5 Simple Ways to  Make an Effective Company Slogans

The alluring and effective company slogan is very important in the field of business. This makes people or customers get attracted to the products offered.  Then the actual purpose of the product itself.

If the company wishes to be recognized by the public. The first thing they have to do is to hire the best advertising company. To help promote their products or services.

An advertising company will have to create an attractive slogan. That makes prospective customers easily remember in a short glance.

In this article, we will help you get an idea of how to create an effective and catchy company slogan. A good slogan will instantly make you visualize the functionality of the product. It is an effective one if by seeing and hearing the slogan alone, it creates a quick recall.

Steps in making an effective company slogans

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STEP #1: Company Logo.

You must design an excellent company logo because a great slogan will come upon the best logo. These two are just like a twin, the bread and butter they will become more attractive if they will work for hand in hand. Yes, it is possible that the company uses only the logo and no tagline used. But the presence of the two elements together shows the specific purpose.

eneida-hoti-391098-unsplash.jpgSTEP #2: Make it Simple and short.

An effective slogan is absolute does not go beyond one sentence. The simpler and shorter it is, the better. Because the audience definitely can easily understand and remember it quickly. But it must be composed of simple and short words. That will never compromise the context, and it should always be compelling like, “You Need It, we got it”, or “Just do it”.


STEP #3: Make it Roll off the Tongue.

The principle is the easier to utter the words the more remember it easily. Gillette’s slogan, “the best a man can get”  is effortless to say.


STEP #4: Use Powerful Phrases or Words.

Strong emotion will be triggered by powerful words or phrases. Try to observe these slogans, ” You can Do it”, and ” Happy”.


STEP #5: Funny slogans is also effective.

If you can make your slogan sounds humorous then do it. You must remember that in creating funny slogans it should be appropriate. And not malicious. Take note if not easy for you to create a funny slogan without sound it lame, don’t do it and proceed your next best options.

In creating an effective company slogan most advertising companies adopt the AIDA technique.

AIDA means

A- attract the attention of the clients or prospects buyers of the products

I- Interest; create a compelling interest in the customer’s mind with regards the products

D- desire; after the created interest. Ensure that the customer has the desire to acquire the products

A- Action. This is the final step that the customer will move to action in buying the products. This is the ultimate goal in creating an effective company slogan.


The ultimate purpose of creating an effective company slogan is to help the business. In the augmentation of the company’s products or services awareness. From awareness, it will help in building huge customers to patronize the products. If you will become successful in creating a famous tagline. Then your company will become more profitable.


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