8 Important Habits to Become Organized

People are not really born organized. We possess good quality habits to become well ordered. To be organized is being learned.

Even if you are not particular on how to put things in proper order or you are not a systematic individual. But you can start learning some important habits on how to become yourself organized. If you are willing to learn and practice how to make a to-do list. Like planning things, writing or jotting down notes and ditching the unnecessary things. Then you will become an organized person.

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Below are the 8 important habits on how to become yourself organized

Habit#1: Make a To-Do list.

Practice a habit of making a to-do list every day. Write down everything you need to do in the morning, in the middle afternoon and evening. Avoid making a list too long or complicated, just write down essentials. And realistic or achievable things to do within the day. You can be able to do each task effectively without forgetting anything. That’s how important of making a To-do list.

Habit#2: Make habit of setting schedules and deadlines.

The very nature of being an organized person is he or she can’t afford to waste time. They make and follow their daily and weekly schedule. They know that keeping things organized will goes hand-in-hand with staying productive. They make deadlines and set goals for themselves. And most important stick and follow with the given timeline and targets.

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Habit#3: They never practice Procrastination.

They will not wait for another day of what they can do for today. Because the longer you wait to do something, the harder it will be to get done. Stop procrastination, if you want your life to be less stressful and less demanding.

Habit#4: Keep only the things that you really need.

Having fewer things will give you more time to enjoy those things. And feel better about utilizing everything you own. Rather than letting the dust-covered of other things that are not used. Most organized people will keep only the things that they needed. And what they want since, the more stuff means more clutter.

Habit#5: Make a habit to declutter regularly.

Organized people set time every week or twice a week to reorganized. And regularly clean up their things and pieces of stuff. They are consistently doing that. Excessive clutter can affect facet of life and drains your brain which causes more stress.

Habit#6: Know where to dispose of unused items.

Highly organized people know on when and where to dispose of any old and unused stuff. They know where to donate or give to any charitable institution or to sell on craigslist or eBay. Disposing of those things not necessary will add space and tidy in your house.

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Habit#7: Know how to delegate responsibilities.

Organized people know on when, where and whom to delegate the task. Making sure that is capable to do the things on his or her behalf. This will add list stress and pressure, and most of all productivity and efficiency.

Habit#8: Avoid any sales or bargain.

After you clean up and removed the things you don’t need. It’s unpractical to buy and replace when you see something on sale or bargain. Organized people know his priority and never entice on any false advertisement. They will buy only those items that they really need and part of their lists.


Being organized is very important. As stated above this is not necessary that you are not born organized. But if you have the right attitudes to learn and make change for yourself. There is no reason not to improve yourself. The given 8 important habits of the most highly organized people will help us a lot to make our self organized too.


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Setting Realistic Goals for the Year 2019

As the new year start, we often hear people declaring their new year’s resolutions. From different people of diverse walks of life. But in reality, most resolutions and goal setting often fail as months go on. A study will tell us that only 8% of people actually stick to their new year resolutions according to Forbes.

To help solve these huge unrealistic goals made every year. By most people, we are going to share important tips on how to set realistic goals for this year 2019. Because To have new year’s resolutions and specific goals are better than never at all.

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Why is it necessary to set goals?

Every successful people in many fields, like in sports, business and career have set or lists of goals. Setting goals will give you long term vision and short term motivation. As well as the directions of what you need to achieve this year.

According to a very known motivational speaker Zig Ziglar ” If you aim at nothing, then you will hit it every time”. But the most important is when you set your goals it should be realistic. And achievable because that is the best fulfilling event in our life.

What are important Tips for setting realistic goals for the year 2019?


Tip#1: Plan your goals. A common mistake in setting goals is lack of enough time of planning. We need to be thinking about what we want to achieve our life this year. Or what are the steps and things that need to prefer or when to start and how to execute the lists To-Do? In planning your goals is should be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound).


  • Specific- when you make your goal it must be specific, not general. It indicates the step by step on how to do your goals, it has specific details on who, what, where, when and why.
  • Measurable–  include accurate amounts, dates, skills and so on in your goals. So that it can measure the degree of success.
  • Attainable– it is important to set goals that are achievable or possible to achieve. Because if you make goals that are impossible to meet it will only frustrate you. And demoralize your confidence.
  • Realistic- do not set goals that are beyond your reach or impossible to realize. Remember you only have one year to achieve your goals so consider your short. And long term goal that will be realized in a given period of time.
  • Time-bound– you need to set the deadline in every goal you made. It is important to categorize your monthly, quarterly or even a yearly deadline. When you set a time frame your sense of urgency increases.


Tip#2: Make a list or write your goals on a dream board. Writing down your goals or put on the dream board will give you more enforceable. As well as transparency.

  • Make priorities. If you have written several goals this year make it sure to give a top priority to those goals. Bear in mind that you need to achieve in a short period of time to avoid feeling overwhelmed and cramming. Always make your goals organize and harmonized.
  • Make a positive statement in every goal. Expressing positive thoughts will help you get motivated to push through your goals.
  • Keep on moving and don’t be discouraged. You can’t avoid weariness sometimes, don’t quit. Just keeping moving forward until you achieve your goals for this year. If you feel discouraged, always remember “Winner never Quits and Quitter never wins”.



When the new year’s rolls around we all hoped for the better life than previous years. We expect more successes and achievement this year. We make and renew our new year’s resolutions and goals with a positive mind that all will be work.

We hope that with the tips on how to set realistic goals for this year. Your 2019 goals will be realized and achieved.


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Making it into a Reality, Learn How to Create a Vision Board

Growing up, I have been hearing stories from successful people on how they were able to get the summit. And, most of them they have envisioned it on there minds. Yes, and when they do, they created a vision board that will remind them of their goals and dreams.

But wait, here’s more!

It didn’t happen at a glance, it a process. And people can claim that it is really true. Try to read this famous book titled, The Secret. This tells us how we attract the things that will happen to our lives. As it is said:

“ The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”


– The Secret


Do you ever still wonder? I guess.

Visualization is a powerful mental exercise. It has been proven by many, including Psychology, as a branch of Science.

So, what’s the secret then? Before you create your vision board, you need to have the right frame of thinking,

Conceive this way:

Direct your focus to your best way to feel. Or on what’s the output feeling. Not only on the things that you wished for.  It must be connected to your heart — which deals with your “feelings” as this would manifest into a reality.

Yes, so we guess, we can now proceed to the next best thing to do.


Learn to Make a Vision Board

Join us, as we take a leap and chase the reality of your dreams. Let’s know how to create a vision board.

Step #1: Give yourself time to breathe and listen to your discerning spirit. Discover or learn exactly what you want or need. Feel the things that are more valuable for you. And above all, Uncover the exact feeling that you want to feel when all are happening in reality.

Step #2: Get the supplies that you need in creating the vision board. This would literally depend on the sort of a board you want to plan. But here are some ideas that you check out:

  • Poster board
  • Sheets of Papers
  • Cork Board
  • Photos/media papers/magazines where you can take pictures from
  • Glue/Pins
  • Colorful papers/ designing items
  • Scissors
  • And other materials that you can think that are helpful.

Hence, you need to ask yourself, this question:

What is exactly a kind of vision do I have that I may place on the board.

What are the supplies I do need?

Step #3: Look for Space in your house where you can freely create the Vision Board. Having a nice and relaxing background music played while creating it is a great idea. Choose the music that will touch your heart’s desire.

Step #4: Look for the right images and words that describe your feelings. Or that will vibrate your full purposes. Do this without connecting it to any of your material wishes. Simply flip on the pages of the magazine and choose the ones that attract to you. Cut it out.

If you can’t find anything that will connect on how you feel, be creative and invent your own, or write it.



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Choose the photo or word that appeals to your aims.

Step #5: Having decided of which photo to take or words to use that is a complete reflection of your intentions. Stick it to the board or page. This photo should entreat your moods.

It’s like this.

Your intention is to be free from stress or illness then feeling of such is happiness or comfort.

Make sure the as you browse or flip pages of pictures it will grab you real feeling. And if you will feel otherwise, do not place those on your vision pages or board.

Step #6: Once done with the vision board, place it to where you can always see. This will stand as your note to the right or desired feeling, intentions as well as personal goals.

Look at the board as often as you can and relate to the feelings it has for you.

Step #7: Create a list of the things that you want to start doing. This must be in order to your aims that are there in your vision board.

Set your spirits into life. Live like what your plans are, the vision is your lead.

Your list must be the things that you are actually in control, like feelings ideas or preferences. So, these are things within you not from the outside.

Desired actions must be exercised right away.

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Step #8: See how things work, and continually examine yourself on how are you doing within the vision board. Continue to be in the process of refinement.

Checking from time to time is helpful in the whole process.

Then, since you are clear on what you want, you can redirect yourself with what is in your core values.

Take the steps. Do it. Check it. And repeat the process.

Wrap Up

We are born in a world full of chances. The chance to be in a place or life situation where we can feel ultimate happiness. As well as life contentment is within our reach. It is within yourself. A vision board is your map or a guide that will constantly remind you of the road you want to travel. Dreams do come true. Grab yours now, start visualizing your self, attract the most positive feeling.



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5 Tips on How to Effectively  Market the Baby Boomers Generation

Senior citizens are a unique demographic group of individuals. And their population is increasing as years passes by. While their age grows older their needs become higher. Both in products and services.

In this instance, it’s good to know how to effectively market the segments of baby boomers. So that we will not miss the opportunity to capture their specific markets. The good thing is if you can understand their lifestyle, then it’s not difficult for you to market them.

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Why need to market Baby boomers?

The fact is, boomers are the largest age group and they represent 44% of the US population. And 5 years from now they are projected to hold 70% disposable income of US. You’re missing a huge opportunity to make a profit. If your marketing strategy doesn’t target the senior citizens. Because this age group spends more than any other group across.

And, that is all categories of products.

Senior Citizens represent in a large segment of the population. And are active consumers. So thus, it’s important to target them. Most especially when you are selling them your product or services.

You can use social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in reaching them. But using the traditional way of marketing strategies are best to use in marketing them. Such as TV ads, and direct mail for the older generation.

5 Tips on How to Market Baby Boomers Generation

TIP#1: Make things Simple for them to comprehend.

Boomers come from diverse generations. Their communication tools are simple and easy to understand. They want marketing messages that clear, clean and straight to the point

TIP#2: You have to speak with their language.

In promoting your product and services to the senior citizens do not use jargon words. Like those that only the millennial or teenage can relate and understand. Avoid using trendy language, teenage jargon, and internet slang to prevent misunderstanding. And to put your effort in vain.

Seniors want to know how your products and services help them. Or improve their life quality so relate that clearly to them and avoid more drama’s.

TIP#3: Provide quality and personalize services.

Let your boomers’ customer experience personalize and quality service. So that they will remember you for a long time. You must pay attention to the customer’s experience. By giving them superior customer support. Provide an after sale service, keep in touch with them after a purchase has been made.

TIP#4: Create your social media advertising user-friendly and easy to understand.

Yes. Senior Citizens do like to shop online. In fact, boomers shared about a third of all social media users. As it is also their primary means of shopping comparison. And those aged 50 and older spent about $7 billion a year online shop.

TIP#5: Focus on value and dependability rather than the Price.

Do not give more emphasis about the lower price in your marketing. But focus on how your product provides better quality versus the competitors. Boomers are more interested and care the products that will last. More reliable, dependable, longevity and has value products are top of their choices.


If you have business for seniors then you are on the right track and good market. Always remember, baby boomers want products and services that can provide high quality. Those services and products that make their life easier. These 5 tips above, will help you to establish your market in seniors segment. As well on keeping them as your long-term customers.




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It’s Been Two Weeks But Happy New Year!

Work life and home life has gotten the best of me and I have not been the best at keeping YOU abreast of the best information out there regarding working online. I won’t even begin to explain how busy these past four weeks have been between.

However what I can tell you is that 2019 is here and I PROMISE you that I will continue to bring the best online opportunities and more episodes of my podcast, The Teacher Ces Podcast.

I invite you to follow me on social media.

Although I am not Oprah, I will leave you with three of my favorite things that you might want to check out as well:

I spend the month of December reading Becoming. It was definitely inspirational and eye-opening.  I would love to start a book club and have a discussion about this book.

 The holiday was a good time, too good time actually. I have been drinking a lot of green tea to get everything back in order.

My old online headsets finally cracked on me. I mean literally fell apart. I am overall happy with these new headsets.