5 Steps on How to Create Your Own Online Course At Teachable.com

Isn’t it amazing how the world nowadays can exhibit your talent and earned skill? Have you ever thought of sharing these while reaping fulfillment? How about getting a monetary profit out of it? Stop asking, rather act on it, create an awesome online course with Teachable.com now!

Yes, you read it right! You can create online courses that your students need and will fall in love with. There are many ways on how you can reach out to your people who are craving for learning. And, online courses are one but known methods of learning. Myself even learned from a coach online on how to write and make a living out of blogging.

So, don’t hesitate to share. Read on and learn how you can do it while earning with one of the famous platform — Teachable.com.

Learn to build, create a pattern and make a punch on your curriculum. Be sure to keep your students engage and of course, do what they planned right from the start. And that is to learn.

Let’s get started.

5 Steps on how to create your own online course that will unleash your student’s  passion


Step#1: Know what you need to do, improve and what your students need, or want.

This is a major step before creating all your curriculum. You need to gauge on things that matter to you and for your students. So, you don’t have to create anything yet, no video content that you are going to sell out. Not yet. Hence, you only need to make a video that you can give out to possible students.

It will help you determine which things you need to consider improving. As well as what your students really need.

By doing such, you will refrain from creating contents that are less valued. It must be a goal to do something that your students will put high value. And they are willing to pay a good price to learn from you.


Step#2:  Keep in mind to be the bearer of better change.

It is always a goal of a student to become better once they have learned something. It is the goal of education. So, think that way that after every course that your a student takes, he or she becomes someone else. You will help them take themselves to a higher level. Whether they got something or nothing from the start, aim to bring them something more. Or from nothing to great thing.

Your success is defined by your student’s achievements.


Step#3: Promises should be attainable.

True. Promises are not made to be broken. So whenever we offer to learn to our students, make it a point that they are into it. Meaning that you and they are going to make it happen. Never tell them that you can get the stars if you can’t. Help them understand that everything is a process. Everyone had started from square one. And that humps may come as they are learning but they need to carry on because these are part of learning.

Let them see the whole progress they are making, one step at a time. If they know their way getting to where they want to go, so right expectation as taken.


Step#4: Keep the students engaged.

It is very important to note that learning is an interaction. A two-way traffic that both of you will have to travel. So each achievable assignment you give them after every lesson should be taken cared of. As this will help you gauge their learning and will give you an idea of where in the curve they are at.

If they are engaged and interactive, it gives them the feeling of being understood. And they are going in a right direction with you. It gives them the confidence that they are actually part of the whole process. You and them working together towards success.


Step#5: Create your Course Online

Every time you create your outline, always make sure that goal is achieved every single day, in each lesson. And what is the goal? Yes, your student’s better self. Every part of the curriculum plays a vital part of that greater goal.

Take them with you step by step towards a dream they mapped out in their plan.

Changes within your outline may sometimes occur. It depends on what is needed and what matters most for the benefit of your students. And of course, there would be resources that will give you a better idea from time to time. So be open to it as change is the only constant thing in this world.

As a part of outline creation, you can think of making your lessons in shorter cuts. This is to give your students the feeling of getting there to the goal quickly or in a short span. But of course, if there are lessons that can’t be shortened. As it needs in-depth and detailed discussions, then do not compromise.

But,  making a 15-minute lesson for each session is good to keep the attention of students. Hence, think on how you can possibly break up a lesson in shorter clips.

Do not overwhelm your students. Too much information is dangerous, but less is more.

And finally, label your lectures. Right, name each lesson for your students to know what is it all about,. And it will encourage them to complete the course. Precisely, all want to know on what are the things that we can learn if we take such a course.

Be creative in naming your lesson. Make it a point that they will be more curious and will want for more, not because it lacks information. But they love to learn more from you!

Wrap up

So, those are the 5 steps on how to get started in creating an online course at Teachable.com. The good thing about using the platform is that it guides you all the way. The team behind it will preview your titles. Or teach you on how to teach strategically with effectiveness. Learn to create your online courses and share it with the world with confidence!






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