A Quick Update on Pinterest

I’m going to link this information about Pinterest promoted ads. I received it in my email today. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE POWER OF THE PINTEREST PROMOTED PIN! It is my favorite way to promote. I will say that I already had a pretty active Pinterest account before I learned of the power of promotion. If you would like to collaborate on a Pinterest board leave me a comment.

Why Pinterest ads work


2 thoughts on “A Quick Update on Pinterest

    • ysabella20 says:

      I think promoting your blog post is an excellent idea. I do it myself. When you promote your blog post make sure your pin looks attractive. For example, here is a link to a pin for one of my promoted post:
      https://www.pinterest.com/pin/839499186763054764/ (I hope that linked correctly)
      I used Canva to make sure that my link looks attractive and so far it is getting a good amount of engagement. Canva is free and very user friendly. I hope that is helpful to you.

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