Getting Started with Education Consultancy Business

Education consultancy business is a great opportunity to start a good living. Most especially in our present days that people have grown the value of education. Demand for passionate, motivated education consultants continues to thrive in this competitive sector.

But, this gig is not for everybody.

This is only for highly qualified people. Such as a business person, administrator or experienced educator. If you belong to this group, then you may use your skills. And start your own education consultancy business.

Yes, being a consultant would equate you as an entrepreneur.  By nature and on how they are working for themselves at a significant hourly or per project base. You can either choose the way to charge clients by:

  • Quote an hourly rate
  • Percentage commission of per project
  • Flat fee per project
  • Or any pricing strategy that suits your services.

Remember that pricing your services appropriately is very important. It must also be based on the market fair value.

How does education consultancy business work?

Lots of ways that education consultants make money out of their expertise and skills. Below are common ways to make them a living.

#1: Works at educational organizations. These are working in schools, colleges or Universities and nonprofits organization. Their role is to help in the improvement in a variety of ways. By providing expertise and guidance related to curriculum development. As well as training faculty and giving out advice to the administrators.

#2: Private education companies hire education consultants to help improve learning products. They need their expert opinion and skills to develop strategies.  That schools and teachers use to enhance student achievements.

#3: Parents will also hire education consultants.Nowadays, people are getting much awareness and value of the importance of education. Hence, parents today are taking initiatives on how they can help their children. So, hiring consultants to teach their children to succeed in school is one of the options they got on hand. Great preparation indeed increases the chance of admission to the right universities.

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What are the basic requirements for educational consultants jobs?

The specific requirements of educational consultants may vary. It depends on what type of educational consulting career is taken.  But we have gathered below common jobs requirement for consulting.

  • At least bachelor’s degree but many cases required Master’s degree or Ph.D
  • Work-related experience with students, teachers, administrators, and other educators
  • Knowledgeable of federal and state education policy and regulations
  • Have experience in a specific subject or area of study
  • Skills in critical thinking, excellent decision making, and management skills are essential. And getting skilled in problem-solving, relationship management and communication skills, are plus.

Now, let us learn further on how we can land to the highest paid educational consultant services. Read on.

It is of great advantage if you have a master’s degree in curriculum. As well as earning a valid teaching certificate. If you combine these skills with a couple of years of experience as a teacher. Or as an administrator, you have increased the money value of your profession. This will make you earn the highest paid consultancy fee.

Another opportunity is to work in school districts. They also look for education consultants with specializations.  Such areas as, Curriculum design, English and mathematics education. Besides, that is blended learning, emerging technology, and audio/visual education.

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How set up your education consultancy business?

Here are a few steps on setting up your education consultancy business:

Step#1: You need a business license to operate in your state. And some other states require a license or professional insurance.

Step#2: Create a business website for marketing purpose.

Step#3: Open a checking account and get some business cards.

Step#4:  Consult tax accountant or CPA regarding on your business taxes.  To help you separate your personal finances and your business finances

Wrap Up

Make sure everyone knows what you are doing. Let them become aware of what services you are offering. Remember, do not stop selling your services. This is the primary tool to make your educational consultancy business profitable. And, finally. Always bear in mind that the success of your business depends on the constant mercy of your clients.


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Methods to make money from thrift stores

A thrift store is one of a kind that helps people buying things at a very affordable price. Regardless if it is brand new or secondhand doesn’t matter. What matters most is it helps people who cannot afford to buy brand new items. Aside from being an effective and cheaper store, this will help make extra money. Most especially if you are knowledgeable in buying and reselling from thrift stores.

Here are important things that you should understand. Before you can earn money from thrift store purchases. First, you should know where and how to find the best price deals. When you shop, you must strictly follow the very specific list of do’s and don’ts of a thrift store.

Second, you should understand that not all the time when you make a purchase you will earn big income. Just like a normal business you sometimes you hit big profit, sometimes break even or losing some.

Six practical ways to make big money from Thrift Stores

1. Your  Smartphone is always ready. It is of great advantage if you can check every now and then any valuable item. When see the opportunity grab your phone and go to eBay, do a search for it. Then, you need to sort the price from highest to lowest and vice versa including the fee of shipping. In this way, you can take 90% of your guesswork out of thrift for profit using your smartphone.

2.  Know where to sell- in selling online the biggest keys is to know where the item is best to offer or sell. Losing and making money rely on where you can possibly resell the item you bought. Most online seller prefers eBay. But still there are a lot of other options, it always defends the profitability concerned. You should know and consider the five things that can make big money in reselling on eBay.

Know what item to sell. We suggest choosing items which are fast selling with high profitable value. Such as video games, toys, and books, clothing, and DVD.

3. You should know the real value of the item. You can easily find the real value by means of searching completed eBay auction. You can get the average sale price in eBay auction. But always remember the different averages will have different selling areas.

4. Ask for feedback from your customer.  To assess your effectiveness, especially in customer service, feedback is important. This could be from your online sales either in eBay, Facebook, and Amazon. Regardless if it is a good, neutral or bad feedback is very useful. To help you make certain improvements and changes.

5.Patience and consistency is a virtue– do not expect overnight success in a thrift store. It takes a lot of time to master and familiar the system. Continue doing research. Find the best strategy on how to earn a lucrative income from your thrift store.

Bottom Line

In order for you to earn a huge money from your thrift store, it requires a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency. Do not limit yourself with the given practical ways on how to make money of thrift store. But do your part for further research and study the system.


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How to become a successful hair salon station renter

Barbershop and Salons are design or structured with a station or booth rental model. This model needs diligence in modeling your financials. As this is a very challenging business model to determine your salon point of break even.

You should know the effective way to become a successful hair salon station renter. Because lack of knowledge and poor management system will lead to unprofitable business.

Being a booth renter means that you are also a business owner. You should not forget your responsibility while enjoying your freedom and flexibility. Below are the few Tips and bits of advice on how to become a successful salon booth renter.

Tip #1. You need to get sets of skills

As a matter of fact, hair salon station renter needs salon training. These are recognized internationally that has designed for booth Renters Management System. It has to meet the specific business needs both renters in barbershop and salons.

Most of the successful booth renters are not only business minded. But also has a teachable mind and heart.

Excellent communication skills are very important tools. It will help you effectively manage the salon renting business. You should also learn the skills of management of different people personalities.

Tip #2. You must be Clear and Precise

Make your expectations and agreement with your new renter clear. It must be precise and not arguable. Your lease agreement must black and white, readable and easy to understand. All required duties and responsibilities as well as sanctions. As well as the number of warnings should be incorporated in the binding agreement.

Tip #3. Be a good role model

Setting as a good example in tone as well as modeling being a team player is so vital in salon station rentals. The more you are willing to help and pitch other renters, the greater chances of success of your salon. Respect always and being courteous will make people more comfortable with you.

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Tip #4. Manage your emotion

Managing your emotion is very important in decision making. Sometimes being so emotional will hinder to execute good judgment. You can either consider the renter as your assets or liabilities.

If you find your renter good this could mean they can be a potential asset. That you need to keep, but if your renter is problematic then he or she is your liability so, better to let it go.

It’s all your business and your decisions matters most.

Tip #5. You should know the Laws

Knowing the law of an employee and employer relationship.  As well as the law between tenants and the landlord is very important in the business. The written contracts make all things easier and both sides are protected in the long run.

Final Thoughts

To become a successful hair salon renter is not the easy task. It requires a set of skills, a clear vision, and a specific goal. As well as a good role model without this it is impossible to achieve the ultimate success of the business. In all business, emotional stability and maturity play a vital role. Also, to succeed in your business technical and legal knowledge are essential to apply.


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Helpful Ideas on where to Invest Your $1000

In our present economic status, it is not practical to rely upon a single source of income. Especially if you already have a family that depends on you. There is a need to start for looking best opportunity to start with like investing. And the truth is if you have $1000 in your pocket you can start investing and earning extra income.

Some people misunderstood the word investment because they think huge money. The idea given in venturing into any form of financial investment looks grandeur.

Now the big question goes if it is possible to make money out of your $1000 investment? Can you possibly invest with that certain amount of money?

The answer is “yes” you can start investing and grow your profit with a thousand dollars capital. There are plenty of options and ways where you can invest your $1000 capital.

Yes, having the big amount of money has a  great advantage to start a business or investment but not all are necessary. As long as you can you have enough skills to identify the risk and reward ratio of your investment. There is a high risk involved in the minimal capital. But if you know how to choose the right opportunity. And learn how to plan to manage the risk you will increase your net worth.

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Below are the best options for when to start investing your $1000. And make Return of your investment in the fastest ways.

  • Trade Cryptocurrencies

Perhaps you are not familiar of this but you can do your personal research. And study how to start trading cryptocurrencies.  Yes, for beginners it is difficult to understand this kind of investment. But this is very rewarding. And you can start investing your thousands of dollars in this kind of investment.

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  • Trade Forex

This is a highly volatile market wherein you can take advantage of the movement of price either ups or down. The simple principle is to buy at a low price and sell high price, likewise, sell at high and buy at the bottom. You can start mini trading account some brokers offer as much as $50-$500 of investment like FXCM.

The good thing in forex trading is you can trade on a short-term basis, you can buy or sell anytime you want. All you have to do is always put risk management techniques every time you make a position or enter a trade. Common use to protect your investment is to put stop loss to limit your losses and put take profit. You can manually liquidate your position or automate the liquidation.

Before you start trading forex you need to learn more and do further research on how to trade forex. This is not for everybody this is good for the strong individual and not fit for faint-hearted. But this a high reward investment that you can double your money. Even in a few trades, but there is also great chances of losing so, always put stop loss.

  • Engage in Peer-to-peer lending.

This is one of the hottest investment vehicle these days. You can do more research on peer-to-peer lending if it is suitable for you.

Point of View

There are lots of options that all you have to do is research and study. Being limited of capital is not a big problem anymore for you to start investing. There are many available opportunities in the market today. That you can start earning money by means of starting investing, even in a $1000 of capital. You have many options where to invest that is comfortable with you.


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Easy Steps on How to Make Money in Mobile Farming Games

There is potential revenue behind in mobile farming gaming. It is one of the huge markets today. To site countless success stories, are like the Angry bird and flappy bird. Also, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and many others.

Millions of aspirants are taking initiative to develop mobile gaming. Yes, not all are successful. Some are not even able to recover their development expenditure.

This article will help you, on how to develop a successful mobile farming gaming.  As well as cut the chances of losing but will give you greater chances of making money. We have broken it down into 6 easy steps how to develop mobile farming games.

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Step #1. Creative Idea

All successful businesses, not only in this kind of gig, started on visualization. And idealize the concept of your mobile games app. This is the crucial step, for you to have a successful mobile farming game you need to have a killer idea.

The best way is not to start from the scratch. But, to improvise the existing idea available in play stores like candy crush or clash of clans. Now, this step requires you to learn how to innovate and improve.

Step #2. Make it addictive but simple

There are elements of making a game addictive and thrill which the users will enjoy and have much fun. You can start with easy games. Then increasing the level of difficulty or create some unlockable content.

Step #3. Learn to identify primary platforms.

But using many different systems which involved extra cost. So, we suggest focussing on the OS because this is what most players will use. And if there is a need to spread multiple platforms then you have to spread more than one mobile OS.

Step #4. Create an Incredible Design

This step is crucial because you need to be unique. And be more differentiated between your game and your competitors. Create a compelling story that directs the characters, game and final appearance.

Step #5 Choose suitable technology and developers.

You need to decide what types of tools design you will use. And what are the type of development processes? Native mobile game development using languages native to a device platform for coding.

These HTML5 uses standard web technologies. And Hybrid is a combination of native and HTML5.

The ultimate step for a successful mobile farming game is skilled game developers. A requisite skills developer is needed to convert the idea into a profitable business.

Steps #6. Develop Monetization Strategy.

As we mentioned above not all mobile games are making huge money. Before you start with the development, plan what strategy you need to do.  And how to monetize your mobile farming games. Below are some ways how to monetize your mobile games.

  • In-app Purchases. This is a most common method for mobile farming game monetization.  It is an effective way how to earn income from players.
  • Ads within the app. This is also the great strategy to monetize your games to combine adds within app purchases.
  • Premium Version; this offer a free trial and ask the players to buy if they wish to use it further.
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Some tips:

You need to plan how much it cost in developing mobile games. Refer this for further study how much does it cost to develop a mobile game. It is also important you know the challenges of developing mobile farming gaming. And need to know what are the possible solutions for that particular challenges.


In developing Mobile farming gaming,  there is great potential revenue awaits. For those who aspire to venture into this kind of business. But as I said this is not for everybody. You need to study and research more before you start. Also, consider the possible cost of developing this mobile games.


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