Fast Ways To Create a Profitable Website

Are you searching for a fast way to create a profitable website? Perhaps you want to create a fun path to monetizing your website. Your work with your passion has generated a great wealth of website traffic. You would be a fool if you did not take the time to earn income from that passion.  Now is the time to enroll in the Amazon Associates program! Let me walk you through the steps to become an associate of this amazing Amazon affiliate program.

Are you ready to become an Amazon Associates?  Okay, you will need to:

  • Sign up.
  • Be approved.
  • Use the affiliate links on your blogs!

Yes, it is really that easy. If your reader clicks on the link and becomes converted into a buyer, Amazon will give you a little share of the sale. Thus you have succeeded in creating a profitable website.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Let’s keep going.


Amazon Affiliate Program

What is it? Before we dive deeper, let us learn its definition.

Amazon’s affiliate program is also called Amazon Associate. Keep in mind that this is an affiliate program. It gives bloggers and website owners an opportunity to earn income. Through advertising goods sold in by lining the product to their website.

Once a reader of the blog or article clicks on the link. And makes a sale, the website owner or blogger will earn referral fees.  Now you have a created a profitable website that is earning you money, isn’t that amazing!

Here are 4 easy steps on how to become an Amazon Affiliate:


#1: Have your website or blog ready.


An active website or blog is important for anyone to be able to start as an Amazon Associate. It is nice to have lots of contents already published on the site. Make sure that it is real and looks not only great but been active for a while.

Part of the process is to draw the purpose of your website. Hence, create a concrete idea of the reason you’re having that website. As well as the audience you are serving and above all, on how you bring traffic to your blog.



#2: Go to the Amazon Associate Homepage.


This part is so important too. So make sure to be mindful do this step. Never miss this! Visit the website and click on “create one”.


#3: Create your profile.


It is time to build your Amazon Associate Profile. Click “New Customer”  and fill out all the necessary information that you need to provide. Such as follows:

  1. Account Information
  2. Website Address
  3. Preferred Store ID or your website name. At this point, you have to sell out your self by explaining the things that your website’s aim. Then, choose Amazon topics which your links are targeting.
  4. Another set of explaining needs to be done on the next part of the form. This is where you will have to explain how you will create traffic.
  5. Input your active phone number.
  6. Select your method of payment.


#4: Make Amazon Affiliate links.


After creating your account, you’ll be routed to your personal homepage. It will show your performance dashboard. This also where you will search for the best and most relevant product that you wish to link to your contents.

Here is a quick guide for you:

  • Choose between “Quick Link”. This will let you search for a specific keyword for a product.  Or if you select “Browse for Products”, it will let you search through categories.
  • Upon getting the most relevant product, click “Get Link”.
  • You have the freedom to choose your link if you want to add it as a text, image or both. Or a widget can also be an option.
  • Customize your background color, title or image size, depending on the link type.
  • Copy and paste the link. Or You can also select the shortened link or the HTML. Then, paste it to your site.
guest guidebook

Photo by John Tekeridis on

As an entrepreneur, most especially if your business is blogging. Linking your website to Amazon Associate will gain more value. As you are not only promoting your idea but you are sharing some products that you trust. This serves as a guide to your readers on the best products they can use.

With that, you will become an expert of the niche you target. So, aside from a good potential of gaining traffic.  Amazon will spill some amount as a referral fee for linking and promoting their product.

So isn’t that help more than being interesting?

Share your thoughts about Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Together let’s build or business’ future!



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The Busy Person’s Guide to Grammarly in Four Steps

Don't get caught plagiarizing

Here it is, The Busy Person’s Guide to Grammarly! This is a quick and efficient guide to using Grammarly in four steps. First, let me give you a little background. Grammatical and spelling errors are unprofessional. Especially when they appear on my blog. Since making mistakes does happen, I depend on Grammarly.

The Google Chrome web store allows me to add Grammarly as an extension to the Google Chrome browser. Thus, I can use Grammarly as needed. Grammarly is more than just “spell check.” Think of Grammarly as your personal editor that wants nothing but the best for you. It is an essential tool for my writing. Here are my four steps for Grammarly success.

Step one: Browse

Take an online trip to the Google Chrome web store to download Grammarly. The premium account allows access to so much! Take a look at the comparison chart of the free, premium, and business versions:

Step two: Utilize the extension

I use Grammarly as an extension to Google Chrome. This allows me to use Grammarly with the programs I need when I am typing.

Step three: Be human

I am a human. I am tired. I do make mistakes.

Step four: Fix

Grammarly understands. They are able to fix my mistakes.

Grammarly Writing Support

In conclusion, Grammarly is an awesome tool for any blogger. Use it and enjoy it. Let me know what you think about Grammarly in the comments below.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we could receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. While clicking these links won't cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running.

Earning Amazon Gift Cards Through Trading -In Program

Trading in some of your items in Amazon is one of many ways you can earn money using the platform. It is giving them your old things. Most especially if you have bought it from them, no doubt they got a place for your stuff.

With this program, decluttering your home doesn’t only give you more space but more earnings as well! Sounds terrific?

If yes, read on and know how it works.

design desk display eyewear

Photo by on

Ways to use the Amazon Trade-In Program

Before rushing out to Amazon’s Trade-In page, check that item first if it’s still worth it. And make sure that to see if it matches the exact version they are looking for. You can find in their search results.  Failing to do this will ultimately waste your time. Just follow this steps as it is pretty simple and doable.

Step 1:  Check this link for the list of the stuff you can trade in through Amazon Program.

Step 2: Go to the Amazon Trade-In page. Search for the items that you want to sell. Include it in your submission, note that you can add more than one item.

Step 3: Choose the right description that reflects the condition of all your items.

Step 4: Accept the offer that Amazon will give to you and proceed to the shipping choice.

Step 5: Wait for Amazon to provide the label for free shipping that you have to print. Pack your stuff and send it off within seven days.

Step 6: They will credit the earnings to your account. It is then once items have been received and accepted by Amazon.

All items that don’t qualify based on the program’s terms and condition will be rejected and returned. I Upon inspection, if it fails the criteria, it will be returned within 14 days. t will be shipped back to the sender without any cost against you.

The Earning Potential

For successful trade-ins, you will get an Amazon credit. This means that payouts will be in a form of gift cards and not cold cash. These will be credited electronically to your account in Amazon. It is not transferable to anybody.

You can enjoy these gift cards by buying items we can find on Amazon. In this way, if you want to give some gift just get it in there on their website and pay using your e-gift cards. Or if you want to buy yourself something, get it from there as well!

Yes, no real cash credits but this is good as it is. I still give you savings and chances to enjoy items you can find in Amazon. With the wide array of choices they have in store, there is no doubt that you can find interesting items. That both you and your family will love.

Wrap Up

Not all blessings come in raindrops. Trading in your items gives you a lot of opportunities to save money. Instead of spending cash to buy items, use your gift cards from Amazon. In this way, you don’t have to break your bank accounts to spend on things you might need or you just wanted.

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Direct Selling

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Selling?

Hilton HotelsDirect Selling? Without a doubt, most of us who are vigilant about looking for extra income have heard of direct selling. It can be a good way to build a passive income on the side or full time. But, before reaching to that financial success, we need to remember that it is not exactly easy money.

For someone who is new to the concept of the business. It is the best path to learn your skills in sales, marketing, and the overall business idea. It is through direct selling.

What is Direct Selling?

World Port SeafoodDirect selling is otherwise known as multi-level marketing. Sometimes it is also called networking marketing. In this kind of business, an individual becomes a partner. An independent dealer or distributor of any product manufactured by another company.

But he or she will run the business themselves.

The dealer will handle the business, identify and target the market. They do the selling and develop strategies that will make it grow.

Yet, it must be within the boundaries of the company’s policy on how you can really maximize making money. It depends on the scheme of the company we do connect with. It differs from one company to another, like hitting quota, percentage, profit sharing, and others.

Many have done and made good money off it, so it is worthy to draw our attention to the up and downside of direct selling. To help us weigh things better.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct sales?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It sounds so promising, so here are the two sides of the coin. To help us understand and make the best decision before jumping over.


Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

Pro # 1: Start-up cost is low-risk potential.

Since the cost of setting up this kind of business is lower than other business, the risk at stake is less. Whether the initial stage of the business fails or succeeds, it is worth the try. It will still look beneficial to the entrepreneur as experience is the best teacher.

Pro # 2: Designed to be a home-based business.

If you are a mother and is looking for an income, direct selling is a good start. It can be done in the comforts of our home while taking care of the kids. Or, for anyone who is not comfortable in an office set-up, this might work best for you.

Pro # 3: The parent company will provide marketing and promotional materials.

As part of the business package, you paid it’s given. It includes the management system, sales, and commission tracking.

Pro # 4: Time flexibility.

As an owner and boss of your business, you can free will to manage your working hours. Yet, be mindful that the effort and time you will spend is proportional to your earning potential.


Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

Con # 1: The pressure of recruitment.

It gives direct selling it a poor image. It makes the idea difficult as only a few are willing to do that.

Con # 2: Time Consuming.

In contrary to the idea of time flexibility, your effort to motivate your team takes a lot of your time and focus. Good management of the group is very important. Or else, getting the best downline that can work on their own with vigor is best, but it is hard to spot.

Con # 3: After all, it is all about sales.

The pressure does not only end in the recruitment. Keeping up with your sales also gives real struggles for some. Most especially if you are new and your sponsor won’t be able to lead you quite well, which sometimes happens.

Con # 4: Intense marketing idea which demands patience and time to develop business.

To get the return on your investment and to reap profits. Selling the product to friends, family and even cold markets will be necessary. Some will take part in lead buying system to get new customers or build the business, and this step takes a long time.

What are our final thoughts?, Inc.To wrap this up, direct selling is a great way to start a business. There will be pieces of training on the basics of business. That is believed to be very essential and the core of a commercial industry. If someone is still a neophyte, then it will be beneficial for you.

Yes, it is not an easy type of money. Who says making a big potential income will give us an easy start? Definitely none.

It would depend on the determination you pour into your dreams. With hard work mixed with working smart will really make a difference.

Remember to make research and do your assignment. Before signing up for any direct selling companies. The reputation will give us a heads up, yet digging into deeper on its real potentiality to take us to our goals.

If you think you got what it takes to be part of the direct selling industry, why not give it a chance?

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The Pros and Cons of Direct Sales

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Amazon Reviews

Writing Amazon Reviews: How can you get paid with Free Stuff by Shopping on Amazon?

World Port SeafoodShop on Amazon and write a review. Get Paid. Easy as one, two, and three! Want to know how to earn while shopping in this cloud-based marketplace?

Here are the steps to get started, for FREE!

Step #1: Create an account on Amazon

To sign up for an account on Amazon, use an email address that you always use. Make sure that all information about you are there in your account profile. Using an alias and animated Avatar are acceptable.

Step #2: Get that app installed on your smartphone.

The downloadable barcode has a scanner that use to shot products you have used or already own. You can review both used product or purchased a new one.

Step #3: Review the product.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 3

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Make sure that you are very honest in writing the review. Products that you have tried and reviewing needs outstanding. But, it needs believable and real reviews that will help it create an image to other users. Yet, it is fair to provide feedback that will keep the product real.

You can also provide your thoughts on what products are amazing and worth buying and what is not.

Step #4: Write for a product with a lesser review.

If there had been many reviews, either positive or negative, it is quite hard for your review to be seen. Unless there will be a customer that will command your review as helpful and made them buy the product.

Step #5: Try to ask questions.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 2

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 2

Write a review by starting to ask important and striking questions. Make this an eye-opener. It will help customers have an informed decision while buying. And the seller will get a real value when they make a sale.

Step #6: Review same items types often.

This strategy will help you master on how to be the best reviewer of such line of product.

Step #7: Product Release Schedule

Be vigilant on the best time that new products issue in Amazon. Most especially, if there will be an upcoming sale. The fresher your reviews for the new product, the higher is the chance of getting a good feedback of your review.

Step #8: To rank well, never downpour your account with reviews.

If you got many reviews compared to “Helpful Votes”, it would be a challenging work to take on to a higher rank.

Step #9: Set up a Social Media Account for Review Purposes Only

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Another way to get items for free on Amazon is to build an audience that are targets of different companies. To do this, having a social media account for review purposes is a good way to advertise products. As a result, companies will give more advertising request from you. Most especially if you’re a Top Reviewer.

Step #10: Maintain integrity in all your reviews.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The trust that we can get from the customers will come from our reviews. If we are not telling them the truth and they experience otherwise. They can always post their own review and vent their frustrations on the product. Or even spread bad comments in different mediums.

Of course, the reviewer will get to be a factor of dissatisfaction.

Once you will give an honest feedback, there is nothing you will be liable for. Your experience with the product is the only truth.

Also, if you the product for free, tell the customers upon review. This is a MUST.


Hilton HotelsShopping while getting paid has become a trend nowadays. With Amazon Reviews, we’ve got the way not only to help the customers. But the business owner themselves, to help them improve not only sales but the quality of what they sell. That is why honest reviews are very important to both parties.

This gives the reviewer a chance to enjoy stuff for free. So saving them from spending a dollar for those items, instead.

Are interested to become a top-notch reviewer of Amazon? Click here to start.