5 Ways on How to Get Paid in Posting Ads on Your Website

Do you have a website? If not, you can build your own website or by the website that is already established. Would you like to make extra money without doing lots of hard work? You can maximize and get paid by posting ads on your website and wait for the cash to roll in your account.

Sounds great right?

Well, there are different ways on how to get paid in posting advertising in your site. But let’s focus on the simple but great and easy ways how to monetize your website.


5 ways to get paid in posting ads on your website

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Step#1: Sign up with an Affiliate Marketing.

You can make money with ads from affiliate marketing. And there are many ways to advertise products as an affiliate. In making money from affiliate marketing is same as with other ad networks. But there is a difference.

You only get paid when the person clicks and buy a product, subscribe, filling out a form or taking a small survey. Choose some listed affiliate marketing like Amazon Associates. Also with Commission Junction, Maxbounty, eBay Partner Network, Peerfly, and many others.

Different affiliates marketing programs have offered different payment options. Some offered a 10% commission for every person you have referred to buy a product. While other will pay you up to 50% of each successful sale. You can shop around to find for the best deal and the best ads that fit your website. For your guidance to find best marketing affiliate programs, kindly check below listing.

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Step#2: Cost-Per-Click Ads or CPC works by displaying ads on your website.

And by the time the people visits and clicks on one of those ads your website generates income. The good thing about CPC is you get paid whenever a visitor clicks ads. Even without buying anything, subscribe or take the survey. Few known cost-per-click ads are Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks, Bidvertiser and etc.

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Step#3: Cost-Per-Mile Ads.

Also known as “cost-per-thousand-impression”. This is all about how much traffic in your blog has.

Here is an example:

Exponential requiring a large 500,000 views monthly. The payout rates are very profitable. The only weaker side of this is that there is a lot of competition among design blogs.

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Step#4: Email Advertising you can use this in any of this categories.

Sponsored content and traditional display ads, they are both effective. Email advertising doesn’t take up any screen real estate on your site. So, therefore, the engagement rates tend to be higher.

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Step#5: Selling your Website.

It is somehow not logical if you have high traffic on your site. But if it is slow then it’s worth it to sell. Deciding to sell your website can be a crucial decision that will make or break you. Because it might lose all your hard work in building your empire.

But there are valid reasons that you might need to sell your website. You may check it out ten possible reasons that will urge you to sell your site.

Point of View

If you have an existing website, you can monetize and earn extra money by getting paid in posting ads. You can do further research on some techniques that suit your need. Like on how to promote your website and help increase your income. But five easy ways given above will help you a lot to start posting an advertisement in your site.



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