Your Opinion Helps Companies and You Get Paid

If you have an opinion, enjoy being helpful, and like getting paid Usertesting has an opportunity that you should be apart of right now!  Imagine making a little extra money during your downtime.  Testing website and taking surveys at home. has created the perfect opportunity for you!

Yes, there are countless opportunities to earn extra income online. However, with the world of the world wide web being so vast, you need to make sure that you find the right opportunity.  Most importantly, a legitimate opportunity that will not rip you off. Be wary of those who give promising “get rich quick” schemes, without hard work.

Well, doesn’t promise a fast lane to riches. Yet, it can supplement your budget to pay your bills, if done it right. And it is a legit way to make money from the web.

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What is

Before we dive into the details on how to make money through this website, let’s learn about it.

The goal of the company is to help companies design friendly websites for the consumers that use them. It is important for companies to address negative customers experiences and fix them. It is expected that all company websites or applications are working well for the benefit of the end-user (customers).

Multimillion dollar companies are spending much in this area. Especially since feedback from real customers is valuable in terms of using for business development and growth. Therefore, gives companies the opportunity to have real people share their real thoughts on what they think about companies websites. They supply the demand for feedback from a particular market. This will help a company meet its objective of providing the best customer experience for their customers.

What are the steps to earn?

Step#1: You will need the following set-up:

    • Computer / Smartphone (iOS or Android) for Mobile exams
    • Internet Connection
    • Download the software
    • Must be at a legal age, at least 18 years old
    • Comfortable in speaking out your opinions clearly in the English language
  • Fortunately, you can be from any part of the world.

Step#2: Get yourself registered.

First, you need to visit their website at and sign up by completing your profile. Make sure you provide the necessary demographic data. Such as your address, income, and others.

Second, verify your email address by responding to the email they sent.

Third, make sure that you have downloaded the free software. It is important as this is where you will record and take the exams. Use headphones during the recording.

Finally, submit the exam. Carefully read and review instructions prior submission of the test sample.

Step#3: Wait for the approval or notification on the result of your exam.

It will usually take 7 days to be processed.

Step#4: Get started as soon as you will get approval.

You are now ready to take a test that would usually earn you $10 or more. It depends on the qualifications. The exams will take a maximum of 20 minutes to be completed.

Step#5: Recieve payments!

Weekly payments are given via Paypal.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many ways to earn money. However, few opportunities offered online can be more flexible than It can be done in the comfort of your homes. Or any place you can be productive. is just one of the best options you can find.

So, life grows when you take chances positively. If you think this will help you earn extra this year, just click right here, and start it now.

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