Download Field Agent App, Earn as much as $12 an Hour

For sure, a lot of us like to make extra money. What about as much as $12 in less than an hour by doing out a simple task? It is very possible, by using the Field Agent App.

Yes, you got it right!

Do you want to know how?

Read on.

Simply install Field Agent App on your Android or iOS smartphone.

That will give you a cash for completing a common task in your area. This app is fantastic!


Because it’s so easy to use and to navigate, and the given jobs will it take 5-10 minutes to do. If you are living in or near a large city in the UK this gigs is much ideal. You can earn extra money without too much hard work. But if you are a few miles away from London it will cause you more effort to accomplish the given task.

But, wherever you are, it is still possible.

Let me guess. Still wondering? No worries, we can take care of it. Learn.

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What is Field Agent App all about?

Field Agent is a service in the UK. Yet, it can be worldwide that generates real-time data for clients using the Smartphone app. Every task completed will be awarded ranging between $1-12$ per task. Field agent then sends out what is known as Agents or individual to gather this information.

You will become an agent the moment you finished downloading the app in your device. The type of information gathered may vary. But we have six main type of data categories; Feedback, Audio, opinions, phone, photo, and video. This is done usually by going to a retail store.

And taking video, picture or noting down the price of specific products. If you are familiar with Mystery shopping, the system works like that. But the difference is instead of submitting a report, you send the data immediately.

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Here’s more.

You can follow this simple steps on how this App works. Learn how to get started making $12 every task completed in less than an hour.

1. You can download this Field Agent app from your iPhone iOS app store or for Androids in Google Play store.  

2. After you have downloaded the app, you will be directed to enter some basic information. Such as your email address and your personal profile. Then you will need to verify your given email address. Then, you complete the registration.

3. Every time you log-in to your account you will be automatically presented with a list of jobs. You can choose those type of task that is suited to you.

4. You can click the map tab if you want to search for jobs that are closer to you. Then the list of task available in your area will be presented to you. And you can click to view more details of a given task.

5. Once you already choose a task to complete. Click on the task menu and accept this job in order to go through and complete the task.

6. To cash out your income, you simply click the cash out tab. And funds will be deposited to your PayPal account. There is no least required balance you need to cash out and the process will it take around 7 banking days.

How much possible money you can earn using this Field Agent App?

The figured amount that is possible to make, depends on your hard work and your location. If you are living in the key Cities, you can have wider and many tasks available. The more jobs completed the more money you make. But the average price of every task varies between $1-$12 every completed task.

You only need 5-10 minutes to complete each task. Meaning you can finish more tasks in an hour if you are in the right location. Do further research about this app if it is suitable for you before you will register in Field Agent App. There are many reviews available online to help you decide.

Wrap Up

If you are living in the key cities, this Gig as agents using Field Agent App is an ideal job. You can even earn more than $12 per hour. Big Cities have more jobs available. And you need not consume more time to travel and locate the area to finish. Each of the given tasks needs immediate actions and so you can accept more jobs than after.


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8 Steps To Start a Subscription Business Up and Running

Sure thing that subscription business rings a bell, doesn’t it? This is commonly known as subscription boxes too. And is one of the coolest way to buy in this generation.

Majority of these businesses give us awesome customer services and promises. Of course, they make it a point that they full it and we experience the commitment. With the different products and services introduced from varied brands. Dropping your items at your doorsteps or mailboxes is such delightful.

We are not done yet.

As an entrepreneur, we always seek new and better ways to please our customers. And starting a subscription service is definitely not excluded. So, in this article, you will learn how to start a subscription business in 8 easy and fun steps.

What do we need to do?

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8 Steps to your Subscription Service Business

Step#1: Think of the best subscription service idea.

Do you know that the grounds of successful businesses is a good idea? Make it stand out. And this is coupled with details of your market (your niche) and competition. Identify your customers. And fulfill the business opportunity that you can create to them.

Step#2: Select the source of your products, boxes and shipping materials.

Sourcing out the products and other materials that are relevant is crucial. And the bottom line here is to make sure that have a product supplier that is cost effective. As well as consider that all will fit in the box that will be sent out monthly. Another thing to examine is the actual box, supplies or labels. Need to be sure that all are available for each order monthly.

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Step#3: Create a design of your box.

Like a trademark, your box must have a design. Giving a unique look can be a great way to stand out and be known as a brand. This may include the subscriber’s unboxing experience. Yet, with this in mind, do not forget that it won’t outweigh the shipment safety and that everything must fit in that box.

Step#4: Place a price tag to your business service or product.

Important as it is, never forgets to price your service right. As early as possible the pricing must be established. That should cover the cost of the product and the shipping materials. Giving a fair price is the best way to connect to your customer. Yet, make sure that all are embraced including the operating expenses and margin.

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Step#5: Look for the shipping company with the best rate and service.

This is one of the things that we have to consider in this kind of business. So, it would be best to do your assignment. And shop around to pick which shipping company you can partner on. Remember, you need the box to be delivered safely and on time.

Step#6: Consider a Fulfillment Process, if needed.

Consider looking into this option once it is needed. Like if you got a lot of subscribers, it makes sense if you will plan a fulfillment process that will help you. This is another way to benefit your subscribers. A smooth experience that will result in customer satisfaction.

Step#7:  Go to the marketplace and be listed.

Cratejoy is subscription platform that can provide all you need in this business. While on the other hand, set up your website. Design it as easy sign-up and customer-friendly site.

Step#8:  Let everyone know that you are on business.

Let people know that you are up for business. Shout out your offers that will make them super excited to sign-up for a subscription. There are many ways to do that, social media is just one.


Entrepreneurs are unstoppable. The creativity that lives inside us will naturally find its way out. Subscription business is just one of the evidence of what we are talking about. This is a totally new way to explore more on what we can offer to our customers. So think of a product that you can start with subscription services. Or might be as an expansion of your existing business.

What products that you have in mind that might fit to start a subscription service with? Let us know, just comment it below.


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Gigwalker, Earn Money While You Roam Around

Walking down the city without any directions? Sounds tiring and boring. Yes, but not anymore! Now you can be roaming around and do some simple errands while you are out and about.

Gigwalk will come in.  The system is so simple and yet awesome and rewarding. You can earn an extra $3 while you are roaring down the street and take pictures of a restaurant special menu. Or you may earn $4 to check the correct street address or take a photo of an on-going construction project.

Get this:

All you have to do to download the Gigwalk app to your smartphone. And you can earn money by doing and completing easy micro-job like these.

Can this be true?

Obviously, you want to know more! Here you go.


All about Gigwalk

Gigwalk was founded by Matt Crampton, David Watanabe, and Ariel Seidman in the year 2010. The company’s head office is based in San Francisco, California. Their goal is to reinvent the mobile world. By means of using the basic shared business model at the economy level.

Gigwalk operates an online platform that will give opportunities. This is all for the companies and individuals to post micro-task that they need to be completed. Gigwalk is not only for workforce business extensional. But also for individuals wanted to recruit or hire a Gigwalkers.

Open the app, use the map to locate available task, and accept the work that they will complete.

Gigwalk Works in This Way

Here is the thing that you should know how Gigwalk works:

#1: A certain company or an individual creates a common task online and put a price for that particular gigs.
#2: The Gigwalkers open the app, accept the task, use the map to locate the given task, and complete the assigned gigs.
#3: After they complete the assigned micro-task. They submit their videos, photos, or audio recording through the app. All data is dated, time-stamped, and GPS verified for accuracy.

Gigwalk will handle all financial transactions. Including the supplies of the infrastructure, and give support to all involved parties. This economy business is called a classic shared.

Common Task of Gigwalk Available

The list of a job on Gigwalk can be located or available anywhere in the world. Meaning anyone can register to be a gigwalker and start making money. But more gigs posted or available in key major metropolitan cities.

Check them out in

Los Angeles
San Francisco
New York

But as remember, gigs available anywhere. You have more advantage as a gigwalker if you are residing in the above mentioned key cities.

Become a Gigwalker

The step is so easy and simple on how to become a Gigwalker.

Step #1: You need to download the Gigwalk app in your smartphones either using play store or IOS,

Step #2: Register your account.

Step #3: Link to your Paypal account.

Step #4: Finally, off to go and do simple common task available.

When you open the app, the gigs available will appear on the user-friendly map.  Then all you have to do is to accept the task and follow the given direction. Take note you need to finish the task in order for you to be paid.


Average money A Gigwalker Earns

Gigwalks posted on the average money will make for every gigs is in a range from $3 to $100 per week. The task will last in a few minutes to a few hours. Meaning if you can perform many gigs then you can earn more money deposited to your PayPal account. On average, gigwalker will make money about $100 per week, will not bad to earn that amount as a part-time job.

Final Thoughts

Earning extra money for being a Gigwalker is a great opportunity. Because while you can roam around. You enjoy the stuff you love doing. Like taking photos, recording audio or taking video. As well as experience to travel or walk in a new place. To maximize the use of your smartphones to make money as a Gigwalkers.



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Start a Product-based Business and Grow Target Market

Launching a new Product-based business is not an easy task. Most especially for the newbies in the business world. You need to consider this like starting a new brand. This requires, a need to establish the name of your products.

And also you will sustain and your target market. Some entrepreneurs launch out after developing a new product line.

A product that they are hopeful to become successful. But many aspiring businessmen do not know how to convert their product. From an idea into a flourishing product-based business.

Let me explain.

In creating a successful product-based business generally, the cost is higher. This as compared to service-based business costs. Usually, product-based business shipping, returns, and extra expenses are regulated.

As compared to service-based business. Product-based business needs ingredients or components. Also requires packaging, work-space, product sampling, and photos while service-based do not have.


Here what you can do:

Before you start launching your Product-based business, take time to read these tips. That you need to consider in order for you to become successful in growing your target market.

Tip#1: Confirm your idea. We believed all Product-based business will always start with a brilliant idea. But, before plunging head-on to your entrepreneurial venture. You need to find out the viability of your business.

A feasibility study is a must.

You need to study the features and benefits of your products. And your indirect or direct potential competitors in the market.

Tip#2: You need to have a clear vision of your business goals.

The secret of success is always to have a clear vision of what you are setting out to do. Blurred vision will lead to the pit of failure. The vision should include the brand experience. This is a way to know how your customers feel valued and what action step you would like them to take.

The goal is to establish a strong and stable Product-based business. So, excellent products and strong customer service are very important of your vision.

Tip#3: Plan your marketing program. A powerful marketing program is the backbone of the product-based business. Because this is the way how you will move or promote your products. How will people know your product features and benefits? And the reason why they need to patronize your products.

Below is the common channel to advertise your product-based business using social media advertisement set up online campaigns.  Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and YouTube channel. These are the tool to target specific users based on demographics, interests and online behaviors.

malvestida-magazine-458585-unsplash 1. Brand messaging- the messaging should be clear. And it must be comprehensible to your audiences or customers. Avoid word redundancies.

2. Quality Video Production- this is the front and center to any communication strategy.

3. Set up your own website and buy a domain name. You can invest and buy your own dot com so that you can use to promote your business everywhere. Like setting up a simple shop on Shopify.

Tip#4: Well, plan your operation. Process business registration.  It is good to consult a lawyer to ensure the completion of any legal requirements.

    • Make a business plan- this important to help you think your business and what you need to do. And most investors will also want to see your business plan.
    • Check your sales and Stock availability.  Track your weekly sales and stock availability using spreadsheetsManage the seasonal fluctuations in your product orders.
  • Expand your Product-based business- do not content of what you achieving right now. Always think new products, new strategy, leverage your brand, keep your old customers and add a new one.


Tip#5: Patent your product brand name. It is very important to patent your own brand. It is important to protect the name of your product from someone else claiming your brand as their own. Yes, this might be expensive and time-consuming. But this is necessary for the future expansion of your target market.

Tip#6: Check, experiment and Innovate. After you have launched your product-based business. You need to check your sales performance if it is working according to plan. Experiment what possible problem encountered and how it will affect the operations. Do not hesitate to Innovate your marketing strategy or business model if necessary. You should remember that in any venture trial and error as well as Innovation plays a vital role.

Final Thought

The above helpful Tips will give you an overview or idea on how to start a new Product-based business. And also the given strategies will suffice to help you expand or grow your target market. Take note this is only a guide. It is advisable to do your further research about your own product-based business. Gain for more strategy that suite for you.

Comment below and let us know what you think.


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7 Common Hobbies That you Can Enjoy to Make Extra Money

Every people has their own hobbies. They spend their pastimes to enjoy doing the things that are fun or fulfilling. Yet, they don’t realize that some of our recreations can be turned to income.

So, find time to research on how to turn this into a stream of revenue while have fun doing it. There are many common hobbies that to make extra money from if you know how to do it.

And, this gets even better.

So keep reading:

Below is the list of common hobbies that are possible for you to earn. This can give you one or more potential and consider for an extra stream of income.

Imagine, it would be like, while you are using your spare time to enjoy doing hobbies it relieves you from stress! It relaxes and makes you happy plus, an extra revenue will flow in your bank account. This sounds Awesome!

Here is the list of some common hobbies that YOU can Monetize

#1. Writing

If you have a passion to teach, share your ideas, and concepts through writing. Then why not use that drive or passion to earn some extra money as a freelance writer?


All you have to do is be able to quickly learn about certain topics, ideas, and concepts. And communicate them in a clear and sound.

How can you earn revenue from your writing?

The most obvious way to make money in writing is to go and sell your services to freelancing sites. Like Fiverr or Upwork or reaching out directly to blogs for paid gigs.

#2. Cooking

The only thing that will remain in demand and never out from the market is food. Everyone needs it. If you have a passion for cooking or you have the skills to cook delicious foods. Then this great opportunity to earn extra cash.

How to earn money in cooking?

You can share your own variety of recipes on social media. Through blogging, posting in your Instagram account or YouTube channel

You can start with the food truck business

To learn more about the online food business, click here for a guide
jeshoots-com-250229-unsplash#3. Playing your favorite video games

Nowadays, playing video games is a huge and fast-growing industry. You can make extra income from playing your favorite video games.Yes, it is true! That is during your leisure time. Yet,  it would depend on your popularity and the quality of your performances.#4. Event Photography and Videography

If you have a DSLR camera or any good quality digicam. Learn how to use it like professional. Then you can make some revenue from being a freelance photographer or videographer. You can do it offline or online by selling your shots on stock photography sites or as prints.

Here is an idea, according to photography website PetaPixel. The average charge of amateur photographers will be up to $75 per hour or $500 to shoot a wedding.  Of course, this will dramatically increase. If you will gain more experience or become a professional photographer.

#5. Illustration and Graphic Design

If you have a passion for being an artist or designer. There are countless ways you can earn money from your designs and artworks. Get started as a freelance graphic design or illustrations artist. You need to create your own website. Use a service like (Wix or Squarespace) and reach out to the business directly.
steve-johnson-643285-unsplash#6. Crafting

Crafting is a vague term, you have many options to make money out of your hobbies as crafting. You know how to sew, carve, print, paint, sculpt, fold, mold, and weld anything that you want to design with. And make it pretty and attractive, artistic, unique and people like it and buy it from you and make some extra money.

rawpixel-463436-unsplash#7. Gardening

Gardening is more than a hobby for some. it is a way of life especially for moms who are fun of different colors of flowers and plants. You can sell your harvest either offline or through online posting. And earn meaningful profit out from your garden production.

Bottom Line

The above list of common hobbies is your guide. This should open your mind that you can take advantage of your usual recreation. Use them to make extra money while having fun and enjoying the things that you love. For sure, you have more hobbies that currently you are doing right now. Some may not be on the list, yet, you can do further research how to monetize your existing hobby.

As always comment below and let us know what you think.



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