6 Rules Users Should Not Violate in Going Facebook Live

Way back 2016 of April, Facebook live was officially launched by Facebook. And most people who have existing account enjoyed availing the live video streaming. To broadcast from their devices to their Facebook news feed.

Since then, live streaming video on Facebook live was exploded in popularity. According to Vimeo, 78% of online audiences are watching the video using Facebook live. But, many people are not aware of the rules and regulation for live video. As it is specified in the Facebook Community Standards.

In this article, we will be sharing the 6 things user’s should not violate in going Facebook live. To avoid accounts suspension or blocked.

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Facebook live is awesome. It has a great impact on our online world.  Allows you to communicate in real time. And as accurate as possible with our clients, customers, and audiences. By using our desktop, Ipad or mobile devices.

It so important that we should understand the unique challenges of live video. As well as the correct and responsible approach in doing live-streaming. Anytime, a reviewer can cut or interrupt a live stream. If there is sensitive content goes against the Community Standard.

6 Things Users Should Not Violate in Going Facebook Live

#1: Violence and Criminal Behavior.

Facebook live avoids potential credible violence acts. Like, using language that will consider threatening the public or personal safety. Either facetious or non-serious ways. Any violators will be removed and disables accounts. If there is a genuine risk involved with physical harm or direct threat to public safety. It will be reported directly to the law enforcement.

Any dangerous individuals and organizations that proclaim a violent mission. Like, terrorist activity, human trafficking, organized violence are not allowed.

#2: Safety.

Facebook promote a safe environment. And they remove content that encourages suicide or self-injury. But, they allow people who share their experiences. As well as give awareness about these issues. They provide help to people who are distress. Bullying and harassment word is also not allowed   Facebook to live.

Another safety issue that is protected on Facebook is privacy. And the protection of personal information. They safeguard and secure the account of the individual. This aims to prevent any potential physical or financial harm.

#3: Objectionable Content.

Any graphics or video content that glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering. As well as shows humiliation to others will be removed. Facebook restrict any display of nudity or sexual activity. Because some people are sensitive to this type of content.

#4: Integrity and Authenticity.

Facebook does not allow people to spread misleading information. Such as spamming, fraud and false advertising to gain popularity, likes, and shares. Misrepresentation and false or fake news are not allowed. It is against the Facebook Standard Community.

#5: Respecting Intellectual Property rights.

Facebook seriously takes intellectual property rights. It is very important to promote expression, innovation, and creativity in the community. No one is allowed to publish content violating intellectual property rights. This includes copyrights and trademark.

#6: Content Related Request.

Facebook also comply with any request related to the protection of minors. Like, requests for cancellation or removal of an underage account. As well as child abuse imagery, abuse or maltreatment of by an adult or parents to a child.

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Final Thoughts

To avoid any problem with live-streaming. It is imperative that we all know the rules and that should not violate ongoing Facebook live. Facebook will not hesitate to remove, cancel, suspend or block the accounts. Especially of any proven violators of rules set by Facebook Community Standards.




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