Are you REALLY an entrepreneur if you’re not really bringing in money like that?

Education Key Means Schooling Or Training

Full disclosure I am a beginner entrepreneur.  I haven’t been going at this for years.  I have been seriously perusing entrepreneurship for over a year.  This is my side hustle as I do have a full time job.

The project that I am best at and make the most money with is the one thing I’m the least excited about.  I’m all about passive income.  I like making money in my sleep.  I’m doing pretty good with online tutoring and that is not passive.  Hell, I’m Teacher Ces so even I  would talk about myself if I wasn’t doing well with this.  By trade I’m a teacher, an English as a Second Language teacher with a degree that I did not buy off Groupon (no shade).  I love my job (most of the time) and feel I’m pretty good at it.  The problem is I have a bit of an ego about this and feel that I’m not being paid my worth.  The online ESL companies I have encountered do not pay me what I feel is my worth.  I have tried to go independent and that hasn’t really worked out for me (yet).  I think part of the problem is I have too many pots on my stove and try to manage all of them at the same damn time.  What is your opinion about teaching online and the pay?  It’s easy work but I really don’t think the pay is that great.  Leave your comments below, I’d love to talk to you.  


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