Finding Focus Groups Online that Pay

Are you searching for a focus group online that will pay? Perhaps you have already tried apps for walking, renting your parking spot, and even renting out your couch. Giving your opinion is the route you want to take. Well, do I have news for you. Focus groups are looking for you. 

I participated in a top-secret focus group last summer. We signed a non-disclosure form, so I cannot give you the details but I can tell you I was paid (nicely, I might add) for three hours of my time and had a tasty dinner as well. With that being shared, let me give you the lowdown on how you can find a focus group online that will pay.

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5 Tips to Find a Focus Group Online

Tip#1: Complete unpaid screeners.

This is the initial stage for you to be screened in order to find a focus group that is the right fit for you. Screeners are basic and short surveys with questions that will examine if you are a good fit for a particular group. Hence, you need to pass that stage.

It is simple to understand that it is unpaid since it is somehow like a hiring process. Answer honestly as there will definitely be a group that is the right fit for you.

Don’t give up. Try until you will find your fit.

Tip#2: Search for reputable market research companies.

Go for the companies that are true to their words of paying you. Try and study if they are not wasting your time and have a reliable reputation. Be consistent in taking paid researches from sources. As well as finish up lots of screeners.

To give you a better guide on how to find great focus groups that pay, join groups on Facebook that are sharing ideas about new studies. Be a follower of a good market research company that you can find on social media.

Tip#3: Have a goal of at least 3 screeners per week.

Survival of the fittest. An old cliche, but true. That is how life sometimes is and that works the same if you wish to get a better income with a focus group. It like a numbers game. The more tries, the higher chances of winning. Your success in joining an online focus group would depend on your diligence. Completing screeners is not that easy but can be fulfilling.

So make it look easier to digest, break it into smaller pieces. Make it a goal, like at least not less than 3 tries in a week.

Tip#4: Again, it is a numbers game.

Sign up to research companies as much as you can. High earning focus group participants registers to around 50 market research companies.

Registering is helpful for you to become a participant. Because they will inbox you for screeners that they are offering.

So start following them on Facebook as well as visit their website and fill out the listing form. Then, you can wait for them to deliver right through your smartphones or desktops.

Tip#5: Never mess this up: complete profile.

Since when you arrived at the research company website. Dedicate a few minutes to complete your profile as a participant. This will help the researcher get an idea if you fit for the focus group that they are creating. If you have a comprehensive outline, it increases your chances of getting screeners.


Wrap Up

The online focus group is only of your choices to earn extra. But this is easier as compared to having an employer. Since you can do this on your most convenient time and space. It is a comfortable way of making money but needs patience and dedication. Because success is always delivered for those who deserve.


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