Five Side Hustles for Working Woman 2020

A working mom and a side hustle.

Before I had kids, it was pretty easy for me to hustle as a working woman, specifically a working childless woman.  How can someone with a full-time job outside the home earn extra income? After having my twins I found five simple hustle ideas that work seamlessly with my career as a working woman and a mom. Now I can work without letting those daycare hours dictate when I have to stop with these five side hustles.

This list of five curated side hustles will give you some ideas on how to earn a little extra money, from the comforts of home. Not only can you make money, but you can make it relatively quickly. The money will be sent to you via PayPal within a week. I can put the ideas into your head, what you do with this (or how much money you generate) is up to you.  Before we begin, note that you will probably not make enough money to quit your job. However, you’ll make a few extra dollars to help with some bills or at the very least buy a happy hour cocktail (if your buying I’ll take a Cadillac Margarita please).


If you have never heard of Usertesting, believe me, you are not the only one. Usertesting is probably the best web testing based website out there. If you want to get the particulars you can read my blog about Usertesting. I have made some extra money off of the website. It’s a great project for you to work on if you have a few hours alone. You will need a headset with a microphone. You will get several smaller surveys to see if you qualify for the larger survey. I’ve made a video about it so make sure you take a look. Usertesting can be unpredictable. But Usertesting is a website I’ve used on my own for about 18 months.


Intellizoom is pretty similar to Usertesting but on a smaller scale. It is actually a little bit more user-friendly than Usertesting. However, the payout is smaller. Each survey will generate about two dollars. I have made money off of Intellizoom and I can vouch that you probably will too. Between Usertesting and Intellizoom, I think Usertesting has the potential for earning more money but Intellizoom has more surveys and web testing opportunities with a smaller payout.  


Out of all the websites listed Instapanel is my favorite. However, I would be doing you a disservice if I rated it as my favorite website to earn money on. Huh, What do you mean? I am going to get there, keep on reading!. Instapanel has a lovely setup, is super easy, and can even be a little on the fun side. Yet, Instapanel is like a needle in a haystack. It might not be there when you want it but it is always on time. Instapanel hardly ever needs participants. When I say hardly ever, you might get one invitation for a panel per season. However, when you do get that magic invite in your inbox, oh boy! Instapanel is an easy $20 and has super quick payment.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

I feel to truly understand Amazon Mechanical Turk you need a Ph.D. in the study of the side hustle.  It is like someone wrote a dissertation on how to side hustle and they had to defend their dissertation with this complex website.   It looks kind of intimidating. When you enter their portal there are tons of jobs. It is up to you to pick a job that is conducive to your skills. I can see a lot of potential to earn some money on Amazon Mechanical Turk. However, unless it’s a super simple job like taking a survey, I tend to think you probably should have a little bit more time to dedicate to Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Final Thoughts

What have been your experiences? Make sure you try them out and leave a comment below! If you haven’t done so already, make sure you are keeping up with my podcast, Teacher Ces Podcast. I go into more depth about my thoughts and feelings on these websites, plus it is a lot of fun too.


A Dream Vision Board

As the year is coming to a slow end and 2020 is on the horizon, I have created a vision board that will be a dream for your future. Become a vision board professional. By becoming a vision board professional, you will create goals, plan, manifest, and have the goals come into fruition. What the heck is a vision board anyway?

What’s a visual board?

Let’s do this for the month of January 2020. I want you to be the best person that you can be! It might sound corny but what do you have to lose? You can turn your dream into a vision and your vision into a reality. I am linking a free copy of my vision board kit below:

Free Resource

Creating a Vision, free resource for January 2020

Leave your goals in the comments below so we can get 2020 started on the right note!

5 Reasons for the Importance of Collaboration in Growing Your Business

“ Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller

Helen Keller is quite prolific in the above quote.

With unity there is power, with power there is strength. When you choose to surround yourself with the right kind of people, this will translate on who you are and who you want to be.

Collaboration is essential for both your growth as an entrepreneur as well on your business.  It is not only an alliance, but these are with people who think like you. Especially if your end goal is being successful.

Whether we admit it or not, often, we isolate ourselves from others. We do not engage ourselves with other business-minded people. I have to admit that I releasing myself from that mind frame. Due to fear, insecurity, time, or whatever excuse we create, we allow ourselves inside an insular world chasing success alone. 

But this had been proven through the test of time and experience of successful people. Getting ourselves associated with man and woman with good results. In whatever industry you belong, it will give gains.

Do you want to know why we have to do it?

Imagine, if you don’t exactly know where to start or going. What would you do?


How important it is to be working together with like-minded people? Let’s find out!

person using inspire typewriter

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Here are a few things to consider.

Importance#1: Inspiration

Talking to people who think and see things like you will strengthen your own mindset. Association with other entrepreneurs in the same or other industry will spark your entrepreneurial spirit. This allows for an incredible partnership and opportunity given. Grasp it.

There is another way to be inspired. Learn from other successful business owners ion how they share their passion. What is their commitment to making their vision, company, life, or whatever better every day? Think about innovations and improvements.

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Importance#2: Connection and Network

Making the right connections is essential but of course, for many, this did not happen overnight. The time that we create to network with successful owners allows us to gain entrance to a room with other Influencer. The chance to be connected to influencers will become inevitable.

In this event, many opportunities will open up to you. Such as business partnerships,  referrals or ventures.

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Importance#3: Enhance Learning Quickly

We will learn from the experience of the successful, hence learning is better and faster. When we do business, it is given that we test, check and find out if it works. Discovering how to do it better is part of the whole journey.

Yet, getting the know-how from someone who has done it will save us lots of time testing it to ourselves.  So, meeting entrepreneurs from different walks of life will give us more lessons to take.

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Importance#4: Finding Solutions

There is power in unity and numbers. Like an old cliche that goes, “ more heads are better than one”.  Our collaboration with one another is a source of strength. As well as a solution to a problem that an entrepreneur might encounter.

When we bump into an obstacle, we ask for our mentor’s help to get us through.

Let’s be mindful. Even how complicated the issue may become. The inputs from experienced people give us lessons to learn.

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Importance#5: Maximize Budget and Save Money

Most collaborations result in contributions, like expertise and financial aspect. When you get the chance to partner another business, marketing expenses are divided.

Hence, you can maximize your budget and minimize cost. So, you can be wise enough to get more from your capital. As compared to only be utilizing your business funds.

Wrap Up

So, as we end this topic, always remember that collaboration has a good impact on your business. You will gain ideas, forces, network, money, and better relationships.


The Benefits of Connecting With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

5 Reasons Collaboration Can Help You Grow Your Business


Get Started Podcasting, 48 Hours or Less

Podcasting 101

Getting your podcast started in 48 hours or less sounds pretty lofty. However, it can be done! Podcasting can be simple if you know what to do and where to get started. If you have been pondering the idea of starting a podcast take a look at my infographic that can help you get started, quickly.

Getting Started

I started my podcast in less than 48 hours. Well, let me explain, the planning for my podcast took less than 48 hours. I am confident if podcasting was my full-time job, I would be able to pull off all these steps in about two days. Do you have a podcast? Are you in the planning stages? What is holding you up from actually putting out your podcast, so that the world can hear? Let me know in the comments below.

Infographic 1 of 2
Infographic 2 of 2

The Triumphant Return – TeacherCes Podcast

After months of waiting, The TeacherCes Podcast has made its triumphant return. The return has been long-awaited as listeners have been anxiously awaiting the return of the long-running podcast. Although that reads like a press release written from a great publicist, that is not exactly the case.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and release an episode of my pet project. No special guest, just one mic and myself. I am a stickler for sound quality so forgive me for being slightly vexed if the sound is not up to par. I also did it in one take, as I hate to edit. Additionally, editing takes up so much time and usually causes delays in my show being released.

Take a listen and thank you in advance for leaving a comment on iTunes, so my show will be easier to find. If you have any ideas for topics, leave them in the suggestions below . . .