Use Instagram Effectively

How to Use Instagram to Effectively Drive Traffic to Your Business

How do you use Instagram to effectively drive traffic to your business? One word, Instagram! Instagram is a platform where we can grow and interact with our customers. By using Instagram, traffic can come to your Instagram page.  The method of driving Instagram traffic to your page is not easy, but worth it!

About Instagram

First, Instagram is a mobile and desktop internet-based photo and video sharing application. Users share pictures and videos in a public or private page. The initial launch was only for iOS applications. But it was in 2012 that a version for Android devices was released.

It is owned by Facebook. Instagram users create an account to have a profile and receive news feeds.  Sounds familiar? All photos and videos that are posted are displayed in the user profile. It will also be visible to the user’s followers.

As of January 2018, Instagram has 110 million monthly users in the United States alone. Imagine the potential of the platform as a tool in the advertising of business. In a study conducted in 2015 by Iconosquare, 70% of its users create a platform to look up just for brands. And 62% of IG users follow a brand simply because they like it.


Posting an enticing photo of a product will drive Instagram traffic to a business profile page. Use the opportunity to market and interact with page followers. The useful and topical hashtags will further drive Instagram traffic to the business page. And likely to become your customer too. That is how powerful Instagram it is for business. Photos will pitch the products to customers.

Using Instagram Effectively for Business Growth

It is time to get the ball rolling folks, let us learn how to use this platform with high efficacy. For our businesses to growth exponentially.

  1. Let us inform our market what we can offer to them, show them what we got.
    Don’t underestimate the power of the visual content – photos or video. It captures everyone through creative presentations. A picture indeed tells us a lot of stories. A piece of visual that makes a human curious. That is it. We got them via curiosity and their coming to know more.It is also a cost effective way to advertise business. We can catch our followers through short videos or upload photos about the company.The Instagram stories. It is a slideshow format and will only be available online for 24 hours. A creative way to show highlights of the business activities within the day. Plus the story search using hashtags or locations makes it more discover able.
  2. Make sure to create a stunning profile.
    The profile page represents the company and what it does. We only need to be laser-focused to what is more important or what are our upcoming events or launches.
  3. Taking our customers at the back stage.
    It only means to take our customers behind what we do. They will love to know details about the services or products as much as possible. End-users will definitely appreciate it if we will let them know how we made the products. We let them see the whole process involved until the distribution of what we are offering them. We can gain their trust even more, when we let them see what is not in the limelight. We may let them see the heart of our businesses. This will touch our audience’s emotions.
  4. The #hashtags takes us to them.
    We don’t have to limit our reach. Hashtags makes it possible to stretch our arms and be discover able by our target market. It is important is relevant. But never forget to set up a main company hashtag with minimal use across Instagram. Also, it is a good practice to use three to five hashtags even if there is an allowance of 30 per post. Here is a technique to maximize its use, use own campaign specific hashtags. And combine it with more popular hashtags to increase discoverability of the content.


Instagram social nature makes it a best tool in growing our business effectively. Like other platforms, it increases company presence online. It owns an intangible property for marketing to lifetime user’s value. It will promote the brands identity.


3 Important Questions You Must Ask When Creating a Stock Library for Photos

Social media is one of the major tools that takes businesses by storm. And these are all with the contribution of a perfect photo. A picture that resonates whatever a marketer wishes to deliver to his audience. Well, as we can see there are many stock library of photos that are available online — both for free and for sale.

Like many professional or aspiring photographers and artists, we are affected too. By there enormous availability of photos. We are stuck to an idea that these are with a copyright or free.

woman taking a photo of orange tulips

Photo by Anastasiya Gepp on

As a marketer, we make sure that the photos we show on our blogs or products are not subject to any legal rights. If that happens, it definitely compromises our business. We need it to be a clear bridge of communication between our product and our market.

Each photo that we associate our brand speaks about us, our business. So we need to be careful that in picking our images.

So what will we do?

How is an idea of a stock library sounds to you?

Yes, this might create some buzz or questions of convenience and necessity.

Well, let me show this to you further.

Here are 3 helpful questions that are worth asking. In order for us to be able to explore better opportunities. So, without much ado let’s jump in.

Question#1: What is the purpose of the photo?

When we select a picture to examine first your main reason for getting a photo. The use of a photo may be restricted in some areas. So, vigilance is a must, especially if it will be used for a product representation. But, if the image is for a blog post, then stock photos that we find online are fine to use.

Yet, you still have to make sure that it is allowed by the company or contributor to change something on it. Like adding texts or other creative ways you wish to use it.

And the scenario is one of the reasons. That we may look into the possibility of an alternative option.

Question#2: Why can I not freely use stock photos available online?

Yes, as slightly discussed above. Even if those stock photos noted to be “copyright free”, you need to make sure if it has underlying conditions. And may we share with you some ideas that can help us see a better picture.

These “free” stock pictures normally are coupled with some requirements. Such as it never allowed to be changed. As well as the user must credit photos to the owner. And, a lot more. So reading the agreement upon signing up is a great help to know your limitations.

Even photos that have been paid by the user still comes with conditions. Always read and check the terms that you have agreed with them on how far you can do with that image.

Question#3: What is my benefit of creating my stock library of photos?

As an alternative to a stock photo from different websites, why not create a stock library of images? This eliminates the stress that comes from the rules of using those stock pictures.

You are free to do to your own captured images. Whether for a product, signage, logo or blog post, you decide! It is all yours.

Good thing that taking photos nowadays is not that hard anymore. Though, professional photographers take the best ones. A mobile phone can still do it. If you can afford to buy a DSLR camera, they anything can possibly learn.

nature red forest leaves

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Just to spice up your interest, it is easy to get inspiration or subject. Here are a few of them:

  • Nature and Animals
  • Textures
  • Colors
  • Anything that will relate to your target audience

And a lot more!

Remember, you can build your stock library from a stock website found online — as a contributor. Or from your own photographs that you stored in your device.

Wrap Up

Using the stock photos that these contributors are sharing to us are great finds. Sure things, these are beautifully taken and we can use them for our business. However, we can find some alternative if these aren’t beneficial to us, for many varied reasons.

Hence, creating your stock library photo is the best way to maximize photos for any purpose we want. As well as if we like to share it, then we are always welcome too. Who knows, this step might take you to another business which is selling photos.


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4 Reasons Why You Failed with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Direct selling and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is another way to bring in extra money for your home and earn a living. This industry is generating multi-billion dollars right now!

Here is the catch.

Direct selling- everybody can do it.

But not everyone will succeed.

For some, direct sales/MLM is a fun business and these salespeople find themselves at being very successful in this business. But for others, direct selling/MLM is a waste of time and they end up losing money, out-of-business and burned out.

What are the common causes and reasons why one has failed in the direct sales business? This is an eye-opener for everyone not to slump into the same pitfalls.

ask blackboard chalk board chalkboard

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4 reasons why you fail in direct sales

Reason#1: Expecting instant result and overnight success

Thinking that this an easy and quick get-rich scheme, many independent distributors or sales representative join the direct sales business without doing their research. They don’t understand that they need to spend the time to learn the process and the system.

In reality, you need to spend at least six months to 3 years to master the methods. But most sales consultant will give up in less than three months. This will cause them to lose a lot of money that they invested in products that are not doing anything but collecting dust. Congratulations! You have just wasted a lot of money and time.

The secret of success for most fruitful sales consultant is to stick within the company. Trust the process, yes even if you are not generating profit. That could take as long as three years or more.

portrait of beautiful young woman over white background

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Reason#2: You joined a company on a whim

Some independent distributor or sales consultant failed in direct sales because you got caught up in the moment and did not do your research.  You did not know much about the products, marketing plan, and the support system.

It is very important to ask yourself the four basic question before joining any direct sales. It is a step to avoid wasting your time and money.

Try to ask these questions:

First, do you actually like to use these products?

Second, are you willing to put in the time to market the products? Keep in mind that with direct sales it is very essential. That includes creating and maintaining a presence on social media.

Third, ask yourself if you have the potential contacts or people who may buy your products or recruit.  Keep in mind that some people are annoyed with direct sales and MLM marketing tactics. Are you willing to annoy or even alienate friends and family? If you have not listened to the podcast The Dream Podcast, I urge you to take a listen.  It explores the dark side of direct sales/MLM.

And finally, ask yourself if you are willing to work or sacrifice to grow your direct sales business. 

If most of your answers are no, then do not go through with direct selling/MLM. You will be wasting your time, effort, and money.

achievement adult agreement arms

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Reason#3: Your support system is nonexistent

In the world of direct sales/MLM, sponsors or mentors plays a vital role. They must be there to guide, train and motivate you on how to become successful in this business.

Now, if you are a type of person that has strong personal skills or are self-motivated, your sponsor’s presence will not be quite important for you. That characteristic will help your ability through the process.

But if you are a novice then selecting the right sponsor is very important. They will help to ensure your long term success. This will be done by teaching you their techniques as well as to give you the best motivation. If you don’t have the right support system, then there is a high probability that you will fail in the direct sales business.

So it is better not to pursue to avoid wasting your time and funds.

grey metal hammer Photo by Pixabay on

Reason#4: Wrong mindset

As a salesperson, you need to communicate with a lot of people frequently and constantly.  What happens when your personality doesn’t fit? Or you are not comfortable in explaining or selling your products. You need to have a paradigm shift. From an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mind.  Change the mindset to a growth mindset!

Talk to as many people as you want. Proceed with caution as you contact your friends and relatives. Do not hesitate to share the product’s features and benefits. Make this a part of your routine and do this consistently in six months to three years and you see the good result.

If you will not change your mindset success will continue to elude you on this venture.


Direct sales and MLM is definitely not for everyone and the bottom line is most people will not become very successful. What has been your experience? Have you beaten the odds? Or do you have a cautionary story to share? Leave your comment below. 


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Download Field Agent App, Earn as much as $12 an Hour

For sure, a lot of us like to make extra money. What about as much as $12 in less than an hour by doing out a simple task? It is very possible, by using the Field Agent App.

Yes, you got it right!

Do you want to know how?

Read on.

Simply install Field Agent App on your Android or iOS smartphone.

That will give you a cash for completing a common task in your area. This app is fantastic!


Because it’s so easy to use and to navigate, and the given jobs will it take 5-10 minutes to do. If you are living in or near a large city in the UK this gigs is much ideal. You can earn extra money without too much hard work. But if you are a few miles away from London it will cause you more effort to accomplish the given task.

But, wherever you are, it is still possible.

Let me guess. Still wondering? No worries, we can take care of it. Learn.

woman wearing purple shirt holding smartphone white sitting on chair

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What is Field Agent App all about?

Field Agent is a service in the UK. Yet, it can be worldwide that generates real-time data for clients using the Smartphone app. Every task completed will be awarded ranging between $1-12$ per task. Field agent then sends out what is known as Agents or individual to gather this information.

You will become an agent the moment you finished downloading the app in your device. The type of information gathered may vary. But we have six main type of data categories; Feedback, Audio, opinions, phone, photo, and video. This is done usually by going to a retail store.

And taking video, picture or noting down the price of specific products. If you are familiar with Mystery shopping, the system works like that. But the difference is instead of submitting a report, you send the data immediately.

apps business cellphone cellular telephone

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Here’s more.

You can follow this simple steps on how this App works. Learn how to get started making $12 every task completed in less than an hour.

1. You can download this Field Agent app from your iPhone iOS app store or for Androids in Google Play store.  

2. After you have downloaded the app, you will be directed to enter some basic information. Such as your email address and your personal profile. Then you will need to verify your given email address. Then, you complete the registration.

3. Every time you log-in to your account you will be automatically presented with a list of jobs. You can choose those type of task that is suited to you.

4. You can click the map tab if you want to search for jobs that are closer to you. Then the list of task available in your area will be presented to you. And you can click to view more details of a given task.

5. Once you already choose a task to complete. Click on the task menu and accept this job in order to go through and complete the task.

6. To cash out your income, you simply click the cash out tab. And funds will be deposited to your PayPal account. There is no least required balance you need to cash out and the process will it take around 7 banking days.

How much possible money you can earn using this Field Agent App?

The figured amount that is possible to make, depends on your hard work and your location. If you are living in the key Cities, you can have wider and many tasks available. The more jobs completed the more money you make. But the average price of every task varies between $1-$12 every completed task.

You only need 5-10 minutes to complete each task. Meaning you can finish more tasks in an hour if you are in the right location. Do further research about this app if it is suitable for you before you will register in Field Agent App. There are many reviews available online to help you decide.

Wrap Up

If you are living in the key cities, this Gig as agents using Field Agent App is an ideal job. You can even earn more than $12 per hour. Big Cities have more jobs available. And you need not consume more time to travel and locate the area to finish. Each of the given tasks needs immediate actions and so you can accept more jobs than after.


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8 Steps To Start a Subscription Business Up and Running

Sure thing that subscription business rings a bell, doesn’t it? This is commonly known as subscription boxes too. And is one of the coolest way to buy in this generation.

Majority of these businesses give us awesome customer services and promises. Of course, they make it a point that they full it and we experience the commitment. With the different products and services introduced from varied brands. Dropping your items at your doorsteps or mailboxes is such delightful.

We are not done yet.

As an entrepreneur, we always seek new and better ways to please our customers. And starting a subscription service is definitely not excluded. So, in this article, you will learn how to start a subscription business in 8 easy and fun steps.

What do we need to do?

birthday bow box card

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8 Steps to your Subscription Service Business

Step#1: Think of the best subscription service idea.

Do you know that the grounds of successful businesses is a good idea? Make it stand out. And this is coupled with details of your market (your niche) and competition. Identify your customers. And fulfill the business opportunity that you can create to them.

Step#2: Select the source of your products, boxes and shipping materials.

Sourcing out the products and other materials that are relevant is crucial. And the bottom line here is to make sure that have a product supplier that is cost effective. As well as consider that all will fit in the box that will be sent out monthly. Another thing to examine is the actual box, supplies or labels. Need to be sure that all are available for each order monthly.

box business celebrate celebration

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Step#3: Create a design of your box.

Like a trademark, your box must have a design. Giving a unique look can be a great way to stand out and be known as a brand. This may include the subscriber’s unboxing experience. Yet, with this in mind, do not forget that it won’t outweigh the shipment safety and that everything must fit in that box.

Step#4: Place a price tag to your business service or product.

Important as it is, never forgets to price your service right. As early as possible the pricing must be established. That should cover the cost of the product and the shipping materials. Giving a fair price is the best way to connect to your customer. Yet, make sure that all are embraced including the operating expenses and margin.

action asphalt auto automobile

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Step#5: Look for the shipping company with the best rate and service.

This is one of the things that we have to consider in this kind of business. So, it would be best to do your assignment. And shop around to pick which shipping company you can partner on. Remember, you need the box to be delivered safely and on time.

Step#6: Consider a Fulfillment Process, if needed.

Consider looking into this option once it is needed. Like if you got a lot of subscribers, it makes sense if you will plan a fulfillment process that will help you. This is another way to benefit your subscribers. A smooth experience that will result in customer satisfaction.

Step#7:  Go to the marketplace and be listed.

Cratejoy is subscription platform that can provide all you need in this business. While on the other hand, set up your website. Design it as easy sign-up and customer-friendly site.

Step#8:  Let everyone know that you are on business.

Let people know that you are up for business. Shout out your offers that will make them super excited to sign-up for a subscription. There are many ways to do that, social media is just one.


Entrepreneurs are unstoppable. The creativity that lives inside us will naturally find its way out. Subscription business is just one of the evidence of what we are talking about. This is a totally new way to explore more on what we can offer to our customers. So think of a product that you can start with subscription services. Or might be as an expansion of your existing business.

What products that you have in mind that might fit to start a subscription service with? Let us know, just comment it below.


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