Be an Appen Social Media Evaluator and Earn $14 per hour

Great news for social media users! You can make money while you are enjoying surfing online. Be a social media evaluator and earn at least $14 per hour working with Appen.

Well, this can’t be considered as a full-time job. Because being a social media evaluator is a temporary or part-time project based gig. But you need to be available one to four hours a day, five days a week or sometimes during the weekend.

Although this job is temporary, if you are doing well, your contract will be extended. And you will receive an offer from Appen on their other available projects. In the arena of a home-based job, the company has a great reputation. Especially when it comes in giving their payment to their contractors on-time. Even so, Appen is very responsive in all your concerns. Whether it’s a mere question about the projector with regards the payment issues.

As a Social Media Evaluator of Appen, you are being paid for using social media. Their primary goal is to help technology companies increase their viewers or listeners.

An Appen Social Media Evaluator functions to enhance the quality of news feeds. Most especially for a leading technology company’s social media based on it. If you are a social media user and like to pin, tweets, post and snap. And an expert on other social media works then this job fits for you.

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Who is Appen?

Appen is an established company operating for more five decades now. It specializes in language technology solutions and a consulting firm. Being recognized as a global leader in quality, high caliber, and expertise. In providing social media evaluation, transcription services, and search engine evaluation. For clients who are among the top internet search engine. And voice recognition providers.

Aspen focuses on helping clients to reach international markets. By means of leveraging their expertise in more than 150 dialects and languages. Aside from Social Media Evaluator position you can search other virtual jobs. Click here: Appen Careers page.

What does the work of an Appen Social Media Evaluator?

  • To improve the relevancy of a company technology news feed by means of being a social media user
  • You are required to meet the quality standard set by the clients
  • You will need to follow instructions. And be able to convey your thoughts in writing clearly and concisely.

How to become a Social Media Evaluator of Appen

If you want to work as Social media Evaluator, below are the lists of requirements

  • You need to be a daily social media user
  • You must have good English communication skills both in written and oral
  • You must have a computer (laptop or desktop)
  • With high Internet speed
  • MS Windows, Vista or Mac OS
  • Have the ability to troubleshoot technical issues, download and install

To apply, you need to register or open an account in Appen. And complete five simple steps Appen application for Social Media Evaluator.

Step#1: Fill out a personal data form and do not forget to completely fill it out the part of Internet References

Step#2: Upload your updated Resumes. This must state the position you are interested to apply. If you wish to include a cover letter much better

Step#3: Answer accurately the Social Media Evaluator Master Service Agreement

Step#4: You cite what are the sources you heard about Appen hiring for Social Media Evaluator

Step#5: Review your data. Make sure that you have input correct data. This should include the links of internet references.

How much can we make money working as Appen Social Media Evaluator?

Your working hours for Appen will vary depending on a given project. But to share you some idea during hiring process Open will ask if you are willing to work 1-4 hours a day and 5-7 days per week. Appen does not divulge the exact rate per hour in their website. But there are plenty of reviews in other sources about it.

But Glassdoor says the standard salary for Social Media Evaluator is $14 dollars per hour.

Final Thoughts

If you are a social media users and enjoyed to tweets, pin, posting and snapchatting. And is knowledgeable in any social media works then this gig is fit for you. You can as much as $14 per hour in working as a Social Media Evaluator with Appen. This is a good opportunity to make money part-time working in the comfort of your home in a reputable company.


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