How to earn money with Patreon?

Do you have any talents or skills? Are you good in Artwork or creativity? Or maybe, you have a passion to write or longing to become a popular writer and author someday.

If you are an aspirant musician who wants be a known a rock star and dreaming to create an impact in the music industry.

So you want to be popular?

Sounds easy enough. But…

The reality is whatever you are doing right now. Or what passion you are in to and you want to maximize your potential.


Talents or skills.

It will always need financial support to sustain and make your dreams possible.

The good news is, Patreon is always ready to come to the rescue and give you a chance to earn money out from it.

But, let’s figure out what is it first.


What is Patreon?

For you not to roll your eyes on how it works, it is best to know about Patreon.

This website took the tradition of wealthy individuals being a patron of the arts. It is combined with crowdfunding.

The funding relies on people to donate small money. Rather than just one or two funders donating a large amount of money.

In other ways, it’s like an ongoing Kickstarter and Indiegogo focus on funding project goals. It sets a financial target and that’s the primary goal of Patreon’s. Likewise, the “Crowd” becomes the patron.

The Patreon service was officially launched way back in 2013. It has become a driving force in the creative community. During that time, this was very popular among webcomic artists. Also to YouTube video creators, independent musician, and any similar content creators.

Actually, the word Patreon comes from a two words combination:

Patron means a person who gives financial or another form of support. And Eon word means an indefinite period of time and often used rhetorically.


How Patreon Works?

Patreon provides a multi-tiered subscription service. But the role of thumb is the higher subscription tiers will provide a higher level of service.

Below are the examples:

  • Music teacher may give basic virtual lessons for $5 per month. And if advanced lessons with printable sheet music will cost $10 per month.
  • If you are producing a channel on Youtube on a weekly basis. You might allow $1 subscribers a sneak peek of the available video for that week. And a $5 subscribers bonus behind the footage scenes.
  • Patreon will take $5 cut and 2-3% standard processing fees. And this is considered the viable deal. Since they are responsible for subscription processing. And provide the page wherein the fans will be able to interact.

How do we Earn money with Patreon?

To earn money with Patreon, you need to make it sure that you were able to attend to the practical steps.

Here you go:

  • Set up to get paid as a US creator on Patreon. You will receive your payment via stripe direct deposit or you will be paid through Paypal.
  • Patreon will keep 5% of your income. This is how Patreon will make their money and there are fees depending on your method of payout.
  • Through Stripe you will be charged $0.25 on every deposit.
  • Via Paypal, you will pay $0.25 or 1% of the transferred amount ( Paypal caps that charge at $20 per deposit).
  • You will need also to fill out a tax form if ever you will earn money above the smallest limit which is $600 per the calendar year.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to enter into the Patreon world and take advantage of the services they offered. And turn your audiences into a subscriber. Make a revenue stream out from your God-given talents and creativity. Furthermore, this is not the only way on how will you earn money with Patreon. But the secret for long-term success is nurturing your audience. And make them feel comfortable and together succeed in patronage.




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Share Your Photos and Videos and Make as Much as $427 Using Mamby

For the past few years, we notice a tremendous increase in post sharing communities. Like Pinterest and Reddit wherein we can share photos, videos, and content to earn money. The good thing is, nowadays we have a new player in the industry. A platform that promises to provide much better services than others.

Are you excited?

Let’s get started.

A new platform called Mamby.

It is a brand new post sharing community that will provide us the opportunity to make money.

Yes! As much as $427 per 100,000 views by sharing or posting picture and videos. This is one of the best platforms that offers two key features.

But do you know what else?

No other social media posting community have ever provided this ever!

people taking photos

Photo by Fox on

Mamby is a brand new platform which allows users to post their content.  Such as videos, images, and text. And this platform will pay their users in BTC based on every viewer of received posts. They give an incentive for users to remain active and contribute to the best content.

And Mamby utilizes a novel artificial intelligence algorithm. Instead of showing you the same general content that is considered popular by the masses.

What does it mean?

This platform can display the content that suited to your personal taste.

man sitting with laptop computer on desk and lamp

Photo by Moose Photos on

Here is the catch getting the idea on how does Mamby works

The posts can be done of any type of content: Videos, photos, links, gifs, just text or an idea. All are accepted and provide with the highest flexibility and freedom to users. The artificial intelligence platform is responsible to analyze your behavior. And finds content that is most suited to your taste.

The advantage of this is, the fact that the content is served for your taste in comparison to other platforms. That will refine the top result based on likes, that make many quality content creators left out. Since they don’t have a huge enough following. With Mamby, everyone has a chance.

And the more you browse the page, then the more personalized post. You will encounter from the artificial intelligence interpretation of your taste.

Generally, Mamby is a platform for sharing content like photos and videos. Pay contributors per view of every content they receive. And show content based on an Artificial Intelligence analysis of what they would want to see. It also pays through rewards in Bitcoin.

Another important to note, Mamby gives every user and equal opportunity. To get their post viewed based on the content. And no incentives offered to popularity gain by means of investing in the platform.

Let’s talk about how much money you can make by means of contributing content

You will earn payment of 10-100 satoshi based on per view. You will earn an at least $0.43 up to $4.3 per 1000 views. If you have 10,000 views you will earn at least $4.3 up to $42.7. But if your views reached to 100,000 then your potential earnings will be $42.7 up to  $427.

Sounds great right?

Take a look at the potential earning: the prices of Bitcoin value is based on $4,268/ 1BTC on 11/30/2018.

Take note, the platform is very new so the earning potential would be limited for this period of time. Before the platform exploded to the masses it is a good idea to start sharing content. Use this platform to establishing yourself and obtaining a following early. You have greater chances to increase your potential earning. And just imagine what it offers you in the future.

Final Thoughts

The tremendous increase of post sharing communities gives as opportunities. And it is another way to make a living. Mamby is one of the best platforms that can be used to earn. By posting our photos, videos content to earn as much as $427 dollars per 100k views. Have fun posting your content while earning extra money.











Bitcoin price as of November 30, 2018


Money Works:  Invest in solar energy with Wunder Capital

The person’s point of view about the market for the solar energy sector is bright. One heading towards coming years, and that should direct more investor towards renewables. Mainly as solar continues to grow and become an essential part of the U.S. energy landscape.

But the question is what’s the best way for investors to get into this market?

Knowing that picking individual solar stocks is an unsafe proposition. With some of the existing firms today, but who knows, tomorrow, they are nowhere to find. That’s why Wunder capital is here. It aims to help the investor to find the right commercial solar energy to invest.

black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paper

Photo by Pixabay on

Wunder Capital

Wunder capital is a financial technology company based out of Boulder, CO. funding the different solar project in the U.S.

It is a unique investment platform linking investors and commercial solar projects. This aims to provide for the project that needs funding. It handles giving a renewable and clean source of energy. And offers it’s investors a solid cash flow for a long period of time, a various portfolio and low volatility.

Also, the company manages all aspects of the processes. Making it easy for accredited investors who desire to fund solar projects. And add them to their portfolios.

Bryan Birsic, Wunders co-founder and CEO. He reports that the company partners more than 100 commercial solar developers. Plus, installers in almost 30 states. They bring in Wunder to assist them to get their finances. Providing companies with funding through the firm’s investment funds.

See how it works

Wunder is transforming the solar financing system. To become more effective, pellucid and customer-friendly.  It uses technology to screen solar projects quickly and more precisely than a bank. They lowered the cost of credit and passing the savings back to investors in the form of strong returns.

Below is the flow:

  • Deal Flow- submission of solar loan application online by Wunders
  • Portfolio Development- Wunder’s specialist identify the most stable and high return projects
  • Fund Capitalization. Accredited investors invest in a secured diversified portfolio of solar projects. With the use of Wunder’s online portal.
  • Construction and operation
  • Monthly cash flow- by the time energy customers repay their loans. The returns are distributed to investors.

Be Qualified

For you to start investing in a Wunder capital project. First, you must be an accredited investor. To be an accredited investor according to Wunder’s FAQ, anyone who qualify below:

  • Has earned income in excess of $200,000 for more than two years individually. Or $300, 000 with a spouse, with the same earning expectation this year.
  • Has assets more than $1 million, excluding the value of a primary residence.

If you don’t qualify, don’t feel bad, since only about 7% of Americans qualified as accredited investors.

Get to Earn

Wunder Capital currently runs three debt funds, two of which are open to new investment. And both funds need at least $1000 of investment. Both cases, the loan portfolio consists of loans to build mid-sized businesses.

Wunder capital launched the capital 5 funds last oOctober2017.

  • The projected annual return for over 60-month period is 7.5%
  • Has a 20-year amortization of principal. As described on the site of Wunder, the capital. Way to “invest in large-scale solar projects that empower U.S businesses municipalities. As well as non-profits, and solar developments community”.

Final Words

The solar energy market is continuing to grow for more than a decade. Now, if you feel to consider investing in a solar energy market and add it to your portfolio. And, Wunder Capital is the best options to help grow your investment. With a very minimal amount of starting capital.


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Monthly Family Budget

Monthly Family Budget Created in 5 Simple Steps

Updated 2019

Creating a monthly family budget is a challenging job. It takes time to master the skill of balancing cash inflow and cash outflow. Yet, this is a very important task to control our finances, if not, it would be otherwise.

Sit down for a few hours to think about the things involved in budgeting. Good planning is the key to create a successful household monthly family budget. But, execution is the best way to overcome the challenge and find your way to financial stability.

To be able to make it possible, even if how demanding it seems, break it into a simple method. And, get started. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

Easy Steps to get you started

STEP #1: Determine your goal., Inc. Setting a goal is a very important step. This creates the map on where the plan is going. For whatever reason you have in mind, this becomes your lead. And your motivation in sticking to the monthly family budget for the family.
Also, it must be specific, measurable, accurate, and realistic and, time-bounded – SMART.
Writing your goal will also help you get focus and reminded of your goal.

STEP #2: Select the budgeting style that fits you.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash 1

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Recording your cash inflow and outflow using a pen and paper are still common today. Using an accounting ledger, you can write down the ins and outs of cash. A working calculator is also needed to help you in the computation.

Though manual is still an accurate way to notate income and expenses. An electronic budgeting software will make your job a lot easier with fewer errors too. Visit to sign up and create an account for a budgeting tool.

STEP #3: List everything that affects budgeting

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

U.S News and World Report suggest separating the incoming and outgoing. Anything that has something to do with the finances must be included. Like income statement, bills or receipts must be listed and categorized. Get the total of the incoming amount as well as the outgoing. At this point, you will be able to determine which amount is higher.

In most cases, income is smaller compared to expenses, hence budgeting will come in.

STEP #4: Study and check the expenses.

Photo by Lonely Planet on Unsplash

Photo by Lonely Planet on Unsplash

This step will help you determine the specifics of the outgoing category. It includes utility bills, mortgages, and credit cards. Also, another necessary spending like food and clothing needs review.

Draw your attention to optional spending. That is usually incorporated into your necessity, like expenditures for recreational activities. Keep an eye on this subcategory since it will go up fast without us being aware consciously. It is wiser to control this spending as this is the only option that you can divert money to pay off debts.

Control and be mindful.

STEP #5: Debt pays off.

Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

Most of us want to become financially free. That is the reason for budgeting with the hope of getting out of the rat race. The way to make it happen is to pay debts each month, at least. But, if you’ll pay higher than that, it will decrease the debt and makes interest lesser.

College to Career

As a new graduate, you might not know what your next step should be. Check out Transitioning from College to Career: A Guide for New Grads by our friends at Groom and Style.  Part of your monthly family budget should include planning for your future.  This guide is an outstanding resource to prepare young adults in the “real world.”

Monthly Family Budget Final word

Monthly family budgeting is a mixed-up, but it doesn’t say it is difficult. Self-discipline is a key to make budgeting work easier. We just need to live on by our means. Getting aware the real value of how much we only earn and spending only within it.

Do not spend beyond your capacity in order not to blow up.

By knowing our income, liabilities and the outflow of the money, we gain control over our finances. The challenge though is to decide which one to sacrifice to cut or minimize to live within what we earn.

In cases of payments are still much greater than the inflow, extra income can be a solution. Or, you can find your way to a free credit counseling service for a more informed decision you can make.

Nothing is impossible if you believe and act on it.

What do you plan on doing to create a monthly family budget? Share in the comments below so that we can learn from one another.


Invest in Real estate business with your $500


Do not put your money in a single basket, this quote is quite familiar with investors. Among all investment, real estate is the most solid and secure form. But you will need multi-million dollars to start buying properties. And resell it in future with high markup price to gain profit.

Now if don’t have enough capital to venture in real estate business. Worry not. Because with the help of Fundrise platform you can build your portfolio. It is through investing in real estate online with at least $500 initial capital.


What is Fundrise?

Fundrise is an online real estate investing platform. This enables each investor to invest in real estate. Through an eREIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) or eFunds. But aside from eREIT you have the other option to diversify your investment. Through investing across many projects.

Their system outperforms from a traditional REIT. As they allow average investor to join in deals for as low as $500 dollars least startup capital.

Fundrise works by using funds coming from its investors. Utilized to buy undervalued real estate. Then, they use their resources to upgrade, remodel, or renovate the property. And resell it or rent it out for a longer investment.

The profits will go back to Fundrise. Which then equally shares the revenue to the shareholders. Take note only US resident and age over 18 years are qualified to invest in Fundrise.


What are the advantages of using the Fundrise platform?

There are lots of advantages of Fundrise compared to other competitors. See below for the details:

  • Minimal Investment: $500 for starter portfolio and $1000 for the advanced portfolio.
  • Fundrise offers a 90-day buy back guarantee at the original amount of your investment. If you are not satisfied with the service. This will allow you to test the waters if this opportunity will be suited to you. According to the company’s waiting period will be 60-day after submitting your request.
  • Investors can choose among four Investment portfolios. This has an assortment of 2 eFunds and 5 eREITS
  • Fundrise investment is passive
  • The fundrise dashboard is users friendly. Once your account is ready and your investment gets funded. You can easily review information about each property in your account dashboard.
  • Fundrise is open to any investors in the US with no income or net worth required.

What are the options for investing with Fundrise?

You have three investment options in Fundrise platforms. This is based on your individual investment targets.


How to start your Investment

  • Go to and enter your email address.
  • You need to provide your personal data. Such as name, address, contact number, and Social Security number for identity verification
  • You can choose between funding your account via an ACH transfer. By entering your bank information own or you can use via wire transfer.
  • Once you have chosen your investment and it’s been funded. Then you can easily review each property information in your portfolio. Through your dashboard.

For further query go to

Bottom line

If you don’t have not enough funds and you like not to risk much of your limited cash and time then Fundrise is ideal for you. You can start an amount of at least $500 to invest in Real estate business online. Unlike other investment platforms.



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