Invest in Real Estate for as Low as $1000 through PeerStreet Platform

The principle behind of a good investment is to have a passive income. That you need not to work hard just to earn for money but you let your money works for you. Among all investment Real estate is still a champion for a solid Investment. With its high yielding return that everybody dreams of.

But Real Estate investment is expensive. And can be tough to crash because to its typically high stakes. This is where the Peerstreet platform come to the rescue! It allows you to Invest in a Real estate business for as low as $1000 initial investment.

Sounds great! right?

Yes, it’s true!

The cool thing is PeerStreet is open for all who loves to invest and seeks to get the best out of real estate business. That will qualify as an accredited investor.

Allow me to explain to you what PeerStreet is.

PeerStreet is an investment marketplace that was founded in 2013. This was organized by these great men: Atty Brew Johnson in Real Estate; former Google executive Brett Crosby. And Ex Y Combinator alumnus Alex Perelman, the company based in El Segundo, California.

PeerStreet is an online, peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform for real estate deals. The platform is often for real estate investors, who are looking for financing. And also for those who are looking for above average return for their investment.

It is like other Peer-to-peer platforms. If you are familiar with Lending Club, Prosper, and Sofi, then you have a wide idea of what is PeerStreet all about.

The only unique about this platform compared to the above mention P2P platforms:

PeerStreet supplies financing for real estate business deals. While others provide personal loans to individuals.

So how does PeerStreet operates?

PeerStreet operates a bit different from other crowdfunding real estate platforms. They don’t necessarily originate new loans on the site. But they get a loan from existing private real estate lenders. Afterward, they make those loans available to individual investors. As an investor, you have to choose freely what loans you want to invest in.

The platform performs an extensive vetting process on each loan. Before making them accessible to investors. The vetting process involves a thorough and diligence screening of a loan.

PeerStreet will conduct the investigation too. Both the lenders who make loans and the loans themselves.

PeerStreet investors Average Return of Investment rages between 6% to 12% per annum. That means that it makes them yield a higher quality income versus other P2P platforms.

PeerStreet accepts minimum Investments of $1000 for accredited investors only. That investor income which meets the specific condition such:

  • as earning in excess of $200,000 per annum.
  • a net worth exceeding of $1 million in bank or insurance company or business development company.

The available types of investment accounts in PeerStreet offers a regular investment account as well as self-directed traditional and Roth IRA.

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Some  value of PeerStreet platforms

  • PeerStreet offers minimal Investment for as low as $1000. Unlike other investment, platforms require up to $10,000 up front.
  • Your Investments is on a short-term basis, tied up for only two years
  • You have many ways to diversify your investment across many different loan notes. In a relatively small amount of money since the small investment is only $1000.
  • Reinvestments are Easy and convenient. Once your investment pays off, you can put your income to another loan with minimal effort.

Disadvantages of PeerStreet

  • The Investment in loan notes are not liquid
  • The only accredited investor can participate on the platform.


PeerStreet is the best platform for the accredited investor to take part in real estate. With an investment with at least $1000 least investment. But even if the initial investment need is low this business. It will not guarantee to work for most investors and definitely not for small investors.


PeerStreet real estate investment platform



4 Legit Ways How to Make Money with Display Ads Online

If you are active in social media. Loves writing blogs in your website. Likes to keep your Facebook page updated. And a Twitter and Instagram user as well. Then you are on the right track to earn a lucrative income.


By means of displaying advertisement online.

Yes, you read it right!

Posting ads online nowadays are best alternatives to earn a living. Can be comparable or even better to your full-time gig. All you have to do is to learn how to monetize your blogs effectively without being spammy.

It is good to have some important ideas that you are aware of.  Before you post ads on your website in order for you to discover the best way to promote and make money from your brand. You should forbid to post scam ads like online common ad posting, saying you can make real money. Like by posting ads on your social media accounts. That needs you to pay a one-time membership fee to get the starter kit and software. Then, boom! You can start posting ads and getting paid.

The role of the thumb:

Always remember that never pay a fee to join an advertising program to avoid you from scammers.

You can easily confirm a company you think that is legit. By researching for online positive reviews of these companies. Before joining since there are also some that offer free to join yet can be scams too.

What is display ads?

Before we proceed.

Let us define what does display ads means?

Display advertising is defined as a banner ads either (graphic or text). That appears in specifically designated areas of social media platform or website. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Here’s what will happen next:

Identify legit ways on how to make money. Through display or posting advertisement online.

Four legit ways on how to make money with posting ads online

Option#1: Posting Social media Advertisement

There are legit ways to get paid in social media advertising. It depends on the size of your audience and engagement to your followers like:

  • Facebook display ads. These are advertising on Facebook which is an effective way, too. It can expand your social media followers. As well as advertise on the largest social media platform.
  • You can create a business page on your Facebook account for free.  Every time you post an update or share a link, your followers will see it. And they are free to click on the post link to visit your website. More followers or audiences means more companies. Or advertisers might attract to pay you every time you share their ads with your audience.
  • Display ads on your Instagram.  Ifluenz will pay you to advertise on Instagram. By connecting you with advertisers which appeals to most of our younger generation. The crowd that likes the simplicity of looking pictures and brief descriptions.
  • Display ads on Pinterest. You can also post ads for free on Pinterest to engage a different audience that doesn’t have a Facebook account.

Option#2: Posting Ads of Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing options. It means that to post ads you will need to sign up for this program across different solution options. Below are the few steps to follow in setting up and display ads to make money

  • Sign up for Affiliate Programs (like Clickbank, Amazon Affiliates, Shareasale and etc.)
  • Make a Landing Page
  • Choose Ad Platform to post ads
  • Build Email List

Option#3: Monetize your Youtube Channel

There so many instant celebrities on Youtube channels. And you could be one of the best popular videos views on the internet. If you are not camera-shy then consider monetizing your Youtube. But before you can submit an application to monetize. You need to pass the two initial requirements:

  • At least to have 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months
  • To have at least 1000 subscribers

Option#4: You can place Ads on your Blog.  

Most common online advertiser for many businesses and blogs is Google AdSense. You can make money on per click ads depends on several factors.

  • The traffic produce of your site
  • The placement of your Ads
  • The advertiser- a big name business might pay more per click. Than smaller businesses with a limited budget

Wrap up

It is easy to make money with a display advertisement. Most especially if will follow four legitimate ways listed above. But the idea and techniques do not limit what we have shared in this article. There so many available information online that you can research. These will make for you comfortable and secure in posting ads online.



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Learn to  Make Money Through

Are you working online? And is looking for the best alternative to make money? Yes, you found the right page! Buying inventory from small business owner might be a good fit. With an inventory, funding needs through KickFurther.

But beforehand you need to further study the platform. Again, we care for you, because there is a big risk involved in every business venture. To make it clear, this opportunity is a very interesting way to earn more money. Yet, hold your horses, learning must come first as it is a very risky and speculative investment.


About Kickfurther

Kickfurther is a crowdfunding platform. This links an individual looking to earn money to small business owners. Specifically with inventory funding needs. They are responsible to screen the companies that need inventory. But is open to all participating buyers who want to funds they need.

This kind of platform is an example of how powerful crowdfunding can be. Both the business owner and buyer.

Kickfurther is an innovative way to connect people. Those individuals who have the need for small businesses by helping fund inventory. Yes, there can be positive sides in buying inventory with Kickfurther. But it is best to do your diligent study and research on how it works.

And remember that in each company there is a specific Consignment Opportunity (Co-Op). This opportunity will not make you a millionaire. But this will help you earn a potential amount of profit in a short period of time.

If you want to get a $5 bonus applied to your account you can create and sign up here Kickfurther.

After finished creating your account you will need to decide how you want to contribute. You have the choice of what companies you trusted in or by relying on past data. You vetting each company on and off the platform before making any contribution.

You need to be confident in the company you are purchasing inventory from. That they can fulfill their stipulated contract.

The Process

For example, a new company selling products like distributing hats. Click here for a detailed illustration of Amy. On how Kickfurther works in addressing the demand for her products.

She needed money for more inventory to supply the order of Walmart and she is a small timer. She needs a financial assistant to buy her with inventory. She has two options, first, take in a conventional way by applying for bank loans. Or look at an alternative route like sign up to Kickfurther.

Kickfurther does a diligent review of Amy’s business. As well as verifying from Walmart information. Take a look at their market, product and profit margin. And if everything goes well she will sign the entire payment from Walmart. For the payment order to Kickfurther. The Co-Op announced on the pool of buyers (this is where you come in).

As a buyer on Kickfurther. You decide whether to choose or not to help crowdfund Amy’s inventory and how much you wanted to take part. You will consider the rate of return the company is offering. And the expected timeframe of selling their inventory.

Remember, you are not lending money. Rather, you are buying inventory on consignment, in the platform, available to everyone. You will receive 5% commission for every item that you sold and the original payout agreement.

The Payment

You get payment from  Kickfurther. The companies have contracted to pay the buyers back in a given period of time. But buyers can get paid after the inventory sells. If sold earlier than expected. The buyer will receive the full amount of principal and payout early. But there is also a chances that the company will take longer to pay back the money than expected time.

Final Thoughts

Kickfurther is the best alternative to make money. By buying inventory for those small business owners with inventory funding needs. This is a crowdfunding platform. It links buyers to small business owners. These are the where they get that help they need to grow their business inventory.



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Get Paid as You Walking Around with Achievement app

As we heard a familiar line saying “Health is Wealth”. True, indeed. Most people take good care of their health. By means of eating the right diet, going to the gym, and jogging. Yet, the most usual exercise we do to maintain our fitness is walking.

Here’s the good news.

By doing all those stuff to maintain your healthy body. You will earn real wealth by tracking every single step as you walk around.

Yes! You read it right, getting paid while walking with the use of achievement app.

Wow! It’s awesome, right? Isn’t it right that maintaining a healthy body, there lies a literal wealth behind?

person holding a smartphone

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Let’s get to know Achievement app

Before getting started, you need to go to your iTunes or Android store and find this app. Once located enter your email address together with your basic information.

In order to track your healthy activities. Such as, meditating, jogging, logging food and walking. You need to connect the achievement apps/devices you already used. This app is supported by more than 30 health, fitness and lifestyle applications.

To start earning points, you are advised to take achievements health survey. Here, you will have to input more about your background. The apps will share tailored surveys, online research studies, and health programs. This way, you can contribute to from wherever you are.

You can get cash rewards. The achievement apps were able to pay more than $500,000 and continues paying more of $10 for every 10,000 points.

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Here are the basic steps you need to remember to join Achievement Apps

  • Join achievement  is free of charge

Using and joining the Achievement is absolutely free. And no hassle, you can sign up directly to

    • Connect Apps after you have joined, you can connect over 30 apps to achievements to earn points. The big three are Apple Health, Fitbit and Samsung Health, but not only there’s lot more of choices that you can link in.
    • You can take part in any Programs and Studies. Achievements partners with health companies also offer other options for you to earn. Like participating in bonus programs and answering survey questions.
    • You can earn more points if you can refer your friends. Another easy way to achieve the amount of cash faster is by referring your friends. 250 points automatically earn in every referred friend that sign up.
  • Get paid in every 10,000 points. Every time your points earn accumulate to 10,000 points you can cash out of $10 through your PayPal account. The will be processed within 3-7 business days as per FAQs.

Final Word

The money you will make using this achievement app is not impressive and can’t make you rich. But still, $10 in every 10,000 points you can accumulate while doing your regular stuff is good enough. Rather than nothing at all. The good thing is while you have fun walking around, going to the gym or have fun exercises.

Those activities will make you healthier. In every step you made there is an equivalent point. With the aid of the Achievement app that sooner will be converted into real money.


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Ideas How to Enlarge Your Social Media Followers

In growing your business in the online world. It is very important that you know how to enlarge your social media followers. Obviously, that if you have access to a larger audience. This will provide you with more opportunities to expand your business.

But figuring out on how to increase your social media spectators is a challenge. That even professionals online marketers need to master.

We are going to look back on some basic social media principles. As well as techniques for alluring more followers to your social media accounts. And website without spending more money on advertising and marketing efforts.

apps business cellphone cellular telephone

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The basic factors where social media platforms primarily revolve.

    • Conversations are all started within a community.
    • Involving or engaging in conversation about relevant topics to your business.
  • Ensuring that the conversation will begin at the right timing.

It is imperative to humanize your business when engaging on social media platforms. Like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Try sharing alluring imagery, and videos. Rather than typing, or sharing long, text-heavy posts. You must share enough and detailed information about your company. To spark the interest of viewers and readers. But don’t overwhelm your followers with too many ads or self-promotions.

The best thing is, when sharing and posting your content. It is a must to ensure that most users are active on each social platform. This will help you to enlarge or optimize the number of people who are likely to see and interact with your posts.

Effective Strategies for Social Media Sharing

Strategy#1: Make your content easy to share for others.

As mentioned above, starting conversations within the community is vital for success. Social networking algorithms are planned to reward conversations that start organically. So Jetpack’s sharing tools were created with that in mind. By adding share buttons to your website. That gives your fans an easy way to share your content with just a click of a button.

Strategy#2: You should know what to share or post.

Engaging in conversations about topics that are useful to your business. Knowing what to post is another key to attracting more social media followers.

The social media experts at Buffer has a handy guide to meet your preferred content type. With the social media platform that is deemed most suitable for which to deliver it. The better you become at posting quality and relevant content. It gives you a bigger chance of soliciting engagement with followers.


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Strategy#3: Know when to post.

Ensure that conversation on social media platforms begins at the right time. As you need to spread your messages when your followers are the most present and receptive.

There is are studies conducted by SproutSocial. And it concluded

that the traffic volumes strike at different times of the day. From these findings based on the user engagement, here are the prime times

    • Instagram: Wednesday at 3:00 PM., Thursday at 5:00 AM., 11:00 AM., and between 3:00 PM.-4:00 PM., Fridays at 5:00 AM.
    • Twitter: Fridays between 9:00 AM. – 10:00 AM.
    • Facebook: Wednesdays at 12:00 PM., and  3:00 PM., Thursday between 1:00 PM.- 2:00 PM.
  • LinkedIn: Wednesday between 3:30 PM. – 4:30 PM.

Posting or sharing contents during these peak times. This will give you more chances to maximize exposure and get more viewers. This can be useful strategies to increase or enlarge your social media followers. Because it doesn’t cost any money. All you need to do is ensure to schedule your posts in the right timing.

Strategy#4: Be Consistent and Regular in managing your Social Media account.

Part of social media’s effectiveness is being able to publish your name. Together with messages in front of your followers and audiences regularly. Whatever strategy you used as long it works you must stick to it. Because there are many inactive Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts. And no wants to follow those.

Final Thoughts

Enlarging more followers on Social Media can be both fun and challenging. Learning more about the interests of your followers and audiences. As well as the right timing on when what and how to post. Making sure that those are relevant topics, images, and videos. It will give you a greater advantage to increase or enlarge your followers.


Jetpacks; Sharing

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