How to Earn Money from Home through Grade Test Online?

If you have right credential then you can earn money to grade test papers online. Many students from different grades take a standard examination. This standard test will help the students. And school officials to determine how well the students learning.

For those with teaching experience, and desires to work at home. Landing to gigs in scoring standardized test is the best option for you. There are companies intentionally hire workers on-site, to score the test from home. These companies this option to cut their workforce.

There is the variety of test given yearly. Not all test can be graded by a machine so they need someone to check and grade it manually. Some companies will recruit online test scorers to work from home. They are the task in a grading test, especially during busy academic periods. The best time to apply to grade test is during the winter and spring.

How much the average payment?

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The average rate depends on the project. You may check out to for more details. The good thing about this is you have the options to choose your best schedule. Since this is a seasonal job. And the standardized test is given certain times throughout the year.

How to apply?

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Check your credentials. The least requirements to apply as a test scorer is to hold a bachelor’s degree. If you are a certified teacher then you have the advantage, you can easily apply to grade tests. If you are qualified submit your application online.

Where to apply?

You can choose any of the following sites that can help you earn money by grading test at home. Most of the work is project-based so you can adjust how much time you want to put for this work.

Option#1: SAT Online Scoring-  SAT essay offered part-time or full-time hours of work. You can make a four, six or even eight-hour shift by grading the essay subject. You need to pass the Equipment Technical Service qualifier exams and to have a bachelor’s degree. The average pay is $15 per hour for scorers.

Option#2: ACT Online Scoring this exam site is always hiring for test scorers. They seek qualifies people to evaluate the written portion of the ACT. A bachelor’s degree is required and high school teaching experience is the advantage. If you are hired you can receive $12 payment per hour and extra bonus incentives.

If your performance is good your payment will eventually increase.

Option#3: PEARSON is a company that has already proven track record. And it has been operating for around fifty years. They provide educational assessment products to schools and institution.

The minimum rule is at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify as a test scorer. If the applicant passed the training and testing phases. They are required to work a least of 20 hours per week at $10 per hour. The good thing about Pearson is they will provide health insurance to the scorer and also to the entire family.

Option#4: Educational Testing Service (ETS). This company is like Pearson the scorers score the educational exam and essays. Bachelor’s degree required.

You may try other online company who offer the same opportunity. These are WriteScore, Measurement Inc., and Literally.

Bottom Line

The opportunity to earn online as a grade tester or test scorer is not a permanent job. Because this is the project based job so this may not be advisable to replace your day job or your main gigs. This is only the best alternatives to earn extra money while you are in the comfort of your home.


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Earn Extra Cash by Selling your Notes and Study Guides with Course Hero

Nowadays there are many ways how to make money online. Regardless if you are a professional, businessman, or even you are a student.

Do you know that there are lots of opportunities for a college student to generate revenue? By doing something they are used to do every day like, note-taking, research and make a study guide. If you are an exceptional note taker, then it is possible for you to earn extra cash.

Semester notes and study guides selling.

Yes, these two can help you earn, sell these to other students who need some help using course hero platform.

What Is Course Hero?

Here is a brief background of Course hero. It is an education technology online site company. They perform an online educational platform for students enrolled in their system. Students have access to resources for the specific study course. These are learning materials that group of students and educators contribute.

The platform contains the practice of problems, infographics, and essay. Also, you can find study guides, class notes, laboratory report. User-submitted questions with the answer from tutors uploaded by educators are also accessible.

It is Founded by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University in the year 2006. And the headquarters is located in 2000 Seaport Blvd Redwood City, California.

Course hero also tutoring services. With this opportunity, you can earn extra money for helping students to learn. And top tutors is potentially earning an average of $500 per week.

Share your knowledge through your notes and earn money!

Yes, selling your semester notes to another student who needs help will not make you rich. But you can earn extra cash to enough to support your tuition payment and allowances if you are a college student. Remember there is no extra effort to take no extra time spent when you sell your note and study guide. Because this is something you are doing anyway and every single day.

Step by Step on how to earn extra cash in sharing your notes and courses with course hero.

Step#1: First you need to visit the Course hero website:

Step#2:    You sign up for an Account

Step#3:  After you sign up, go to the course advice tab or Upload documents

Step#4: You are expected to give advice on courses that you are knowledgeable. You will get $10 in tutor credits in submitting for 3 courses advice. The income can go as much as $20.

Step#5: You will get $1 every time your resources used by subscribers in 20 times.

Step#6: You can increase your earning by Sharing your work on social media

Step#7: Make sure to provide more descriptions about your courses like professor and year

Step#8: Use optimize descriptive titles to improve rankings on search engines

Step#9: When uploading your document make it sure to tag various categories.

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Course hero methods of payment used

Course Hero pays you after doing above all steps by step.

A friendly advice:  you need to withdraw your money from your account regularly. Through any of the following method used by course hero to pay.

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Final thoughts

Course Hero is the best platform for a colleges student. And tutors too, to upload and share class notes, and study guides. You don’t need to waste your effort after you utilized it. But rather you can earn extra cash by selling your semester notes and study guides. You only not earn money but also extend help to the other students who need help.

If you have more reasons to share, leave a comment below.






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Making Money Online by sharing semester notes at Course Hero

Learning More About Tips on How to  Become a Curriculum Developer

In the US the average salary of Curriculum developer is $29.29 per hour or $59,708 per year. This does not include the bonuses and profit sharing according to Payscale. Wow! This is awesome! Right?

If this is the case, this had given you a spark of interest, read on and learn more! How do they make money as a curriculum developer? How to start? Or if you are not familiar about this gig, your big questions can be: what is curriculum developer?

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum developers are educational professionals who work in creating the instructional materials. These are used by teachers to ease student learning in classroom settings. They are working behind the scenes. And they use their special skills in creating effective and appropriate curriculum.

This is not a job that anyone can take are curriculum made should meet the state standards. They are responsible for determining materials that teachers should use in the class. As well as on the topics that students should learn. So, before they pilot new materials and technical information collaborations are necessary.

Read on and learn more about some tips on taking a step towards a career of a Curriculum Developer.

Tips on How to Become a Curriculum Developer

Tip# 1:  Get Certified.

Be a certified curriculum developer by acquiring some requirements and skills.  Like, education, related work experiences, licenses, certifications, and other required skills.

Education, it is necessary for a curriculum developer. You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in training. As well as a development, education and instructional design.

Earning a master’s degree specializing in educational leadership, curriculum instruction is an advantage. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, most employers will need candidates to get this. Or even above to meet an online curriculum developer positions.

Tip# 2: Related Work Experience.

It is important for some curriculum developer. Most employers prefer to accept candidates with related experiences. Most especially in the training and development specialist, human resources specialist and even teachers.

To become a curriculum developer you must have this skills:

    • Analytical skills. This is important in evaluating the methods, materials and even the programs. So that you can choose that best fit for each situation.
    • Interpersonal skills. It is necessary for collaborating with the trainees, students, instructors, and subject-matter experts.
  • Communication skills.  Another essential prowess in training and development because they often give presentations. Creativity, this is essential for a curriculum developer.  To be creative in developing the training materials as well as put in place new approaches. Also, being a technology savvy is useful for the execution of training methods.

Tip# 3: You may work online Curriculum developer as well.

You can work as an online curriculum developer otherwise known as an e-learning developer. This gives you the chance to work with the experts. Like to copy, write, edit and create related documents and any program materials.

Some specific online job of curriculum development responsibilities include;

    • Develop distance-based materials
    • Oversee and assess the projects
    • Provide technical help to teachers and students
  • Make and impose development-related decisions

Online curriculum developer as mentioned above must be savvy on technology. They must be proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe ActionScript, Articulate, ASP and HTML. Also good with Javascript, Photoshop, Video editing, and Flash. While others need to get some know-how on Corel Visual Studio Pro, Captivate and digital audio.

These skills are essential when you work as an online curriculum developer. Because most instructional data is done thru electronic platform.

Bottom Line

To become a successful curriculum developer you must have enough educational background. It must be coupled with the related work experience. Since these are both requires technical and analytical skills.

If you are have both the experience as an online and offline developer, the higher are your chances. There is a greater earning potential in the field of education. As an instructional coordinator or a curriculum developer.


5 Steps on How to Create Your Own Online Course At

Isn’t it amazing how the world nowadays can exhibit your talent and earned skill? Have you ever thought of sharing these while reaping fulfillment? How about getting a monetary profit out of it? Stop asking, rather act on it, create an awesome online course with now!

Yes, you read it right! You can create online courses that your students need and will fall in love with. There are many ways on how you can reach out to your people who are craving for learning. And, online courses are one but known methods of learning. Myself even learned from a coach online on how to write and make a living out of blogging.

So, don’t hesitate to share. Read on and learn how you can do it while earning with one of the famous platform —

Learn to build, create a pattern and make a punch on your curriculum. Be sure to keep your students engage and of course, do what they planned right from the start. And that is to learn.

Let’s get started.

5 Steps on how to create your own online course that will unleash your student’s  passion


Step#1: Know what you need to do, improve and what your students need, or want.

This is a major step before creating all your curriculum. You need to gauge on things that matter to you and for your students. So, you don’t have to create anything yet, no video content that you are going to sell out. Not yet. Hence, you only need to make a video that you can give out to possible students.

It will help you determine which things you need to consider improving. As well as what your students really need.

By doing such, you will refrain from creating contents that are less valued. It must be a goal to do something that your students will put high value. And they are willing to pay a good price to learn from you.


Step#2:  Keep in mind to be the bearer of better change.

It is always a goal of a student to become better once they have learned something. It is the goal of education. So, think that way that after every course that your a student takes, he or she becomes someone else. You will help them take themselves to a higher level. Whether they got something or nothing from the start, aim to bring them something more. Or from nothing to great thing.

Your success is defined by your student’s achievements.


Step#3: Promises should be attainable.

True. Promises are not made to be broken. So whenever we offer to learn to our students, make it a point that they are into it. Meaning that you and they are going to make it happen. Never tell them that you can get the stars if you can’t. Help them understand that everything is a process. Everyone had started from square one. And that humps may come as they are learning but they need to carry on because these are part of learning.

Let them see the whole progress they are making, one step at a time. If they know their way getting to where they want to go, so right expectation as taken.


Step#4: Keep the students engaged.

It is very important to note that learning is an interaction. A two-way traffic that both of you will have to travel. So each achievable assignment you give them after every lesson should be taken cared of. As this will help you gauge their learning and will give you an idea of where in the curve they are at.

If they are engaged and interactive, it gives them the feeling of being understood. And they are going in a right direction with you. It gives them the confidence that they are actually part of the whole process. You and them working together towards success.


Step#5: Create your Course Online

Every time you create your outline, always make sure that goal is achieved every single day, in each lesson. And what is the goal? Yes, your student’s better self. Every part of the curriculum plays a vital part of that greater goal.

Take them with you step by step towards a dream they mapped out in their plan.

Changes within your outline may sometimes occur. It depends on what is needed and what matters most for the benefit of your students. And of course, there would be resources that will give you a better idea from time to time. So be open to it as change is the only constant thing in this world.

As a part of outline creation, you can think of making your lessons in shorter cuts. This is to give your students the feeling of getting there to the goal quickly or in a short span. But of course, if there are lessons that can’t be shortened. As it needs in-depth and detailed discussions, then do not compromise.

But,  making a 15-minute lesson for each session is good to keep the attention of students. Hence, think on how you can possibly break up a lesson in shorter clips.

Do not overwhelm your students. Too much information is dangerous, but less is more.

And finally, label your lectures. Right, name each lesson for your students to know what is it all about,. And it will encourage them to complete the course. Precisely, all want to know on what are the things that we can learn if we take such a course.

Be creative in naming your lesson. Make it a point that they will be more curious and will want for more, not because it lacks information. But they love to learn more from you!

Wrap up

So, those are the 5 steps on how to get started in creating an online course at The good thing about using the platform is that it guides you all the way. The team behind it will preview your titles. Or teach you on how to teach strategically with effectiveness. Learn to create your online courses and share it with the world with confidence!


How to Become an Effective  Writing Coach and Earn Extra Income

To be a writing coach requires great writing skills. Needs execution that shows love and passion for teaching others while gauging progress.  There are two major advantages that you can reap in becoming a coach. These are as follows:

Time flexibility.

It gives someone in such a profession the freedom to choose the time and place. They can mentor either in their homes, coffee shop, or even on an online platform.

Design own number of hours.

As a mentor, you hold the time at which you want to work. The number of hours spent on teaching depends on the price of the tutorial package. A minimal investment can make you start a coaching business.

Now, let us dig in further to know the specific roles of the coach. As well as the extent of teaching their students. Read on and together we learn together.

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What are the Specific Duties of a Writing Coach to their Respective Clients or Students?

Role#1: The duties of a writing coach will be focused on gauging on their clients or students. That is in terms of their needs in the discipline of writing.

Role#2: As a coach, you will guide them in different writing tasks. Like on how to plan possible topics for an essay. It would be including the proofreading of a final draft.

Role#3: Aside from assisting the clients or students coaches. They may also handle other responsibilities outside one on one mentoring. Duties such as attending staff meetings and conducting presentations to the campus organization.  As a writing coach, it is required to be as detailed as possible. And completes written summaries of each group or individual coaching session.

How much is an Average Earning Potential of a Writing Coach?

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It is good to know how much money someone can potentially earn who aspired of being a writing coach., says that the average yearly wage of being a writing tutor is $26,019, based on 2018 wage report. This is only through an estimate as the growth for writing coaches is not clearly defined. And not covered by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are the requirements on how to become a writing coach?

Educational requirements


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The required education of being a writing coach will vary. It depends on what type of writing coach services you will provide.  And, who are your target clients, or students? The least educational requirements you must have a High school diploma. Plus, an exposure or experience in mentoring others.

But if you are teaching secondary levels you need at least a bachelor’s degree. And if your clients are in college level or in the business world then you need a master’s. Or better yet a doctorate degree or any related field. The principle is, you can’t give if you do not have, you can’t teach if you don’t know.

Skills need


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As a writing coach, it is essential for you to develop your writing skills and abilities. You need to hone your sentence structure and correct grammar in creative writing. It is a must. So you have to be an excellent writer before you can help or mentor others to improve their writing skills.

Aside from writing skills, as a coach, it is important to have strong interpersonal skills. As you are to work with your clients or student in different backgrounds. You must show an above average attention and patience. Most especially when working with students who are struggling with composition and writing.

Bottom Line

To become a writing coach you must have an excellent ability and writing skills. And you must have a heart and passion to teach and mentor others. Being a writing coach, patience is a virtue. The money will follow if you have all mentioned above requirements.


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