Tips for Getting Extra Money with the Best Trivia Games App

Brain exercises are very important. As sometimes is the focus of our daily routine work will make us stressed. One thing that will help our mental test is playing trivia games, this is an excellent way to flex our mind.

There is many best trivia games application available for download in your phone. Some best trivia games application available online is HQ trivia and Trivia Crack. Also included in the list are, Quiz Up Song-pop 2, Jeopardy! World Tour, and Psych.

If you are not familiar about HQ Trivia, you belong in the minority. Because this app was launched last year and very popular since this app will let you win a real money. If you haven’t try trivia games app we are happy to encourage you to try it!

With that, to win the game, read on and learn some important tips on how you can earn money by playing HQ trivia.

Few Tips and Tricks to win real money in HQ Trivia

Tip #1. Enable the  notification

This HQ Trivia game goes live two times a day, if your goal is to win the real money then you need to win the game. Set your notification to enabled. So the app will automatically notify you when the game will start. Don’t miss every single game, go to Settings>Notification>HQ and enable the notification.

Tip #2. You need to invite more friends to play HQ trivia

It gives an advantage if you have an extra life playing this game. And the best way to get extra lives is to invite your friends. Actually, it is easy to do.

  • First, find the invite button in the bottom left corner.
  • Second, inform your friends to sign up and use your username.

Tip #3. Play with groups of friends.

Remember this game has a different form of questions from a very wide range of topics.

You need your friends, coworkers, family, and relatives to help you. In the event that you don’t know the answer in order for you get a better chance of winning. The quote says many heads are better than one. An advantage in playing with a group is,  you can get from someone else a better or best answer than you can think.

Tip #4. Be sensitive with your comments.

In the comments section,  please do not abuse by cracking some crude jokes, insults, and malice. Do not assume that they will not notice. Because there are lots of players who got banned in the middle of the game by doing so. You must control your emotion if something went wrong.

Tip #5. You must check the HQ Trivia updates

From time to time, check updates in the twitter. There are times that  HQ Trivia may encounter some technical difficulties. That prevents the game to start on time.

Any problem with regards to the application is well documented. And the representative system developers will assure to fix some trouble encountered. Either technical problem or any important announcement or development. Checking the twitter for any updates will save your time and disappointment.

Bottom line

There are many best Trivia games app available online. A great avenue where you can have a chance to earn extra cash by winning the jackpot prizes of each game. We are highlighting the one of the best trivia games HQ Trivia. Since that is very popular to earn real money. But do not limit on that, you need to try also some best game apps like Trivia Crack, Quiz Up, SongPop 2, Jeopardy! World Tour, and Psych.



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How to Make Money Playing Video Games

The most enjoyable time in our life is when we play games, regardless of what type of game we are engaging. Childish as it seems, but it is trued. As long as you have shared your best moment with your family, friends, and relatives playing. It could be video games, board games or even role-playing games during your leisure time.

Many people are not aware that there are types of games that don’t only activate our happy hormones. But, not only that, it will even fill our pockets with awesome cash! Perhaps this news sounds great to you, right? The intention of this article is to give awareness to those some.  That there are potential earning awaits in playing video games. At your convenient time or while you are in your home.

Five common methods how to make money in playing video games


Trading and selling Account

Almost all games have Its own account. There are specific accolades to acquire, in currencies of games, items, and others. With each game difference,  many lazy players are not willing to spend more time. For them to work building a successful account and preferred to buy the account.

This is a gig of trading and account selling sites. An example of this os the league trading.

It specializes in the league of legends of accounts.

Give customer service for other gamers that need assistance

This is often a part-time position for those who are well equipped and has more experience with the game. They share skills like being an expert social media manager and multitasking jobs. Being a customer service you approximately earning about $9 per hour net.

Being a gaming Coach

Although being a good coach this is not for everybody. This kind of methods needs the high level of ability and expertise. And you need to prove yourself by means of competing or even beating the top players in the world at your game. But if you acquired this kind of skills you can take advantage of this opportunity. Because being a good coach will receive high paying dollars.

YouTube gaming

Almost everyone is familiar with YouTube. This is a great channel to make huge money in a wide variety of online celebrities and personalities. You can make money on YouTube video games by means of ads. If you have huge followers on YouTube channel you monetize by advertising.

But the challenge is for you to stand out in YouTube. There is a need to create something unique and astonishing. Because this kind of industry is heavily saturated.

Be a play video games tester

This is self-explanatory. Every video games before it will be launched will undergo a normal process. This is of development stages and testing. Its goal is to check the possible issues, bugs, and rate effectiveness. Since it will be tested, and of course some is needed to do the testing and by doing so you will be paid.

Bottom Line

The above five methods on how to make money in playing video games do not the only way that you can earn money. Perhaps there are many possible effective formulas. And, yet there are still techniques that this article was not able to provide.  So, we strongly advise doing your own further research to maximize your potential income. But this simple and easy to understand methods will help you a lot to earn extra income.








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How to Get Rid of Debt and Live a Stress-free Life

Debt is equal to stress. It could be hard to escape from that if you’re enchained. Well,  most people if not all, who are in deep trouble with their finances are dreaming of getting out from it. That someday they will be able to experience a real good night sleep and live a life free of debt.

Being in debt is somehow part of life. Yet, if you won’t have a concrete plan on how to pay off these dues, that makes it incorrect and not normal.

Our intention to write this article is to help. Most especially to people who have the difficulties in settling their outstanding balances. And of course to let everyone learn on how we can enjoy a life that is financially free.

Important tips on how to become debt free and live financial freedom


STEP#1: Identify your source of income

It is imperative that you know how much you are earning; daily, weekly, or monthly. We mean about real income this is your net money receive. This does not include your gross. But rather, direct your focus on your balance after the required government deduction. Such as taxes, insurance, and etc.

If your income is from your business or services. The real profit is after you less your capital, pay all your expenses. Like the rental, overhead, electric bills and others.

STEP#2: Make an account how much your outstanding debt.

It is recommendable that you make a list all your payable. Rank those bills from highest to lowest. Those which incurred interest like bank loans and mortgage are of highest importance.  And then, write down all your basic monthly expenses. This includes your food, clothing, travel, and others.

STEP#3: Create an escape plan.

After you have identified your net income and made a priority list of all your monthly expenses. Now is the time to distribute properly your income.

Here is a good suggestion, sixty percent of your net income will be set aside for your monthly basic needs. Take note, basic needs, your wants is not included in your budget. You need to live within your budget and do not dare to spend beyond 60% of your income.

Forty percent of your net income will be allocated to pay all your debts. You need to pay first all financial obligation that incurs high interest. Because that will cause you more trouble. Pay one at a time, until you get rid all your payable.

If there is a need to cut some of your regular expenses like leisure, vacation, then cut those. It won’t make you die if you cannot achieve that leisure. This is your first step in changing your spending habit.

STEP#4: Refrain from making more debt.

You need to discipline yourself from creating extra debt. Refrain from using your credit card. Or as much as possible deactivate your credit card. To refrain from the temptation which may result in overspending.

You need to think over and over again on the possible circumstances that will lure you to spend more. Do this until you pay all your existing debt.

STEP#5: Maintain your lifestyle

After you escape from your debt, we like to suggest that you will maintain your lifestyle. Hopefully, during this time you already adjusted the spending habit.

Place the 40 % of your income allocated for your payable in your savings account. It is to secure yours for future investment and needs.

STEP#6: Start investing

There is a wise quote says do not put your money on a single basket. Meaning, do not rely only on a single source of income. Start investing or creating another source of income.

The initial step is to research and find business or investment that is suitable for you. Choose a conservative way of business do not try to a get quick rich scheme or high-risk investment.


It needs a single step and a scientific way to become debt free and live financial freedom. Follow the above few steps religiously and this will guarantee your success. Discipline is the key to success.


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Helpful Tips and Steps on How to Claim Back Bank Charges

There are several reasons why bank charges their customers with fees. Some of these are,  below maintaining balance, non-payment of checks and overdraft. There are many of us who have been caught in such a situation, which ends us up owing money.

And, this is undeniable, stressful. This brings so much hassle. Most especially if we feel that it had been incorrectly charged against us.

Yet, never fret on that, since you have the right to ask your bank. If you have proven them right, you can redeem back the bank charges.

In claiming back bank charges you don’t need to use a  claim management company directly. As this will weaken your claim if you do so. The best way is to make a formal written request rather calling your bank for correspondence. Good thing, there are several other options that the bank may offer you. This is apart from giving you immediately a full refund.

If you decide to file a formal complaint. And want to reclaim unfair bank charges, you need to present the case first your bank. This is an official complaints process. The bank has two months to make their final decision on your case. But if the bank failed to respond to you in a given specified period of time.

The next step is to forward your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). If the FOS doesn’t support your complaints, then you go to the court. This is your final recourse to claim the unfair bank charges.

Before you file a case to claim back the bank charges you need to consider if you fit these scenarios

Point#1: Are you struggling financially?

This applies when you are struggling to pay your basic obligations. Such as rentals, mortgage, electric and water bills, food, and taxes. And also if you have a problem with the repayment of your outstanding loans and credit cards. You need to show pieces of evidence that you are in financial hardship. It could, because you lost your current job, or your partner becomes sick, or suffer disability.

Point#2: Bank charges are disproportionate.

This situation is not automatically accepted as a reason to file a complaint. It depends on the gravity of the circumstances. If you are in good standing. And no record for delinquent payment then you have the reason being irritated. But if you have a bad history it might be hard for your bank to consider your case.

Point#3: Charges are reinforcing a cycle vicious.

This is being slapped down back. And your overdraft is continually going. It means to say about being in trouble of debt because of charges. Like in a cycle of financial hardship.


If you have a genuine case then you need to follow the right protocol in filing the complaints. Follow these steps:

The first step, you may file a case directly with your bank.

The second step, make a follow-up and wait for the grace period for the bank to respond to you the solution.

If still, you are not happy with the decision of the bank.

The third step,  file your case to the Financial Ombudsman Services for free.

Finally, if the FOS does not support your claims then take your case to the court.


The customer has the right to claim back the unfair bank charges. But you need to be sure that if you file a case you have a solid ground to win your complaints. This will to save you time and effort.

A friendly reminder, bringing your case of bank charges, to the court is quite expensive. Not only that, as it is also risky, so before making a crucial decision you must think about it wisely.




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5 Simple Ways to  Make an Effective Company Slogans

The alluring and effective company slogan is very important in the field of business. This makes people or customers get attracted to the products offered.  Then the actual purpose of the product itself.

If the company wishes to be recognized by the public. The first thing they have to do is to hire the best advertising company. To help promote their products or services.

An advertising company will have to create an attractive slogan. That makes prospective customers easily remember in a short glance.

In this article, we will help you get an idea of how to create an effective and catchy company slogan. A good slogan will instantly make you visualize the functionality of the product. It is an effective one if by seeing and hearing the slogan alone, it creates a quick recall.

Steps in making an effective company slogans

photo for mock up

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STEP #1: Company Logo.

You must design an excellent company logo because a great slogan will come upon the best logo. These two are just like a twin, the bread and butter they will become more attractive if they will work for hand in hand. Yes, it is possible that the company uses only the logo and no tagline used. But the presence of the two elements together shows the specific purpose.

eneida-hoti-391098-unsplash.jpgSTEP #2: Make it Simple and short.

An effective slogan is absolute does not go beyond one sentence. The simpler and shorter it is, the better. Because the audience definitely can easily understand and remember it quickly. But it must be composed of simple and short words. That will never compromise the context, and it should always be compelling like, “You Need It, we got it”, or “Just do it”.


STEP #3: Make it Roll off the Tongue.

The principle is the easier to utter the words the more remember it easily. Gillette’s slogan, “the best a man can get”  is effortless to say.


STEP #4: Use Powerful Phrases or Words.

Strong emotion will be triggered by powerful words or phrases. Try to observe these slogans, ” You can Do it”, and ” Happy”.


STEP #5: Funny slogans is also effective.

If you can make your slogan sounds humorous then do it. You must remember that in creating funny slogans it should be appropriate. And not malicious. Take note if not easy for you to create a funny slogan without sound it lame, don’t do it and proceed your next best options.

In creating an effective company slogan most advertising companies adopt the AIDA technique.

AIDA means

A- attract the attention of the clients or prospects buyers of the products

I- Interest; create a compelling interest in the customer’s mind with regards the products

D- desire; after the created interest. Ensure that the customer has the desire to acquire the products

A- Action. This is the final step that the customer will move to action in buying the products. This is the ultimate goal in creating an effective company slogan.


The ultimate purpose of creating an effective company slogan is to help the business. In the augmentation of the company’s products or services awareness. From awareness, it will help in building huge customers to patronize the products. If you will become successful in creating a famous tagline. Then your company will become more profitable.


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