7 Brilliant Simple Small Business Ideas for Kids

Knowing them better while teaching them to earn

Getting the idea of our kid’s inclination will help them discover themselves. As a parent, we would love to see our children prosper. And become successful in whatever endeavor they will take. Yet, one of the factors to help them know is to let them follow their passion. Letting them engage in small business as early as now will help them grow and know themselves better.


Getting into the world of business takes a lot of good attitudes. Being dedicated and passionate about what they do will let them see the beauty of what they got. Business idea reveals who we are and will be. It makes us braver and creative, too.

So, without further ado, let’s see how we can reinforce our kid’s abilities. By making them handle small business. As a start to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit if they got it in them.

Here’s a short list of brilliant small business ideas that your kids might love doing.


Teenagers can already manage to teach smaller or as their age kids. For any subject that your child may have an excellent performance in school. He or she can help other students who need help in academic performance thrive too. Plus, the idea of letting them enjoy the payment they can get while being of help.

Dog Walking

Kids can handle this simple job, but just make sure that they love pets, most especially dogs. And, it is also important to know how big the dog will be to ensure the safety of our child. They can earn money by setting a fee which is usually an hourly rate.

If this works good, they may be considered in taking it to a higher level. Like pet sitting which means that they will not only take care of dogs but other kinds of pets.

Cooking and Baking

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The support that we can show to our kids to their interest towards cooking and baking will come a long way. It can give them a promising future. A good way to know your child better and to bond with them.

At an early age, they can also compete in cooking challenges. Or earn income by cooking goodies that they can sell in the neighborhood.

Second-hand and Vintage Stores

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Kids can have a wonderful time collecting things that seem to be already useless. Well, this is a good way to let them show and cultivate their concern for the Mother Nature. Aside from thinking “green”, they can earn money from it.

Reselling good quality and functional items is a good start. With less to no capital at all, they can get to touch an entrepreneurial experience.

Elderly Care Service

Well, this doesn’t mean that they have to be well versed in giving medical attention or care. This only says that kids can be a good option to provide services to elderly. They can be the one who can do errands or household chores. Or to give company to the aged.

Lawn Care Provider

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Most kids enjoy the outdoors. So, let them take the advantage to that by spending the time to do lawn mowing service to your neighborhood. Later on, they will know the value of other things they can do outside. Instead of doing video games or browsing the net all day long.

Soap Making Business

It is a type of business that kids can do. Soap is just so easy to make and will surely give a kick on the interest of your child to make it a craft and livelihood. You can watch a video that will teach both of you and your kid on the basic of soap making at home.

Wrap Up

Small business ideas aren’t really small after all. This will pave a way to know your child’s ability and to help them discover which aspect of life they can be good at. Money making is already a second nature of human life because we need it to survive, materially. So, let our kids learn how to earn as early as now. This will give them a better picture of what they can do in the future.

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