Get Paid as You Walking Around with Achievement app

As we heard a familiar line saying “Health is Wealth”. True, indeed. Most people take good care of their health. By means of eating the right diet, going to the gym, and jogging. Yet, the most usual exercise we do to maintain our fitness is walking.

Here’s the good news.

By doing all those stuff to maintain your healthy body. You will earn real wealth by tracking every single step as you walk around.

Yes! You read it right, getting paid while walking with the use of achievement app.

Wow! It’s awesome, right? Isn’t it right that maintaining a healthy body, there lies a literal wealth behind?

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Let’s get to know Achievement app

Before getting started, you need to go to your iTunes or Android store and find this app. Once located enter your email address together with your basic information.

In order to track your healthy activities. Such as, meditating, jogging, logging food and walking. You need to connect the achievement apps/devices you already used. This app is supported by more than 30 health, fitness and lifestyle applications.

To start earning points, you are advised to take achievements health survey. Here, you will have to input more about your background. The apps will share tailored surveys, online research studies, and health programs. This way, you can contribute to from wherever you are.

You can get cash rewards. The achievement apps were able to pay more than $500,000 and continues paying more of $10 for every 10,000 points.

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Here are the basic steps you need to remember to join Achievement Apps

  • Join achievement  is free of charge

Using and joining the Achievement is absolutely free. And no hassle, you can sign up directly to

    • Connect Apps after you have joined, you can connect over 30 apps to achievements to earn points. The big three are Apple Health, Fitbit and Samsung Health, but not only there’s lot more of choices that you can link in.
    • You can take part in any Programs and Studies. Achievements partners with health companies also offer other options for you to earn. Like participating in bonus programs and answering survey questions.
    • You can earn more points if you can refer your friends. Another easy way to achieve the amount of cash faster is by referring your friends. 250 points automatically earn in every referred friend that sign up.
  • Get paid in every 10,000 points. Every time your points earn accumulate to 10,000 points you can cash out of $10 through your PayPal account. The will be processed within 3-7 business days as per FAQs.

Final Word

The money you will make using this achievement app is not impressive and can’t make you rich. But still, $10 in every 10,000 points you can accumulate while doing your regular stuff is good enough. Rather than nothing at all. The good thing is while you have fun walking around, going to the gym or have fun exercises.

Those activities will make you healthier. In every step you made there is an equivalent point. With the aid of the Achievement app that sooner will be converted into real money.


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Ideas How to Enlarge Your Social Media Followers

In growing your business in the online world. It is very important that you know how to enlarge your social media followers. Obviously, that if you have access to a larger audience. This will provide you with more opportunities to expand your business.

But figuring out on how to increase your social media spectators is a challenge. That even professionals online marketers need to master.

We are going to look back on some basic social media principles. As well as techniques for alluring more followers to your social media accounts. And website without spending more money on advertising and marketing efforts.

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The basic factors where social media platforms primarily revolve.

    • Conversations are all started within a community.
    • Involving or engaging in conversation about relevant topics to your business.
  • Ensuring that the conversation will begin at the right timing.

It is imperative to humanize your business when engaging on social media platforms. Like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Try sharing alluring imagery, and videos. Rather than typing, or sharing long, text-heavy posts. You must share enough and detailed information about your company. To spark the interest of viewers and readers. But don’t overwhelm your followers with too many ads or self-promotions.

The best thing is, when sharing and posting your content. It is a must to ensure that most users are active on each social platform. This will help you to enlarge or optimize the number of people who are likely to see and interact with your posts.

Effective Strategies for Social Media Sharing

Strategy#1: Make your content easy to share for others.

As mentioned above, starting conversations within the community is vital for success. Social networking algorithms are planned to reward conversations that start organically. So Jetpack’s sharing tools were created with that in mind. By adding share buttons to your website. That gives your fans an easy way to share your content with just a click of a button.

Strategy#2: You should know what to share or post.

Engaging in conversations about topics that are useful to your business. Knowing what to post is another key to attracting more social media followers.

The social media experts at Buffer has a handy guide to meet your preferred content type. With the social media platform that is deemed most suitable for which to deliver it. The better you become at posting quality and relevant content. It gives you a bigger chance of soliciting engagement with followers.


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Strategy#3: Know when to post.

Ensure that conversation on social media platforms begins at the right time. As you need to spread your messages when your followers are the most present and receptive.

There is are studies conducted by SproutSocial. And it concluded

that the traffic volumes strike at different times of the day. From these findings based on the user engagement, here are the prime times

    • Instagram: Wednesday at 3:00 PM., Thursday at 5:00 AM., 11:00 AM., and between 3:00 PM.-4:00 PM., Fridays at 5:00 AM.
    • Twitter: Fridays between 9:00 AM. – 10:00 AM.
    • Facebook: Wednesdays at 12:00 PM., and  3:00 PM., Thursday between 1:00 PM.- 2:00 PM.
  • LinkedIn: Wednesday between 3:30 PM. – 4:30 PM.

Posting or sharing contents during these peak times. This will give you more chances to maximize exposure and get more viewers. This can be useful strategies to increase or enlarge your social media followers. Because it doesn’t cost any money. All you need to do is ensure to schedule your posts in the right timing.

Strategy#4: Be Consistent and Regular in managing your Social Media account.

Part of social media’s effectiveness is being able to publish your name. Together with messages in front of your followers and audiences regularly. Whatever strategy you used as long it works you must stick to it. Because there are many inactive Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts. And no wants to follow those.

Final Thoughts

Enlarging more followers on Social Media can be both fun and challenging. Learning more about the interests of your followers and audiences. As well as the right timing on when what and how to post. Making sure that those are relevant topics, images, and videos. It will give you a greater advantage to increase or enlarge your followers.


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Five Basic Skills of a Social Media Marketing Manager MUST HAVE!

Social media marketing management plays a vital role in growing your business. And it considered as a channel of communication of your company to engage customers. Nowadays most businesses should create their online exposure. To compete in today’s popular consumer buying process.

Have you ever wondered?

The company makes a thorough hiring process. To get the best and skillful social media manager. Simply because the future success of sales and brand reputation depend on it.

Check this out:

Social media management job is not only about posting ads. Or advertisement, content to a business social media sites.

But the social manager is an individual in an organization. He or she is in charge of contributing and monitoring. Also for filtering, gauging and guiding the social media exposure of a product. It is also applicable to the brand of either sole or corporation.


What’s the catch?

Some argue that social media marketing manager it is not even a job at all. And that task and responsibilities should be everyone duty.

Yet, this job has become a complex and multi-faceted role. To achieve the highest level goals of each business.

So let’s get to it.

Getting a social media manager to be part of your team must have this following abilities and skills. First of all to ensure that everything must be in place. Second, to make your company or businesses will succeed and soar to its highest peak.


Here’s the list of ideas:

Skill#1: Customer service oriented skillmike-wilson-96168-unsplash

Social media manager must be customer service minded. Because it is normal that there are more customers using social media to find help. For them to understand the products and services.

That means that customers need a quick response to their query and complaints. The ultimate role of a successful social media manager is very important. And to handle all difficult question and complaints of the customer,  with care.

Skill#2: Social media advertising background or experience

According to the salesforce report of 2015 state of marketing.  Social media marketing and advertising, are most marketers focused to increase their spending. It turns out that to get an experienced social media marketing manager is a priority.



As you look for a perfect candidate to fill in this important role in your company. It is must need to hire someone not only master in this field. But one who has also a drive and passion to keep their skills honed and updated in this ever-changing industry.

The good news is…

Continued learning is now accessible online, through paid courses or FREE from YouTube.

Skill#3: Knowledgeable of SEO and content marketingrawpixel-587857-unsplash

It is very important that your social media manager has a solid understanding of SEO. As well as in content marketing because he or she should know how the promotion. And the distribution of blog goes and media content will fit into search rankings.


It boils down to how all content will operate within the marketing business funnel.

Skill#4: Graphics design skillvlad-sargu-620462-unsplash

In today’s businesses, to target the millennial visual-centric platforms will nail it. Pinterest and Instagram images are even more important. Yet needs a near constant influx of high quality and original images.

Sometimes all you need is a photo.

According to the article written by Jeff Bullas. Images receive 94% more views than those without. So, it is important that your social media marketing manager has special skills.

Here’s a clue:

He or she needs to conceptualize. And create eye-catching images posted in your social media and blogs.

Skill#5: Verbal and writing skillsrawpixel-804725-unsplash

Aside from skills in creating an attractive graphic design. It is also required for a social media manager to have an excellent command of the language.


Verbal and writing skills.

A this is important to express him or herself in a clear and comprehensible manner in behalf of the company. Although as a social media manager, it is not his or her prime duty to write a blog post. But he or she must be communicating with the clients or customers on a daily basis.

Final Word

If you are running a business right now and you saw it not doing well in the online world. Then you need to hire a Social media marketing manager to help grow your business. Avoid wasting your time and money in looking for potential candidates. We have given you the above basic skills of social media manager will be a great help of you. For more detailed job description of a social media manager, you may refer to this site.



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Should You Making Money by Trading your Personal Data?

Do you know that you are already giving your personal data day by day for free?

Actually, Yes.

By signing up into Google’s search box, using your loyalty card, or debit/credit card in the grocery.  Aside from that, when you are using social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and many others. Those are simple ways of giving away your data.

Here are a few questions:

If we are building a valuable asset, why not maximize it for ourselves to gain economic benefits?

Why are we allowing other people to enjoy the profit?

And finally,

Why not give a try to use Datacoup to help you reclaim and unlock the value of your personal data.

Those are supposed to be ways on how we can make money by trading our personal data.

Datacoup is a New York-based startup company. It aims to get people interested in making money directly from their own data. They are offering to buy information picked from social media accounts. And they are also adding the new feature of gathering data from transaction flows on a debit or credit card.

This company plans to make money by charging companies. Forgetting to trends found in that information. After the details of personally identified has been removed.

The New York company startup will give you payment at a maximum of $10/month.

Let’s break it down.

Two dollars came from your social network information activity. While the $8 came from the payment of your credit card transaction. This combined data is a collaboration of Facebook, Twitter and datalogix broker. They aim to get connected with people’s data information from their social media. And relate it to their buying activities.


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Become a member

Connect your primary spending card to the datacoup platform. It is safe and secure because your username and password will never be stored in the servers. Their access is “Read-Only”.

Here are a few steps to become a member:

    • Basic demographic information, which serves as the presenter for the data
    • Connect to Facebook, Twitter or other social media account. These will provide the basic profile information.
  • Credit/Debit card connection, which provides key data of your purchase history

Until such time the buyers are ready to purchase your data. Your data is safely stored in the storage area.

What will the company do with this?

Most of them want to segment the anonymous buying data by gender, age, and location. And then locate patterns in spending behavior across different segments. By analyzing the data available, it will help them make decisions. These are helpful in enhancing their businesses.

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Payment rules

Here are the payment rules

    • Using the Stripe as a payment provider, you can get paid out directly to your Visa or Mastercard. And US debit card or maybe soon to your checking or savings account.
    • Once you have accumulated a small of $5, you can come back into the app and redeem your earnings.
  • Once you achieve an accrual amount of $25, we freeze any extra accruals until you come back to the app and get your money. We don’t want to allow an overhang of large obligation.

Aside from datacoup, there are plenty of ways that you can be rewarded. Either with cash, products or even experiences. You can share or trade your personal data. In any of the data-sharing programs that are available today. All you have to do is give a try to do further research about data sharing companies.


If we are already sharing or giving our personal data without noticing it. It could be by means of signing in a different social media network. Or taking the survey, using debit and credit cards then why not using it to make some money by trading our personal data? Why not give a try to join Datacoup? Or any other data sharing programs that are available in the market today.



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Trim APP: Helps You Save Money from Auto Subscription Bills

Managing your monthly expenses, regular bills and your monthly subscription is not easy. Sometimes, you forget the exact due date of your credit card bills. In short, that will lead you to pay the expected charges from the bank.

Now, that’s the problem. You are less aware where your money goes and some of your extraneous and smaller costs.

Here is the secret:

Trim financial manager app.

It’s simple.

It will help you save money by analyzing your bank and credit card accounts.


  • Canceling auto subscriptions.
  • Fighting bank fees.  
  • Activating shopping coupons for selected purchases by your credit card.

Now, let’s make it somewhere awesome.


What is Trim Financial Manager?

The truth is, Trim Financial Manager is not an App. It is a Chatbot that works through Facebook messenger or thru text message.

Check it out.

Started after Trim’s founders had noticed important things:

Continue paying rental insurance for an apartment that they no longer lived. And Trim was also paying his video subscription plans that they no longer used.

Go solve it!


How does Trim app work?

I am ready, are you?

First, you get started with trim. Enjoy the services by signing up for an account and linking your credit card accounts.

The trim financial manager can then save your money on autopilot by:

  • Manage Subscriptions. Trim will notify you a list via text or messenger on your paying subscriptions. From your insurance to streaming services and gym membership. Also to magazines, or monthly clothing boxes and cancels the ones you don’t want.
  • Comcast, Charter, Time Warner, and other bills. Trim will help negotiate your bill on your behalf. And analyze your bill to see if it can find ways to maintain your plan at a lower cost. The chatbot is responsible to find out promotions and discounts to help you save money. Hence, keep you from overpaying.
  • Check your Spending. You can ask Trim on how much you’re spending for this month. Trim will help you to avoid over-drafting your bank account. It will also assist you in monitoring your bank accounts balances. As well as for subscriptions.

Here is the catch:

If in case you should be on the margin of spending more than your balance. Trim enables you an alert to prevent any overdrafts. And in the event of an error in fee charges, Trim will help you fight those as well.

  • Simple Savings. It will automatically apply the discount. Get this feature when you link your Visa credit card to Trim. You can avail $10 coupon on your next visit to your favorite grocery store. Enrolling in Trim, savings is possibly applied to your groceries, dining, and shopping.

On a weekly basis, Trim will send you offers for different stores or retailers. This will help you to save money every time you shop there, all you need is to activate these offers. After you do the offer’s spending requirements, the Trim will pay you.


Then at this point, you realized…

ask blackboard chalk board chalkboard

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How much Trim financial Manager cost?

According to Trim website, the current services for:

  • Trim Financial Manager
  • Trim savings
  • Subscription cancellation fee

These are all for free to use, and free to sign up.

Trim doesn’t sell or rent your information and none of your finances is stored on their servers.

Can this be true?

The way Trim makes money is by charging you a fee for negotiating your Comcast bill. They will charge you a fixed 25% of the first month’s savings.

Sounds good?

Bottom Line

Trim Financial Manager will help you save money. From your subscription, spending hidden, credit card cost and other bills. By means of helping you analyze and manage your subscription. They assist you to negotiate your bills and monitoring your spending habits. This is very user’s friendly and free of charge.


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