for new and better discounts that stores are offering.

Organizing your coupon will lead to savings. You need to take these little steps to enlighten your mind. That there is a good benefit that starts at $1.00 discount. You’ll never know, but it may bring great savings you if they are totaled.

Savings, it is.

Tip#3: Maximize your Savings.

Caution: Don’t use coupons just because you have it.

Mindlessly using coupon might lead to a disaster. You might have a discount, but be sure that you are going to use it for something that you need rather than a want. Or else, you will end up buying things or items not used which required you to pay a bigger amount of money.

To maximize coupons, choose to go shopping at stores who promises greater value of it. Also, keeping your coupons handy at all times saves you money makes you enjoy surprise deals.

Your creativity will also lead you to build your savings. So take time to think of the best way possible to get the best out of your coupon. Click here to learn more clever thoughts on how you can benefit with coupons.

pink and white ceramic pig coin bank

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Wrap it Up

These coupons as marketing strategies of stores are worth your efforts. Even if these look inconvenient, hassle and minute, it is still worth it. Remember that savings will start as a habit and discipline. If we learn to value these little things, then we are on our way to successful spending and saving attitude. Maximizing the value of a coupon is a real saving grail. Start it now and you’ll see.


Secrets of Creating the Best Comparison Home Appliance Website

After the revolution of E-commerce, everything had been made easier to shop online. The presence of price comparison website will help a lot for the shoppers to save their money. And not only that, they can reduce the time spent in making a decision in buying the products of their choice. This article will drill down the few secrets how to make a comparison website for a home appliance.

Every single family especially those who are started a new home. Their priority is to provide complete sets of appliances in their respective houses. This need has created a great opportunity to have a lucrative business. Such as selling an online home appliance.

Read on, as we reveal the secrets in making a comparison home appliance website.

close up of a sign against white background

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Secret #1. Select sellable home appliance

Take one step at a time. Focus only on the most in-demand home appliance. Then, provide a credible information. And should aim to help the customer make their decision simple process.

Home appliances are on a top purchase. It tells you that it is necessary that you pick the right model. With the quality, efficiency and of course the cost of the products. You should ensure the value for money item.

Whether the customers are buying for a freezer, oven or a stove. Maybe they are looking for an air conditioner, refrigerator among others, make sure that you got it for them. Part of the goal is that they will find almost everything on your site. And it must be at the best price deal and the right appliance they want.

Secret #2. Partnership Affiliation

This is very important in the part of your business. Develop a great system. This gives them an affiliation with the manufacturer of products they are promoting. Every single product sold they get their commission for the sales they made.

So, before you start promoting your home appliance website. need Sign up first as a business partner from any popular e-commerce portals. And you will be using this as price comparison. After getting an approval you will be given a referrer name.

Secret #3. Set up

This is most complicated part in starting comparison home appliance website. It requires expertise in advanced technical skills and good in technology know how. But if you are not knowledgeable about this you have the option to hire the best programmer.

Definitely, getting a person savvy in technology, this is quite expensive. But the advantage is you don’t need to blow your mind out. As they will have to deal with matters to make sure that your existing comparison price engine will work. This gives you the confidence that your comparison price website is efficient.

Secret #4. Data Acquisition

You need to get the right data because this is the primary fuel of price engine comparison. You can do this by of building your own scraping web set up. The data quality it is important since this will cause for the system to run smoothly. And makes your price comparison website the most preferred one.

It is a must to have a fresh data to sets minimal latency.

battle black blur board game

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Bottom Line

Comparison home appliance website is one of the profitable business nowadays.

All you need is follow the 4 given secrets to building a comparison website. You may do further research on how it works.  And make it become more effective and productive. Again don’t forget the secret number two as that is the backbone of the business.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative source of income. And so with being in leverage by price comparison website and blogs.



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