8 Ways To Promote Your Business on Twitter

Today Twitter is very important tools to promote your business worldwide. Aside from well known Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The recent active users of Twitter worldwide is more or less 335 million.

If you know how to maximize the 140 characters to tweet. You have a greater advantage to create new customers and promote your business online.

The evidence of effective twitter posting is when you can drive more traffic to your website. Wherein you can attract more people to visit your site the ability to see and read your posting.

Online businesses need to have an attractive, informative profile in your twitter feeds. That will help generates huge followers.

Below are some helpful tips to create a snowball effect that maximizes the result of content.

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Helpful tips to promote your business on twitter

Tip#1: Tweet Daily: it is important that people can read your message and remember by your followers.

To ensure that it will happen you must be active in your daily posting. To keep your tweets from getting faded in a crowded twitter feed.

Tip#2: Create a content strategy: the content of your twitter is vital for the success of your business.

You need to plan your content to become more engaging, and compelling to the audience need.

Tip#3: Retweet your favorite content. Sometimes retweeting gain more attraction and attention compared to post one time.

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Tip#4: Use the correct hashtags.

If you want help on finding what is the right hashtags to use goto Ritetag. It is an important tool to provide you with the list of relevant hashtags. Limit your hashtag into one or two per post. Because this will contribute higher engagement compared to those more than three hashtags.

Tip#5: Use Promotional Tweets. It is effective to use a special discount or reward system. Give this to your first 50 followers who will retweet your message. Follow us on Twitter and get 30% discount on our selected item.

Tip#6: Analyze your competitor’s Audience. It is very important to know who are your competitors engaging on Twitter. To help you analyze the profile of each audience. And know their detailed information, insights, and comments. You can enter any twitter username to Twitonomy and receive detailed feedback.

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Tip#7:  Make a Twitter Customer Service. Each customer feels their importance to your business. If you allot time in responding to all their query and concerns. Encourage them to use the twitter as a forum. An avenue to discuss their comments, suggestion about your products and services.

Twitter customer service is one of the best tools that can produce new customers.

Tip#8: Use Twitter Analytics to check on how your followers are giving feedback. This will tell how your posted content stimulates reactions.  Use of your analytics dashboard, and make some change if necessary.


You can use Twitter to help promote your business online and becomes more profitable. But you need to have a better understanding of how to use Twitter better. Reading the above eight practical tips will help you grow in using the platform. These are goods ways how to maximize your twitter account on promoting your business. And help to augment your customers and followers online.







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