5 Ways on How to Get Paid in Posting Ads on Your Website

Do you have a website? If not, you can build your own website or by the website that is already established. Would you like to make extra money without doing lots of hard work? You can maximize and get paid by posting ads on your website and wait for the cash to roll in your account.

Sounds great right?

Well, there are different ways on how to get paid in posting advertising in your site. But let’s focus on the simple but great and easy ways how to monetize your website.


5 ways to get paid in posting ads on your website

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Step#1: Sign up with an Affiliate Marketing.

You can make money with ads from affiliate marketing. And there are many ways to advertise products as an affiliate. In making money from affiliate marketing is same as with other ad networks. But there is a difference.

You only get paid when the person clicks and buy a product, subscribe, filling out a form or taking a small survey. Choose some listed affiliate marketing like Amazon Associates. Also with Commission Junction, Maxbounty, eBay Partner Network, Peerfly, and many others.

Different affiliates marketing programs have offered different payment options. Some offered a 10% commission for every person you have referred to buy a product. While other will pay you up to 50% of each successful sale. You can shop around to find for the best deal and the best ads that fit your website. For your guidance to find best marketing affiliate programs, kindly check below listing.

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Step#2: Cost-Per-Click Ads or CPC works by displaying ads on your website.

And by the time the people visits and clicks on one of those ads your website generates income. The good thing about CPC is you get paid whenever a visitor clicks ads. Even without buying anything, subscribe or take the survey. Few known cost-per-click ads are Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks, Bidvertiser and etc.

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Step#3: Cost-Per-Mile Ads.

Also known as “cost-per-thousand-impression”. This is all about how much traffic in your blog has.

Here is an example:

Exponential requiring a large 500,000 views monthly. The payout rates are very profitable. The only weaker side of this is that there is a lot of competition among design blogs.

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Step#4: Email Advertising you can use this in any of this categories.

Sponsored content and traditional display ads, they are both effective. Email advertising doesn’t take up any screen real estate on your site. So, therefore, the engagement rates tend to be higher.

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Step#5: Selling your Website.

It is somehow not logical if you have high traffic on your site. But if it is slow then it’s worth it to sell. Deciding to sell your website can be a crucial decision that will make or break you. Because it might lose all your hard work in building your empire.

But there are valid reasons that you might need to sell your website. You may check it out ten possible reasons that will urge you to sell your site.

Point of View

If you have an existing website, you can monetize and earn extra money by getting paid in posting ads. You can do further research on some techniques that suit your need. Like on how to promote your website and help increase your income. But five easy ways given above will help you a lot to start posting an advertisement in your site.



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How to Invest in Peer to Peer lending using Prosper.com

Have you experienced lending money to your relatives or friends? We know the fact that it is not easy to recover your money. Most especially from people who are close to you, or a family to you. If you have the capacity to do lending business, why not try to Invest your money into a Peer to Peer lending. Give it a try, get to know Prosper.com. A leading lending platform for an investor.

This is a marketplace where lenders get access to lots of people who need to borrow money. And, this is through an online transaction.

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What is Peer to Peer Lending?

Peer-to-peer lending is a form of raising funds. Through crowdfunding from people who want to invest money for people who need to borrow.

The borrower is listed after thorough deliberation and verification process. An electronic credit appraisal system that will automatically calculate the interest rates. It will be based on the personal and financial information provided by the borrowers.

Peer-to-peer lending is also known as P2P lending. It is a practice of offering an unsecured loan or lending money to individuals. Or small scale businesses through online services. As qualified by the lenders as borrowers.

Since this lending firm generally operates online. The overhead cost is minimal. And the services provided is cheaper compared to traditional financial institutions. Hence, the lenders will earn higher returns. Compared to savings and deposits or investment through banks products offered by banks.

And borrowers can lend money with lower interest rates, too.

For a comparative analysis, you can search online. Research on the top or best peer-to-peer lending platform.

But among the major players of  P2P lending providers of personal loans we got a decent choice. Prosper is a decent option.

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Why Prosper.com?

Prosper.com is a legitimate online lender. They have been trusted by more than 2 million members. It is founded in 2006. It is known as one of the original online peer-to-peer lenders in San Francisco California.

Prosper offered a good opportunity for lenders. To make a potential return on their investment. And to give access to the borrowers to avail loans at very competitive rates. Prosper accepts not only individual investors. But also institutional ones, like investor club mutual funds and alike.

To know more about Prosper.com when it comes to the cost, loan approval the process.

How to Invest in Prosper?

Step#1: Be a Prosper member. If you find it viable to invest in prosper then you need to do the first which is to be a member.

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have Social Security Number and have a bank account
  • Prosper requires all members to sign electronically in an agreement. This is a form of acknowledgment to prosper’s term of service

Step#2: Fund your Prosper account. The amount granted for instant inbound transfer is involved between $25 and $10,000. Members are allowed to transfer money at any time. Either to or from prosper account, but subject to a certain modest restriction.

Step#3: Begin the lending process.

  • The listing of each loan contains basic information on the purpose of the loan. As well as the amount, interest, term and rate.
  • The borrower is expected to hide some confidential information. Like financial info, personnel qualification and others.
  • Prosper will publish and calculate the expected return on each proposed loan.
  • The range of loan is from $2000 to $35,000.


If you are capable of investing to peer-to-peer lending choose Prosper.com platform.  Because it has proven track of the record, secure and legitimate. In this kind of investment, you can maximize your ROI. And cut your overhead expenses since all transaction is done through online.






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Gifts Teachers Really Want (But Were Afraid to Ask) For the Holidays


Christmas classroomNever feel obligated to give a teacher a during the holidays. The majority of teachers are indifferent about receiving gifts from their students. After that warning if you still feel like keeping the teacher in your life on your holiday shopping list the exploration shall begin.

Although teachers are happy with whatever gift they receive over the holidays, these gifts will really impress. Take note, these are not your every holiday gifts.

Self Care

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly, 3.5 Ounces by Lush
Teaching is a high stress job. What is a better way to decompress than using this shower jelly created by Lush?


Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep – Lavender + Vanilla Body Lotion, 6.5 Fl Oz + Body Wash & Foam Bath, 10 Fl Oz
Can you really go wrong with this one, two combination? Lavender and Vanilla in the form of body lotion and body wash? The perfect combination for a self-care Saturday night bath.

Massage & Wellness SPA Gift Card ($50)
Spa days are he best days! Need I say more?

How to Set-up Classes on Outschool.com

Outschool is a platform that helps parents and independent learners. They register for online classes in a small group offered outside of regular school. Independent teachers, both professional and amateur can manage, promote, and teach their classes. These are shared to the parents and kids and they are paid by every lesson they taught.

Most of the classes take place in small groups. These classes are live online classes and that allows the students to interact with the teacher. 

Outshool started and is based in San Francisco, California. They have grown fast with the support of the homeschool community. It has become a way for families to supplement their school curriculum. It offers a wide range of online classes. These classes are created and taught by independent teachers who offer a wide range of classes.

Outschool offered a variety of subjects like;

    • Music and Arts
    • Coding and Tech
    • English
    • Health and Wellness
    • Life Skills
    • Math
    • Science and Nature
    • Social Studies
    • World Languages

They also offer classes on core academics and short exploratory topics. Additionally, Outschool has supplementary activities and semester-long courses. Most classes are curated by Outschool, offered exclusively, and cannot be found easily elsewhere. The good thing is the teacher has the right to choose only topics which they are passionate about.


How does the teacher succeed in Outschool?

Outschool will help the teachers is these aspects:

    • To gain more new students and hopefully create a following
    • Facilitating the payment from the parents or students. Outschool will help to market your class. They will reach out to potential students, handle enrollments, and payments. You will receive payments one week after the class start.
    • Using the platform to deliver the classes, teachers are responsible for delivering great learning experience to students. Through teaching the course with creativity and effectiveness.
    • Establishing a business reputation, satisfied students will bring you a higher chance of rebooking with you again.

Advantages of Using Outschool as a Platform


The freedom to choose what is your favorite subject or topics you are going to teach is definitely the number one draw to Outschool. Can I tell you what an opportunity it is for a teacher to teach only the subject that they are passionate about? Aside from flexible in choosing the subject to teach, you have also flexibility in your time.

Support System

Outschool helps teachers to become successful. Especially in the fields that they are passionate about teaching. They have a strong support system to build up your portfolio. This helps market your favorite subject and streamlining the enrollment and payments system so that the teacher can focus on teaching.

Earn Extra Income

If you have a day job, teaching through Outschool creates a great opportunity for your extra income side hustle. Without compromising your day job, you can schedule your work around your available time. This can be done without compromising your day job!

Final Thoughts

You can be successful in earning additional income by teaching classes through Outschool. All you have to do is follow the basic principles of teaching. You have the power to offer something unique, concise and precise about the subject matter. This can be done by creating a high-quality listing that is enticing to the parents will help with the enrollment of your subject. 













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Making money in online teaching English with itutorGroup

This has been a highly anticipated topic.  iTutorgroup is a major player in the world of online teaching.  iTutorgroup offers the opportunity to teach children and adults.  They offer a wide array of hours as well.  What is there NOT to love.  This is a must read regarding the opportunity to bring in the money with online teaching.

More often it teaching English to students online while you are in the comfort of your home. The good news is, in this kind of gig you can do it either full time or part time to earn a living. Even if you don’t have a license in teaching or even no extensive experience. Or without training in online tutoring and teaching, you can get the job.

ITutorGroup is a known company. It provides works to the people who are interested to teach students online. And make money during their free time. If you are not yet familiar about this company you may do further research about their platform. And for sure you will get to love the career opportunity they offered. kindly visit their direct link.

Some facts about ItutorGroup

The company started in 1998. Its prime purpose is to bring the English language to other countries in an easy and in a reachable way.

Itutorgroup was able to receive reputable awards since it’s started their operations like.

ItutorGroup operates 24/7 a week. You can take advantage to work on your most flexible time without compromising your day job. The company is a family of online teaching. That will help students of diverse ages learn English in various countries.


The advantages and disadvantages of teaching with iTutorGroup


You can work in your own preferred time. The company has offered a wide range of schedules for teaching and tutoring sessions. They will supply all the lessons plan needed for your students, all you have to do is to teach. The management and technical support are available 24/7 to help you done your job accurately.

The advantage for the teachers is to get extra bonuses. It would be based on their performance and class feedback.


The application process is not easy. It’s very tough. There will be a series of tests that an applicant will undertake. This is most especially to self-testing to test your technology and teaching skills.

You need to work during peak tutorial hours even though there’s flexibility in schedule. But these matters are anyway briefed during your interview. The payment scheme received only once every month. This is not the best options for the aspiring teachers without a college degree. Since ItutorGroup there are strictly professional and educational requirements for becoming a teacher.

If you are the beginner or no college degree. But you have a passion and interest to work online English Teacher and earn for living. Don’t worry, you still have a chance to get hired. Because there are plenty of other options in online tutoring companies. that will hire beginners or even no college degree.


If you are a degree holder and have the heart to teach students online while you are in the comfort of your home. ItutorGroup is best because of it’s proven track of record and stability as well as legality. You can earn extra money teaching online in your flexible time. Without compromising your day job and your personal schedules


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