How to earn money with Patreon?

Do you have any talents or skills? Are you good in Artwork or creativity? Or maybe, you have a passion to write or longing to become a popular writer and author someday.

If you are an aspirant musician who wants be a known a rock star and dreaming to create an impact in the music industry.

So you want to be popular?

Sounds easy enough. But…

The reality is whatever you are doing right now. Or what passion you are in to and you want to maximize your potential.


Talents or skills.

It will always need financial support to sustain and make your dreams possible.

The good news is, Patreon is always ready to come to the rescue and give you a chance to earn money out from it.

But, let’s figure out what is it first.


What is Patreon?

For you not to roll your eyes on how it works, it is best to know about Patreon.

This website took the tradition of wealthy individuals being a patron of the arts. It is combined with crowdfunding.

The funding relies on people to donate small money. Rather than just one or two funders donating a large amount of money.

In other ways, it’s like an ongoing Kickstarter and Indiegogo focus on funding project goals. It sets a financial target and that’s the primary goal of Patreon’s. Likewise, the “Crowd” becomes the patron.

The Patreon service was officially launched way back in 2013. It has become a driving force in the creative community. During that time, this was very popular among webcomic artists. Also to YouTube video creators, independent musician, and any similar content creators.

Actually, the word Patreon comes from a two words combination:

Patron means a person who gives financial or another form of support. And Eon word means an indefinite period of time and often used rhetorically.


How Patreon Works?

Patreon provides a multi-tiered subscription service. But the role of thumb is the higher subscription tiers will provide a higher level of service.

Below are the examples:

  • Music teacher may give basic virtual lessons for $5 per month. And if advanced lessons with printable sheet music will cost $10 per month.
  • If you are producing a channel on Youtube on a weekly basis. You might allow $1 subscribers a sneak peek of the available video for that week. And a $5 subscribers bonus behind the footage scenes.
  • Patreon will take $5 cut and 2-3% standard processing fees. And this is considered the viable deal. Since they are responsible for subscription processing. And provide the page wherein the fans will be able to interact.

How do we Earn money with Patreon?

To earn money with Patreon, you need to make it sure that you were able to attend to the practical steps.

Here you go:

  • Set up to get paid as a US creator on Patreon. You will receive your payment via stripe direct deposit or you will be paid through Paypal.
  • Patreon will keep 5% of your income. This is how Patreon will make their money and there are fees depending on your method of payout.
  • Through Stripe you will be charged $0.25 on every deposit.
  • Via Paypal, you will pay $0.25 or 1% of the transferred amount ( Paypal caps that charge at $20 per deposit).
  • You will need also to fill out a tax form if ever you will earn money above the smallest limit which is $600 per the calendar year.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to enter into the Patreon world and take advantage of the services they offered. And turn your audiences into a subscriber. Make a revenue stream out from your God-given talents and creativity. Furthermore, this is not the only way on how will you earn money with Patreon. But the secret for long-term success is nurturing your audience. And make them feel comfortable and together succeed in patronage.




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4 Amazing Tips to start crowdfunding your business

Starting a business is not that easy, especially if you don’t have enough capital to sustain it longer. Establishing a business fund is not a major problem, at all. Yet, for starters, it may take them for a while and even gets several tries to make their investment stable.

When an entrepreneur needs extra funding, they actually have lots of options to take. Here are some of those:

  1. You may approach your bank to avail a business loan.
  2. Go through to your friends and relatives to borrow funds,  but this is tough.
  3. And finally, you can do crowdfunding for your business. This is another best alternatives.

How does crowdfunding works?

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Crowdfunding is a process of raising funds for a specific project or business. This is done online. So, you have a bigger source. And you are not limited to your friends and relatives to contribute a certain amount of money.

Because strangers can fund the project or business you are organizing.

There are different types of crowdfunding that will work on you.

First, a kind of crowdfunding that is based on donation. This may come from other individuals, relatives, and friends.

Second, a crowdfunding through the reward system. This approach will give out incentives to the top contributor. While a token of appreciation for those who give the small amount.

Other forms of crowdfunding are Equity and Peer-to-peer.

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Four effective Tips for a successful crowdfunding

Tip#1: Set smart campaign goals.

This means that you need to set a SMART Approach. It is a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goal. To avoid wasting your time and effort. You should know how much money needed to fund your business.

Along with this, prepare what strategy or method you are going to use in your campaign. And when is the target date to meet the plan?

Tip#2: Use your social network.

You need to focus on how you can reach out to your connection. To let them take part through a small donation. They are the first contact person that you need to approach for help before you go to strangers.

Tip#3: Provide a solid marketing plan.

In making an effective marketing plan you need a good platform. Create an awesome project page. There, post your attractive video which explains the cause of your campaign. With the help of using excellent images and GIF,  you can the gain interest from your audience. That makes them decide to your favor, and shell out any amount as their donations.

Also, beautiful visual aids, picture, the flawless marketing campaign will help a lot. This increases the chances of success of your crowdfunding.

Tip#4: Make your start great and your crowdfunding will soar high.

Day one of your crowdfunding campaign is very crucial. We need a strong momentum to reach the goal and create a domino effect reaction from your audience.

Remember crowdfunding campaign doesn’t always succeed. So, the early result is very important to have another option if the plan doesn’t work.

Final Thought

Crowdfunding is one of the best options to fund your business. This is easy to do but doesn’t mean it will guarantee a perfect result. Perhaps it will cost more than your expectation or it will take longer than you plan. As much as possible you need to start your project earlier. But don’t rush, as everything should be in proper place and order.

Definitely, there is no secret formula in crowdfunding your business. But proper preparation, consistency, and the right attitude will is a key to a positive result. Remember, humility is the virtue.



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Work at Home: Become a Search Engine Evaluator

The internet made it boundless. Yes, wherever you are in the world you can get a career even from the comforts of your homes. Be a search engine evaluator.

At the moment, it is one of the popular means to earn a decent extra income from the comforts of your homes.

Read on to learn more.

Defining a Job of a Search Engine Evaluator

It is as simple as evaluating a search engine. Your task is to make an appropriate evaluation for search results. From the engines, if they are giving out relevant results to an inquiry.

An evaluator gets a certain term or word and you are to find out the result of the search using engines like Google. There are several factors that you will base the examination. As well on the rating is based on your research findings.

You are right. Search engines use a complicated algorithm. This is a system to let everyone find what he or she are looking for. But, human interventions are necessary to make sure that these are working right. It must give output without any system glitches

In a nutshell, an evaluator’s main job is to determine the relevance of result pages. It is established from the term searched.

Earning Opportunities

Majority of contractors or employees in this jobs are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement about pay rate. So, it is unlikely to get accurate data on that matter. However, generally, evaluators are giving an idea of the rate that goes an average of $13 to $15 per hour.

It would be safe if you check on these companies to learn more about it.

So, for you to move forward, here is a short list of the companies you might consider applying.


Photo by Juhasz Imre on

Option #1: Appen

A global company which opens opportunities to individuals for web search evaluation posts. Yet not only that, they are also hiring social media evaluators.

Social media evaluators are to rate the search results within social media networks.

This company has acquired another search engine evaluator, Leapforce in November 2017.

Option #2: ZeoChaos

This company is operating like other search engine evaluating companies existing today. They are offering an hourly rate of $15 per hour for the Ads Quality position, as a part-time employee.

They provide paid training and only requires a computer of your own and a high-speed internet.

Click here for the exams.

Option #3: iSoftstone

They are opening several search engine evaluator posts. And it is available to individuals from the different parts of the world.

Working in this company gives you more flexibility of your work schedule. More freedom, equate to opportunities!

Specific job includes entering specific search terms into search engines. And then evaluates results based on the companies’ rating system.

As a part-time job, they need between 10 to 25 hours per week.

Decide for yourself

If you think that a search engine evaluator is a good side hustle. It that can supplement your financial needs, go for it! Opportunities are there, waiting to be found and to find you. So in your journey towards financial stability and freedom, take time to think on what fits for you best.

And if you like the work of an evaluator, check on the companies above. Or hit the search engines, and see for the results. Research about it and send your applications.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding

5 Real Estate Crowdfunding Website for Non- Accredited Investors

Understanding the Basics

Hilton HotelsCrowdfunding is not only happening in forming projects for any cause. Such as asking a large number of people some small amount of money to fund a certain venture. It is an act of pooling together different people who can support and commit financially.
The real estate is now adopting this form of funding and investment to properties. To make this possible, they have created a platform or a website. A method of reaching these accredited or non-accredited investors of real estate.

This sounds quite a jargon to someone who is not really familiar with real estate. We will get to know more about it in a simpler way. What is an accredited or non-accredited investor? What are these Real Estate Crowdfunding sites? Keep reading for you to learn more.

Let us understand Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors of Real Estate, Inc.All real estate crowdfunding sites accommodate both accredited and non-accredited stakeholders. These are two qualifications or categories that one venture capitalist may belong.
The eligibility of an accredited investor as ascertained by Securities and Exchange Commission. To be able to get certified you must conform to the following standards:
Certification #1: The aspiring investor must have an income of $200,000 plus. Or a combined income of $300,000 plus in the recent 2 years.
Certification #2: The investor must have (individual or combined) a net worth of $1 Million plus. That is excluding the value of the main house.
Certification #3: An accreditation from the director, executive officer or general partner. For the issuer of non-regulated securities.

So, you are categorized as a non-accredited investor is you will not be able to meet the requirements. As a certified or accredited venture capitalist, as mentioned above.

Determining your classification is very important. Since real estate crowdfunding platforms will have to find out the right category. It is because there is the website that accepts non-accredited investors. Whiles other only accept the accredited ones or both.

5 Best real Estate Crowdfunding Websites (Accepts Non- Accredited Investors)


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To further guide in your real estate ventures. we will be presenting to you 5 of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms. These are site who welcomes non-accredited investors. There is a short list focused in one category to simplify our understanding on the topic.

#1: Fundrise


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This company accepts both accredited and non-accredited investors. They only require a small amount of investment at $500.00

Founded in 2012. The investment of all stakeholders circulates all over their portfolio. Their investments include multifamily developments and office buildings. Also, new homes construction and, acquisition and construction loans.

But, you cannot choose a specific project you can invest in. To learn more about it please click here.

#2: Small Change


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Accepting accredited and non- accredited investors with a minimum investment of $500.00.

It started in 2014. The nice thing about this company is that you can choose the venture that you want to put your funds in. Yet, not all are open to non- accredited investors. This fits to humanitarian investors. Click here to know more about Small Change.

#3: American Home Owner Preservation


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They accept both accredited and non-accredited investors. And, the marginal investment is $100.00

Established as a non-profit company in 2008 and became for –profit in 2009. They aim to give help to distressed homeowners to stay in their homes. The investment is differentiated across a group of afflicted mortgages. Which could become a loan modification or foreclosure represented by AHP. Learn more.

#4: Rich Uncles


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Accepts accredited and non-accredited investors. The minimal investment is at $500.00

Established in 2006 and was relaunched in 2016. They are offering income producing retails, office commercial and industrial real estate projects. Same as the Funrise, you cannot choose the project to invest in. Dividends are paid monthly with an average return on investment rate of 7% or more. Check their website for more details.

#5: GroundFloor


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Accepts both accredited and non-accredited investors. Minimum investment is $100.00

It started in 2013 and had already funded over $10 Million in deals. Investments are poured in Limited Recourse Obligation (LRO). Yet, there are property and loan details that you can choose from. All deals are residential projects in real estate. For details click here.



As a closing, real estate crowdfunding is a great back up to supplement income. The shortlist that we got for you above, are only a few among many platforms in the market. These are companies that offer affordable investments. These are much lower compared to investing in an actual chunk of property.

The very nature of the business is taking a risk. You won’t take any return unless you have invested in it. Same is true in real estate crowdfunding. You will not be owning an entire property. And as a stakeholder, you need to have an open mind on the investment you have taken. Take time to research and weigh things to keep an informed decision.

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REAL ESTATE: Top 3 Crowdfunding Website for Accredited Investors

Hilton HotelsCrowdfunding for real estate is a trend in investment that has been existing. It became even more popular in the recent years. With the help of the platform, a challenge. In finding the best property to put your investment in had been minimized if not eliminated.

This scheme, the experts do the research for you. And leverage the amount of investment to locations or ventures that are interesting. Your business transaction is dealt with top-level professionals. Hence making you confident in your financial decisions.

In our recent post, we have already differentiated the two kinds of investors. The accredited and non-accredited investor which only differs on their financial capacity. Kindly click here to direct you to the article.

Meanwhile, let us focus on the platforms that are open to accredited investors only. Many of these companies are looking for the accredited ones to take part. These gave way to real estate developers to create a funnel for investment. It made the industry thriving proven by the many sites opening for business.

Crowdfunding Sites Recommended for Accredited Investors

accounting apps bookkeeper business

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#1: PeerStreet


Photo by on

Founded in 2013 by Brew Johnson and previous Google executive, Brett Crosby. They have opened opportunities to accredited investors to tap real estate investments possibilities. It has claimed to be the platform for the real estate debt.
This platform is good for real estate looking for online investors (accredited). And, the investment required is relatively small which is only $1000.00.

Check their website to learn more about how it works and to get started.

#2: RealtyShares

white and brown concrete bungalow under clear blue sky

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The company was founded in 2013. Realtyshares is a major player in the real estate industry. They cater to both equity and debt crowdfunding. This is ideal for investors who want to associate in real estate ventures and programs.

They welcome accredited investors both for commercial and residential projects.

This website has listed three different types of real estate investments. As follows:

#2.1: Cash-flowing/Value –Add Equity investment in commercial and residential properties. Like apartments, retail, office, and pools of single-family homes.

#2.2: Equity investments in Fix &Flips located in high demand/low supply markets

#2.3: Loans secured by residential and commercial real estate.

As mentioned, only accredited investors are welcome in this platform. The marginal investment is only $5000.00.

To learn more about how this site works, check them out.



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It is established in 2015, yet have been applauding their expertise in the dominion. They are confident in the field due to the support from Mission Capital. A recognized national leader in commercial real estate debt & equity finance.

This site offers commercial real estate crowdfunding in three different forms:

  • Syndicated debt
  • Equity
  • Preferred Equity Raises

This fits commercial real estate developers who are searching for crowdfunded investments. And investors who are in pursuit for estate deals.

Again, they are only accepting accredited investors.

Remember though that this company can still be considered a “newbie” in the playground. So, if you are a risk taker kind of an investor, you can give it a chance and see its potential. Yet, if you are a conservative type, then doing some extra homework won’t hurt for you to have a confident decision. Do it if you must?

Check their website here to learn more.

Finale, Inc.We need to give it a chance to prove itself as a great medium of investment. Yet, it would depend on what kind of investor you are. Currently, it looks good and promising. So why not give it a try?

Remember though that, before you will jump into something, study and learn. It will help you make better judgment and decision for your finances. After, all risk is part of the gain. But a calculated risk if much of again.

Real estate crowdfunding platforms had taken off. Actually, it is now soaring high. But, we cannot still say that it had reached its maturity in the industry. There are still a lot of things that will happen in the years to come.


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