5 Top Websites that Pays Survey for Cash and Points! Sign up NOW.

Do you remember those call surveys done right after any customer service? Well, this is ultimately different. These are surveys that you can take online, right after you have signed up on their websites. Awesome, they’ll give you cash for some minutes of your time to share what you think!

Just for you to know better, these are just nobody who asks for something for nothing. Surveys are conducted for valuable reasons. These are for research companies who need the information for their different studies. Since you have spent time for that, they will give you reward in varied forms, either points or cash.


There must be precautions though since not all out there are legit. Make sure to only join sites with reputable identities.

Now, here are some of the top online paid survey which you can try:


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Company#1: Swagbucks

It is a popular reward website that offers paid surveys. Yet, this is only one of the many ways on how to earn points in this site. You will earn reward points for taking each survey among other activities.

Click here to learn and sign up.

Company# 2: Survey Junkie

As popular as it can to be a highly rated survey site, with free registration. The surveys they give out varies from one topic to another. But the common goal is to help retail products and brands become better. The more lengthy surveys pay more compared to the short ones.

Another way to earn is by completing the profile and referral.

Check them out here.

Company # 3: Catch Panel

By giving your feedbacks to several companies they will pay you for that favor. Participants are paid by Amazon gift codes. A great way to shop for free!

For more information, click here.

Company #4: LifePoints

It is a mobile application for surveys that pay you through rewards. They would typically ask for you to share an opinion as well as other activities they got on their program.

Points are redeemable in three different forms. These can be gift cards, e-gift cards or through PayPal.

Company #5: Mindswarms

A unique way to take a survey! Plus, it pays a lot higher compared to other survey companies, from what we know you will get $50 a survey. And depending on the kind of survey you will do, the price may be higher than that.

Just a tip, you shouldn’t be camera shy. Because you will be using a video of your computer or smartphones to record yourself. Yes, while giving out what your mind has to say on various topics.

It is totally free to join. All you need is to record a video of your profile and answer a few questions during the screening process.


Speaking out of our minds through surveys are very beneficial. Most especially if you are paid for it. So, with the platforms that are now available online, we can make use of our spare time effectively. Taking those surveys in exchange for cash or points, that is pretty cool. If you need an extra buck, help these research companies, and they will reward you in return.



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