Simple steps on how you will no longer Travel Alone, Get a Buddy Airline Pass at Southwest NOW!

Why travel alone when you can tag along with your loved one or best friend? Book that flight via Southwest Airline and get your best buddy an companion pass. Yes, you read it right! And we are talking about flying to any domestic destination for your pal all free of charge.

We can actually get to the other side of the state without spending a penny. And that is an awesome example of getting more for less. It is one of the perks that airlines are offering people traveling domestically.

So before we jump into this exciting freebies, let us learn the real substance of an airline pass. Well, to be more specific, let us take Southwest companion pass as an example. It is a ticket for a free ride for your companion — you mom, dad, spouse or friend, flying with you.

So the next question is, HOW?

Yes, it is.

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Companion Pass on Southwest Airlines in 4 Easy Steps

Step #1: Earn for the companion pass.  Once you were able to earn it, choose a person that you want to be your companion on a particular travel.

Click here to learn more on the process of earning points.

Step#2: You will receive the companion pass via mail. So be patient, wait for it to arrive.

Step#3: Upon receipt, you are now ready to book your next flight, with your buddy. There are two ways to book a ticket: online and phone.

For online bookings, simple click on Companion Pass will be used. While booking on the phone, just tell the representative that you are to use the pass you have earned.

Step#4: Finally, your buddy can now fly with you free of charge.

It is really true that great things in this world come for free! You aren’t going to be lonely anymore traveling.

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But Southwest makes the whole travel more incredible! Why? Get the more awesome deal with these following reasons:

  1. The buddy pass is good until the end of the year and the entire year following. And, if your timing is right, you will enjoy this perk for almost 2 years in a row. Of course, to avail this, requirements must be met.

HEADS UP!  Yet, let us not take expectations too high. as this perk is a result of you earning 110,000 points or a calendar year achieving a hundred one trips. And you need to know and understand better on how these points are defined and work. Read this one, to know more.

  1.  If you qualify, the pass you got can be used as many times as you want within the qualifying year.
  2. It is a free pass. Real stuff, no frills.
  3. You can pick or change your companions at most three times during the calendar year. Still, it can be done in with the convenience of a phone call.


And the winner is, Southwest Airlines, for the best perks of giving out buddy pass! Well, it is indeed an awesome deal, fair enough on how someone can get the required points.

If you are indeed a traveler, as it is your job or due to business demand, we can 100% call it an add-on. Because whether you like it or not, you have to fly to get to your business appointments. And getting this reward is a real joy. Since if you are into a business trip, for sure you are not paying your flight at your personal expense. So that how we see “perk” in that sense, you can earn the points.

True, this goes with the right timing and chance. So if you got this awesome chance of traveling. Collect these points and book with Southwest. To get the buddy airlines to pass and tag along with your best pal in your next qualified trip.





Tips on How to Make Money At Home, Be a Transcriptionist

You can earn money while you are in your home. Convert your idle time into cash instead of watching TV, computer games, or doing nothing. Why not give a try, become a freelance or full-time transcriptionist at the comforts of your home. And earn a comfortable living.

What is Transcription jobs?

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Basically, this is a kind of gig where you scribe a live or recorded speech. Its goal is to convert audio scripts into written or electronic text document. Common examples of this jobs are transcribing a physician’s recorded voice notes. People doing this are called or medical transcriptionist.

In court hearing or proceedings, they are otherwise referred to as legal transcriptionist.

Being a professional transcriptionist is not an easy job or a get rich quick scheme. Yet, this is quite a rewarding Gig compared to other available online opportunities. All you have to do is to uncover the secret of how to become successful in this field.

The key: Learn and practice the skills required.

Here, we will divulge some tips on how to make money being a transcriptionist.  Also, we aim to clear some misconception about this job.

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Tip# 1. You need to have enough training.

It is a real misinformation when people say that training is unnecessary. Getting general transcription job is as challenging as any other task not known to you.  Even you are good at typing and listening skills. Proper training is important. Because being a transcriptionist it involves much more typing job.

Here are things that you need to master.

    • You should know how to format right each type of transcription.
    • Learn on how to use the time coding, proper use of grammar like dash, comma, ellipses.
  • You should be equipped to know proper notation of poor audio.

Knowing these things gives you a better idea of how to qualify and become effective in this job. Someone needs excellent training to succeed in this field.

Tip #2. You need to be an intelligent marketer

Being an intelligent marketer is not at all about you. That you have a strong sales person personality. More than the skills of a sales agent, a multi-level marketer, and other offline salespeople. It works like sharing your skill to market your potential

Bear in mind that all businesses need someone who can do the job right, and this requires skills. And getting that edge, the higher is your chances of getting success. Sell your capabilities out, as this is one route to get yourself a high paying job.

Tip #3. You should choose the company that can provide high paying rate

Do not waste your time and effort to the company who are at a low paying scheme. It will surely end you up with great frustrations. You need to spend time seeking the big box company that can provide high paying gigs. Our goal is getting a job that can make our living comfortable so the right choice of company is very important.


There is always an opportunity to earn a decent income. And landing a job as a transcriptionist and a typing job is just one of those. Yet, we need to follow the above given tips.  For a greater chance of successfully going to a better pasture.

Always remember to gain an excellent training. All in listening, typing, grammar and correct notation to get the right company. Master to market your skills and show self-confidence at all the times. And finally, try to research the company first if they can provide for your financial needs.  As well as if you fit their requirements. Becoming transcriptions and earning at home is such a great opportunity that we all can enjoy.



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The Benefits of Investing Yourself in Education

The most profitable investment is when you invest yourself in education. Education is unending, you will never graduate in learning. This is the surest way that you can achieve a better quality of life, to be successful both career and business.

Why there is a need to invest yourself in education? Because this is the best way that you can make an impact. Not only for yourself, your family, friends, and relatives but also to the world.

As Nelson Mandela says “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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Investing in your knowledge and skills can be acquired in many forms. Through advanced training, taking degrees and a master’s degree. You can use all available materials either in schools or online. You can also expand your knowledge by means of investing in books.

Also through buying online tutorials, subscribes newspapers or magazines. Reading blogs from the expert to learn new ideas can be another source of education.

Investing in education is your lifetime investment.  No one can take it away from you. Nobody one can equate the benefit it gives to you. And the best part of which is that it is the only one that can pay you more compared to any kind of tangible investment.


Below are the few benefits in investing yourself in education

Benefit#1: You can make great and quality decisions

The present world is more competitive complex. There are always consequences in very wrong moves and decision you make. By means of educating yourself. As well as looking at the facts and analyzing will impact the quality of your decision.

A strong foundation of technical skills is more advantage than the normal knowledge.

Benefit#2: Never lack of better opportunities

Most educated people are in high demand at every opportunity. Either in the business world or corporate world. People who are stagnant, or never give time for themselves to learn more is less fortunate. Compared to those who take time to acquire and value the dynamics of education.

Benefit#3: The more you learn the more you Earn

In the business world, those entrepreneurs who are creative and innovative are on top. They will always topple down that business who are behind the advanced technology. Even in the corporate world, the high educational attainment has a greater advantage. And often has the offer to get promoted compared to ordinary degree holder.

But of course, being educated doesn’t always refers to the degree in college. But it also refers to what you have acquired through learning both technical and skills. The more you learn the more you earn.

Benefit#4: Education is the only  lifetime Investment

You will lose everything you have gained in your life. Properties, money, fame, honor, business or career. Sometimes even your closest friends, relatives, and family may forget you. But only your knowledge, skills, education will never lose in your possession. So keep on investing it.

Wrapping Up

If you have a chance to choose what is the best investment. The one that can offer great benefits to yourself, which do you prefer? Wise people will choose to invest their education. Because this is the foundation of every success in life both career and business.

Whether you go to the corporate world or you will start your own business. You need to be educated in a particular area. As this will give you a stronger foundation. So start now investing in your personal education.



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Earning Amazon Gift Cards Through Trading -In Program

Trading in some of your items in Amazon is one of many ways you can earn money using the platform. It is giving them your old things. Most especially if you have bought it from them, no doubt they got a place for your stuff.

With this program, decluttering your home doesn’t only give you more space but more earnings as well! Sounds terrific?

If yes, read on and know how it works.

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Ways to use the Amazon Trade-In Program

Before rushing out to Amazon’s Trade-In page, check that item first if it’s still worth it. And make sure that to see if it matches the exact version they are looking for. You can find in their search results.  Failing to do this will ultimately waste your time. Just follow this steps as it is pretty simple and doable.

Step 1:  Check this link for the list of the stuff you can trade in through Amazon Program.

Step 2: Go to the Amazon Trade-In page. Search for the items that you want to sell. Include it in your submission, note that you can add more than one item.

Step 3: Choose the right description that reflects the condition of all your items.

Step 4: Accept the offer that Amazon will give to you and proceed to the shipping choice.

Step 5: Wait for Amazon to provide the label for free shipping that you have to print. Pack your stuff and send it off within seven days.

Step 6: They will credit the earnings to your account. It is then once items have been received and accepted by Amazon.

All items that don’t qualify based on the program’s terms and condition will be rejected and returned. I Upon inspection, if it fails the criteria, it will be returned within 14 days. t will be shipped back to the sender without any cost against you.

The Earning Potential

For successful trade-ins, you will get an Amazon credit. This means that payouts will be in a form of gift cards and not cold cash. These will be credited electronically to your account in Amazon. It is not transferable to anybody.

You can enjoy these gift cards by buying items we can find on Amazon. In this way, if you want to give some gift just get it in there on their website and pay using your e-gift cards. Or if you want to buy yourself something, get it from there as well!

Yes, no real cash credits but this is good as it is. I still give you savings and chances to enjoy items you can find in Amazon. With the wide array of choices they have in store, there is no doubt that you can find interesting items. That both you and your family will love.

Wrap Up

Not all blessings come in raindrops. Trading in your items gives you a lot of opportunities to save money. Instead of spending cash to buy items, use your gift cards from Amazon. In this way, you don’t have to break your bank accounts to spend on things you might need or you just wanted.

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Making money from Action Class lawsuit

Only a few people know that there is a potential money to earn in action class lawsuit or settlements. If you have experienced buying products that don’t meet the standard. Like inconsistency of the information written on the label. Then you are entitled to demand settlement.

If you will not demand an action class lawsuit against the company somebody will do it. And you will miss a chance to earn money from the settlement. If you are eligible to file a claim, do it now!

What is Class Action Lawsuit?

” In the simple definition of class action lawsuit is to permit a person or group of people to file a legal action. That is against the company on behalf of the larger group who have experienced similar cases.” – Action Class Cases.

Their aim is to sue the company for the wrongdoing. These are misrepresentations, allege fraud or defective products or services. That may cause harmful effects or damages of the end users.

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How does it work?

For example, you and a thousand other customers bought a certain bottled juice drink. It was labeled to contain 350 ml of the liquid. Then later, you found out that the bottle of juice drink only contains 340ml.

In this case, the owner of the bottled juice drinks made a misrepresentation. You and thousands of customers were cheated.

What should you do?

Hiring a lawyer to sue the company? It’s impractical and very expensive, right?

Now, a class action lawsuit will make a case simpler on behalf of the average customer.

Here is a scenario…

Law firm usual payment is typically 25%. They will find more customers to initiate the lawsuit of plaintiffs. And then adds all affected parties as part of the “Class” —  buyers who have been cheated.

This is now considered a class action lawsuit.

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Where can you find yourself Eligible to file a claim?

You can scroll through Class Action Rebates. This is a website where you can tracks settlements. You definitely see if you are eligible to file a claim and you may also sign up to be informed of new cases by email.

Class action lawsuit may find some other places listed below:

How to File a claim for Class Action Lawsuits?

You can find three easy and simple steps to get a settlement in Class Action Rebates.

Step 1: Find the Products you Purchased. You can take a look at the list to find open settlements of your products purchased. You need to sure if proof of purchase is required and find out how much approximate payout will be.

Step 2: Fill out the Claim form- you can fill out online the settlement claim form. Provide necessary information like your name, address, and product purchased information. And then submit your claim.

Step 3: Get your check in the Mail. Once your claim has been approved they will immediately mail you the payment check. It will be sent over to the address you are provided.

Point of View

This time there are many kinds of Action Class lawsuit obtainable by the public. All you have to do is to file a claim and make easy money from the settlement.

Class action lawsuit can be a means of making money. Yet, be careful and don’t get the rush, thinking that you will make a living out of this. This is giving justice to your right as a consumer who did not get the rightful product or service. Yet if you are certain that a company owes you something. And will make you eligible for these kinds of Class Action Lawsuit settlements, claim it now!


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