8 Important Habits to Become Organized

People are not really born organized. We possess good quality habits to become well ordered. To be organized is being learned.

Even if you are not particular on how to put things in proper order or you are not a systematic individual. But you can start learning some important habits on how to become yourself organized. If you are willing to learn and practice how to make a to-do list. Like planning things, writing or jotting down notes and ditching the unnecessary things. Then you will become an organized person.

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Below are the 8 important habits on how to become yourself organized

Habit#1: Make a To-Do list.

Practice a habit of making a to-do list every day. Write down everything you need to do in the morning, in the middle afternoon and evening. Avoid making a list too long or complicated, just write down essentials. And realistic or achievable things to do within the day. You can be able to do each task effectively without forgetting anything. That’s how important of making a To-do list.

Habit#2: Make habit of setting schedules and deadlines.

The very nature of being an organized person is he or she can’t afford to waste time. They make and follow their daily and weekly schedule. They know that keeping things organized will goes hand-in-hand with staying productive. They make deadlines and set goals for themselves. And most important stick and follow with the given timeline and targets.

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Habit#3: They never practice Procrastination.

They will not wait for another day of what they can do for today. Because the longer you wait to do something, the harder it will be to get done. Stop procrastination, if you want your life to be less stressful and less demanding.

Habit#4: Keep only the things that you really need.

Having fewer things will give you more time to enjoy those things. And feel better about utilizing everything you own. Rather than letting the dust-covered of other things that are not used. Most organized people will keep only the things that they needed. And what they want since, the more stuff means more clutter.

Habit#5: Make a habit to declutter regularly.

Organized people set time every week or twice a week to reorganized. And regularly clean up their things and pieces of stuff. They are consistently doing that. Excessive clutter can affect facet of life and drains your brain which causes more stress.

Habit#6: Know where to dispose of unused items.

Highly organized people know on when and where to dispose of any old and unused stuff. They know where to donate or give to any charitable institution or to sell on craigslist or eBay. Disposing of those things not necessary will add space and tidy in your house.

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Habit#7: Know how to delegate responsibilities.

Organized people know on when, where and whom to delegate the task. Making sure that is capable to do the things on his or her behalf. This will add list stress and pressure, and most of all productivity and efficiency.

Habit#8: Avoid any sales or bargain.

After you clean up and removed the things you don’t need. It’s unpractical to buy and replace when you see something on sale or bargain. Organized people know his priority and never entice on any false advertisement. They will buy only those items that they really need and part of their lists.


Being organized is very important. As stated above this is not necessary that you are not born organized. But if you have the right attitudes to learn and make change for yourself. There is no reason not to improve yourself. The given 8 important habits of the most highly organized people will help us a lot to make our self organized too.


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