6 Easy Steps on How to Build an Online Store

For those people who are not technology savvy. They might think that venturing in any online businesses is not an easy task. And it’s somehow quite challenging, to begin with. Worry not, because in this article you will learn the 6 basic steps on how to build an online store.

We all know that the technology trend to today is on high demand. Everybody if not all but the majority are using the online method. To promote their products or services. If you are still using the conventional way to market your products. Then you are left behind by your direct and indirect competitors.

Before we proceed here are the things you need to start an online store…

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Of course, a computer or laptop and a good internet connection is a must. If you have that then you can set up your online store in less than an hour. You don’t need to be an expert or you need special skills to make it successful.

Aside from computer and internet connection. Here are other things we need to start your online store:

  1. The best idea for your domain name
  2. The account for your web hosting
  3. Your focus

To continue, the 6 easy steps on how to build your online store is finally revealed.

Step 1. Chose a platform where to set up your online store

Common pitfalls in setting up your online store are not choosing the best. And the suited platform for your online business. The most recommended e-commerce platforms are Shopify or WordPress and WooCommerce.

But among those, WordPress and WooCommerce are favored by most users. Because of the flexibility it offers and is the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

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Step 2. Set up WordPress

In your website, WordPress and WooCommerce were automatically installed by Bluehost. You will see a welcome message during your first login to WordPress. Then you will be asked what kind of website you are going to set up. Setting up HTTPS to use SSL Certificate. This certificate is pre-installed for your domain name.

Step 3. WooCommerce Store set up

You need to set up first the payments, what currency used, and shipping information. Before you start selling your chosen products. You will notice the welcome to WooCommerce notification on your WordPress admin pages. All you have to do is to run through the process and follow all the given instructions.

Step 4. It’s about time to add products to your online Store

After you finished the WooCommerce setup. Your online store is ready to add products, all you need is to visit the Products. Add a New page to add a new product. You need to provide the title and the detailed information about your products.

Just fill up the product category. It includes the data box for your pricing, inventory, shipping, and others. After you completely fill up all required information. These are about your products then you can click the publish button to make it live on your website. You can repeat the process every new product you add to your online store.

Step 5. Customize your WordPress Theme

The storefront they were automatically installed by your Bluehost hosting account. There there is a need to customize it in order to fit in the need. And if ever you don’t like a theme you have the options to revised the theme. If you are not familiar with how to customize your WordPress theme you may visit this link.

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Step 6. You can use Plugins to extend your Online Store

You can use WordPress Plugins to further customize. And add additional features to your online store. WordPress Plugins are apps that will make your website looks better. By allowing to add new features. Here are the ways on how to install a WordPress Plugin.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have learned the 6 easy steps on how to build your online store. This will help you understand the importance of online in promoting your products. Most of all, if you follow the given steps above you will not get hard to build your own online store.




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