Why is a Disney Cruise Better than a Carnival Cruise?


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cruise-ship-floating_MkYuq8__Asking for a friend (not really, I’m asking for myself).  

If a Disney Cruise sounds like an awesome idea but you can’t afford it, what would be a great alternative?  I can’t see paying what they are asking for at this time for my family of four.  I’m thinking about either just taking the fam to the actual Disney World or taking a Carnival/Royal Caribbean cruise this summer.  We don’t go on family vacations every year so I want to make it semi-special this year.  Of course if you are a representative from Disney, Carnival, or Royal Caribbean I would be more than happy to blog and Instagram about my experience.  

What is a good family oriented cruise line?  Leave your comments below.


3 thoughts on “Why is a Disney Cruise Better than a Carnival Cruise?

  1. janna conner says:

    I personally prefer smaller cruise lines to the larger ones. you get a more intimate experience. haven’t been on one in many years but liked the Windstar.

    • ysabella20 says:

      Hopefully we’ll enjoy this cruise enough to have the opportunity to explore those smaller, more intimate cruise lines in the future.

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