3 Important Questions You Must Ask When Creating a Stock Library for Photos

Social media is one of the major tools that takes businesses by storm. And these are all with the contribution of a perfect photo. A picture that resonates whatever a marketer wishes to deliver to his audience. Well, as we can see there are many stock library of photos that are available online — both for free and for sale.

Like many professional or aspiring photographers and artists, we are affected too. By there enormous availability of photos. We are stuck to an idea that these are with a copyright or free.

woman taking a photo of orange tulips

Photo by Anastasiya Gepp on Pexels.com

As a marketer, we make sure that the photos we show on our blogs or products are not subject to any legal rights. If that happens, it definitely compromises our business. We need it to be a clear bridge of communication between our product and our market.

Each photo that we associate our brand speaks about us, our business. So we need to be careful that in picking our images.

So what will we do?

How is an idea of a stock library sounds to you?

Yes, this might create some buzz or questions of convenience and necessity.

Well, let me show this to you further.

Here are 3 helpful questions that are worth asking. In order for us to be able to explore better opportunities. So, without much ado let’s jump in.

Question#1: What is the purpose of the photo?

When we select a picture to examine first your main reason for getting a photo. The use of a photo may be restricted in some areas. So, vigilance is a must, especially if it will be used for a product representation. But, if the image is for a blog post, then stock photos that we find online are fine to use.

Yet, you still have to make sure that it is allowed by the company or contributor to change something on it. Like adding texts or other creative ways you wish to use it.

And the scenario is one of the reasons. That we may look into the possibility of an alternative option.

Question#2: Why can I not freely use stock photos available online?

Yes, as slightly discussed above. Even if those stock photos noted to be “copyright free”, you need to make sure if it has underlying conditions. And may we share with you some ideas that can help us see a better picture.

These “free” stock pictures normally are coupled with some requirements. Such as it never allowed to be changed. As well as the user must credit photos to the owner. And, a lot more. So reading the agreement upon signing up is a great help to know your limitations.

Even photos that have been paid by the user still comes with conditions. Always read and check the terms that you have agreed with them on how far you can do with that image.

Question#3: What is my benefit of creating my stock library of photos?

As an alternative to a stock photo from different websites, why not create a stock library of images? This eliminates the stress that comes from the rules of using those stock pictures.

You are free to do to your own captured images. Whether for a product, signage, logo or blog post, you decide! It is all yours.

Good thing that taking photos nowadays is not that hard anymore. Though, professional photographers take the best ones. A mobile phone can still do it. If you can afford to buy a DSLR camera, they anything can possibly learn.

nature red forest leaves

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Just to spice up your interest, it is easy to get inspiration or subject. Here are a few of them:

  • Nature and Animals
  • Textures
  • Colors
  • Anything that will relate to your target audience

And a lot more!

Remember, you can build your stock library from a stock website found online — as a contributor. Or from your own photographs that you stored in your device.

Wrap Up

Using the stock photos that these contributors are sharing to us are great finds. Sure things, these are beautifully taken and we can use them for our business. However, we can find some alternative if these aren’t beneficial to us, for many varied reasons.

Hence, creating your stock library photo is the best way to maximize photos for any purpose we want. As well as if we like to share it, then we are always welcome too. Who knows, this step might take you to another business which is selling photos.


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