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14 Marketplaces to Buy an Online Business for Sale and How to Find Them

Buy an Online Business that we can buy is an attractive alternative. There will be no birth pains, well, an adoption stage to overcome. Many of the leg works have been completed and handy to be taken over. But, your ability to run the business will either take it to the next level higher or smash it to the grounds.

If you are a neophyte, typically, buying and running the business will teach a lot to be better. So when in search of an online business that is for sale, focus on what you need is. Either you are building or buying a business, this important principle is applicable.

Ways Find an Online Business for Sale

There are ways on how to find the business we wanted to get. Often than not, it is challenging because we have to seek and look for the best source. Check these 4 approaches:



If you are certain about what you want, but buying an established online store is your goal. Going directly to the owner is the best way. In advance, get into the right channels. Gather helpful information about the business. Of course, before pitching you need to know the real status of the business.

Then, you have to prepare a business plan to show the ability to run the business. Finally, get in touch with the rightful owner and discuss your proposal.

Go to the Online Marketplaces


Another way to start your search is online marketplaces. There are many of them to give us an idea of who wants to sell their site. As a buyer, we can check the variety of listings in a particular industry.

Take Part in Bidding in Auction Sites


Like online marketplace, here, we can find potential businesses for sale. But buyers need to bid for the site sold. The sellers have the chance to attract more buyer as they increase the price of the business.

Look for Website Brokers


Companies such have great knowledge and experience in selling online businesses. Brokers’ listings are processed with diligence. The company offers legitimate, established and sites with a stable income.

Marketplaces to Buy Online Businesses

Let us check the list of marketplaces below to start the search for a potential online business to buy.


This a Shopify sister company. It is a platform where we can find online business owners sell their website; new or established.


Established in the US in 1996. It is the biggest online business sale sites. Its scale has increased over time. Later on acquired, one of the largest and oldest competitor.


Founded in California, has been a leading player in the industry since 1994. It has increased potential after becoming a part of

Another London-based company which started in 1996. Until today, it sells businesses and franchises in 80 countries.


A marketplace for buying and selling web-based business, domain names and applications.

Empire Flippers
This is a platform for the buyer and seller meets. They have standards to secure the buyer’s interest. Part of which is to examine website’s history of earnings. Also, studies traffic to ensure the company stability to pass the qualifications.

Slide Projectors

A marketplace for side-projects like websites, apps, desktops programs, and hardware. Like for example, side projects which are no longer used, you can post it to this site to be sold.

FE International

This company provides merger-acquisition services for middle market business on the web. They are also accommodating software service and content businesses.


Offers services for domain buyers and sellers.


They assist in preparing a business that is for sale, negotiate with potential buyers. It aims to ensure a safe, efficient transition or sale of the business.

A simple platform with a full-service broker. They help in buying and selling of website or domain.


A brokerage based in Toronto which specialized in selling refutable websites.

A marketplace for selling or buying website at a low –cost category.

A London, UK based business which connects buyers and sellers since 1870. Initially, it is for print and later on engaged in online selling in 2002.

Final Thoughts

There are many marketplaces present on the web to bring us options. It would always depend on what we need and specific goal is. Yet, we need to examine not only the reputation of the marketplace or brokerage. But also essential to know deeper the history and background of the website sold. Get to know if the website or online business can meet the income that we have projected or targeted.

Business involves a lot of decision-making. And being informed from one, two or more marketplace is the best action to arrive at an informed decision.






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