7 Common Hobbies That you Can Enjoy to Make Extra Money

Every people has their own hobbies. They spend their pastimes to enjoy doing the things that are fun or fulfilling. Yet, they don’t realize that some of our recreations can be turned to income.

So, find time to research on how to turn this into a stream of revenue while have fun doing it. There are many common hobbies that to make extra money from if you know how to do it.

And, this gets even better.

So keep reading:

Below is the list of common hobbies that are possible for you to earn. This can give you one or more potential and consider for an extra stream of income.

Imagine, it would be like, while you are using your spare time to enjoy doing hobbies it relieves you from stress! It relaxes and makes you happy plus, an extra revenue will flow in your bank account. This sounds Awesome!

Here is the list of some common hobbies that YOU can Monetize

#1. Writing

If you have a passion to teach, share your ideas, and concepts through writing. Then why not use that drive or passion to earn some extra money as a freelance writer?


All you have to do is be able to quickly learn about certain topics, ideas, and concepts. And communicate them in a clear and sound.

How can you earn revenue from your writing?

The most obvious way to make money in writing is to go and sell your services to freelancing sites. Like Fiverr or Upwork or reaching out directly to blogs for paid gigs.

#2. Cooking

The only thing that will remain in demand and never out from the market is food. Everyone needs it. If you have a passion for cooking or you have the skills to cook delicious foods. Then this great opportunity to earn extra cash.

How to earn money in cooking?

You can share your own variety of recipes on social media. Through blogging, posting in your Instagram account or YouTube channel

You can start with the food truck business

To learn more about the online food business, click here for a guide
jeshoots-com-250229-unsplash#3. Playing your favorite video games

Nowadays, playing video games is a huge and fast-growing industry. You can make extra income from playing your favorite video games.Yes, it is true! That is during your leisure time. Yet,  it would depend on your popularity and the quality of your performances.#4. Event Photography and Videography

If you have a DSLR camera or any good quality digicam. Learn how to use it like professional. Then you can make some revenue from being a freelance photographer or videographer. You can do it offline or online by selling your shots on stock photography sites or as prints.

Here is an idea, according to photography website PetaPixel. The average charge of amateur photographers will be up to $75 per hour or $500 to shoot a wedding.  Of course, this will dramatically increase. If you will gain more experience or become a professional photographer.

#5. Illustration and Graphic Design

If you have a passion for being an artist or designer. There are countless ways you can earn money from your designs and artworks. Get started as a freelance graphic design or illustrations artist. You need to create your own website. Use a service like (Wix or Squarespace) and reach out to the business directly.
steve-johnson-643285-unsplash#6. Crafting

Crafting is a vague term, you have many options to make money out of your hobbies as crafting. You know how to sew, carve, print, paint, sculpt, fold, mold, and weld anything that you want to design with. And make it pretty and attractive, artistic, unique and people like it and buy it from you and make some extra money.

rawpixel-463436-unsplash#7. Gardening

Gardening is more than a hobby for some. it is a way of life especially for moms who are fun of different colors of flowers and plants. You can sell your harvest either offline or through online posting. And earn meaningful profit out from your garden production.

Bottom Line

The above list of common hobbies is your guide. This should open your mind that you can take advantage of your usual recreation. Use them to make extra money while having fun and enjoying the things that you love. For sure, you have more hobbies that currently you are doing right now. Some may not be on the list, yet, you can do further research how to monetize your existing hobby.

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