Decluttering Your Home

3 Amazing Tips on Making Money off by Decluttering Your Home

As mums, we aim to organize things as much as possible. Through the years, we gather all the stuff we once used or loved. Yet, there comes a point that there are just too much of those. It is getting too much of our space, then we think of decluttering.

Cleaning up our house will make us discover loads of items that we can still make use of or sell to make it more helpful. YES! A light bulb it is! We can convert those “good-for-nothing items” into cash, or maybe more than that.

Money making is even simpler.

Your clean-up weekend can now be a double-ended sword: a tiny home and a pocketful of cash.

Through, we are not promising an easy money earning here. Like many businesses, success is always coupled with patience and dedication to commit.

Yet, keeping yourself motivated by the possible outcome will help you keep going. Read on to know some killer tips to make it happen.

Tip# 1: Don’t listen to frustrating comments.

Cleaning up takes so much of your time. And so as making money out of the items that you have decluttered. Sometimes, it can give us the “feeling” of wasting time and effort for something that we can just throw away. Well, you won’t really see the worth if you’ll not give it a try.

To save you from frustrations, set your expectations low. And keep in mind that it would be worth the try. Anyway, it will be just an experimentation.

If it works, then who will reap the sweetness of success of making money out of something, thought to be worthless, in the first place?

Tip#2: Let the salesperson do the job.

Well, if you think selling is not your cup of tea, for sure someone is there to do the job. In your household, think of the person whom you think can do it for you. Or, if nobody can really do it for you, it is not even a problem. Why? Simply because you can either do it without like physically selling it yourself.

Wait, don’t get confused. What I am telling you is, you don’t have to be the best salesperson for you to sell. There are alternative ways to inform everyone. To let them know that you have some supplies that they might be interested in. Below are few directions you can take.

  • Approach second-hand stores. These are stores that can help you sell your items. They take slightly-used pieces that can be offered at lesser prices to customers. A reminder though, some of them may only accept particular items. So, it would be best to research, make an inquiry before you will hand them over your pieces of stuff.
  • Find an online platform or system that works for you. You can sign up to different selling sites and post photos of your items. You don’t have to make a lot of shouting to sell. But of course, selling has techniques though. In case you can’t be someone who wants to sell in a typical manner.
  • This is a good option you can take. Check some of these marketplaces:

Craigslist. A simple way to sell heaps of things. Take photos, upload it and wait for your customers to send you email for inquiries or sale.

Ebay. It is not as easy as the first option we gave. Yet, a great avenue to market valuable items like antiques, gadgets among others.

Facebook. Who doesn’t know about it? If there are some who are not really aware it exist they are dozens more for those who do! So, don’t fret you are on the right track, create a page that will tell people that you are on a garage sale. Or you can join the Online Yard Sale Groups on Facebook, to get a bunch of interested buyers, too.

  • Look for consignment sales or stores. You can stop by and let them see your item. Leave your contact number so that once the item had been sold they can call you. And give you the money worth of how much you told them.

Read Consignment Sales and Stores in the Triangle, to learn a list of these stores.

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Tip#3: Give them away

Yes, you have read it right. But read on to value it better. Don’t get stuck on the idea of getting cash from your decluttering efforts. You can, of course, make money by any means as a possible and giving them away is another means.

Take a look at these magnificent actions.

  • Donate to your chosen charity.

Indeed, it will not give you cash upfront but you can save money by paying your taxes. Coordinate with a charitable institution. They will let you know when they can be in your locality to pick up your donation and give you the receipt.

Take photos of the items and list them down that you have donated for your documentation. Do not forget the receipt.

  • A gift to close friends and love ones.

Well, gifts always do have the impression of being brand new, if not expensive. But, you can actually give these items as a giveaway. Like, you can invite your friends and let them choose items for themselves.

Sometimes there’d be items you have that are actually interesting to your friend.

Instead of them buying, you can both save by giving that item to them. A little precaution here. Make sure that you know these people very well and that means that they like having pre-owned items. That they may see the real value of the item.

Give them an assuring feeling. That you are giving away an item because they are the only person you know who can take care of it like you do. And not rather than a decluttering activity you got for yourself.

Final Words

For sure, we buy things because of several reasons. And most of it is because we needed them at one point in our life. Decluttering is just a means for you to move on and free up some space for new opportunities. It is a natural cycle of life.

So, when we get to think of cleaning up our storage room, take steps on how to make it further beneficial. For sure if those items had completed its purpose for you, as long as it is still functional. It has to have a way to its new owner. Whether reselling or giving it away it all serve a purpose.

Making money out of it is just add on to the benefits it had once offer. Decluttering has another advantage it gives you. It is always a winning situation; getting cash out of items, a clean and spacious home. A wiser way to save the environment by somehow acting like you are recycling items. Through extending its life by letting others make use of it.

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