Body, Soul, and Entrepreneurship

Do you agree that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle rather than a career choice? Sometimes entrepreneurship sometimes feels more like a lifestyle and less like a career choice. It is important that you take care of your body and soul. Even during those stressful days and sleepless nights.  

Entrepreneurship is a choice but being in business means that you have to strive to achieve your goals on a daily basis. That can get very stressful, can’t it? You get to enjoy the benefits it gives as well about overcoming the different challenges. The challenges can lead to stress to your body and soul. 

Talking about the downs of doing business, this is not an easy journey to take isn’t it? Most of the time you have to deal with the stress, heartache, and restless nights, whether you like it or not. If you cannot deal with this you lose, not just money but your health as well.  

Dealing with the downside of entrepreneurship is stressful and yes it can take a toll of your health. Keep in mind that your health is your wealth. Running a business while being physically and emotionally ill is tough. Running a business when you are dead is impossible.  Follow these tips for strategies on displaying mindfulness and self-care, so you will be in tip top shape to be the entrepreneur that you are meant to be.

Here are 3 tips that we wish to share with the hopes that these will be a great help to let you carry on.

Tip#1: Exercise

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It is imperative that you make the time during the day to exercise. Being glued to the chair and on a laptop, all day is doing nothing for your physical health. Although there are many forms of exercise, I depend on yoga to get through the rough patches.  

Although there are many choices, my go-to yoga DVD is: 


Most successful business owners reached their goals. And it is because of the great idea that they want to bring to life. Remember that motivating yourself through money, isn’t bad. But it won’t be good either if it will become your only focus. As this will burn you out quickly.

So, do this for the best reason, which has a great meaning for you.

Tip#2: Acknowledge your mistakes.

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Failure is part of success. Instead of blaming yourself for the imperfection. Shift your attention to a better perspective. Like taking positive things out from a negative experience. Yes, look at them as your learning opportunities.

Think of this as your step towards being successful. Failure makes you closer to success. You never can tell that a certain mistake will lead to becoming a better business owner.

Just to cite an example, Ink-jet Printer by Canon idea sprouted from an accident or mistake. It was when a Canon engineer placed a hot iron on his pen. This event made the ink spillover from the pen’s point. And the rest is history.

So, learn to be thankful for every experience that you will encounter as an entrepreneur ( or in life ). Don’t judge. Instead, look at the bright side of the situation.

Tip#3:  Claim Success while you are working on it

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Success is a state of mind.  So you don’t have to chase it. Claim as it happens. Don’t mid if struggles come along the way, because it is always part of your journey to the road of happiness.

Stop thinking that you will be successful, but believe that you are now devouring and loving it.

As a bonus, here are some ways on how to spread mindfulness in your environment.

    • Walk the talk.
    • Let them dream.
    • Ask them questions.
    • Coach them how to have a positive mind
  • Take time to breathe.

Wrap Up

As our takeaway, a positive mind will take you to where you want to be. Yet, always remember that optimism may be reexamined to be sure that it is really a good option. Along with mindfulness attitude, also practice thinking right. As this may guide you to better determine which path to take.

So pick yourself, let’s dream on and claim that success is our destiny and purpose.


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