4 Amazing Tips to start crowdfunding your business

Starting a business is not that easy, especially if you don’t have enough capital to sustain it longer. Establishing a business fund is not a major problem, at all. Yet, for starters, it may take them for a while and even gets several tries to make their investment stable.

When an entrepreneur needs extra funding, they actually have lots of options to take. Here are some of those:

  1. You may approach your bank to avail a business loan.
  2. Go through to your friends and relatives to borrow funds,  but this is tough.
  3. And finally, you can do crowdfunding for your business. This is another best alternatives.

How does crowdfunding works?

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Crowdfunding is a process of raising funds for a specific project or business. This is done online. So, you have a bigger source. And you are not limited to your friends and relatives to contribute a certain amount of money.

Because strangers can fund the project or business you are organizing.

There are different types of crowdfunding that will work on you.

First, a kind of crowdfunding that is based on donation. This may come from other individuals, relatives, and friends.

Second, a crowdfunding through the reward system. This approach will give out incentives to the top contributor. While a token of appreciation for those who give the small amount.

Other forms of crowdfunding are Equity and Peer-to-peer.

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Four effective Tips for a successful crowdfunding

Tip#1: Set smart campaign goals.

This means that you need to set a SMART Approach. It is a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goal. To avoid wasting your time and effort. You should know how much money needed to fund your business.

Along with this, prepare what strategy or method you are going to use in your campaign. And when is the target date to meet the plan?

Tip#2: Use your social network.

You need to focus on how you can reach out to your connection. To let them take part through a small donation. They are the first contact person that you need to approach for help before you go to strangers.

Tip#3: Provide a solid marketing plan.

In making an effective marketing plan you need a good platform. Create an awesome project page. There, post your attractive video which explains the cause of your campaign. With the help of using excellent images and GIF,  you can the gain interest from your audience. That makes them decide to your favor, and shell out any amount as their donations.

Also, beautiful visual aids, picture, the flawless marketing campaign will help a lot. This increases the chances of success of your crowdfunding.

Tip#4: Make your start great and your crowdfunding will soar high.

Day one of your crowdfunding campaign is very crucial. We need a strong momentum to reach the goal and create a domino effect reaction from your audience.

Remember crowdfunding campaign doesn’t always succeed. So, the early result is very important to have another option if the plan doesn’t work.

Final Thought

Crowdfunding is one of the best options to fund your business. This is easy to do but doesn’t mean it will guarantee a perfect result. Perhaps it will cost more than your expectation or it will take longer than you plan. As much as possible you need to start your project earlier. But don’t rush, as everything should be in proper place and order.

Definitely, there is no secret formula in crowdfunding your business. But proper preparation, consistency, and the right attitude will is a key to a positive result. Remember, humility is the virtue.



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Coupons: 3 Tips on How to Make this Marketing Strategy a Saving Grail For Customers

Ever wonder how this marketing strategy of stores makes you a winner by using coupons? Well, we often see these vouchers in digital or in a magazine or newspapers which tells us to save in few bucks. It could be from 50 cents to a dollar or more, but does it makes sense?

Remember this quote:

“ It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor. ” – Seneca


Seldom we can see the importance of little things if it isn’t something that we get so much satisfaction from. We have thought that’s not worth our time to sort those out. Or don’t give a deal as it looks so much hassle. But the truth of the matter is, it’s really worth the try.

Read on. We got something bigger for you to find out! And that is to know how you can make these coupons a saving grail.  And creates an impact to a greater picture of the resource maximization strategy.

Coupon is as good as another currency, as Kathy Spencer, a co-author of How to Shop for Free, describes it. And, yes it is!

3 simple tips to get you to start saving

Tip#1: Look for the best place and sources on where you can find these coupons.

Here are some of those:

    • Newspapers. These are the earliest way coupons had been introduced to us even before the birth of the internet. You can find here coupons for different items and brands.
    • Coupons.com is another way to get these discount vouchers. You can print these out and tag them along when you go for a grocery.
    • Coupon Apps are today’s most convenient way to get these coupons. And of course, enjoy awesome discounts. Simply download grocery applications such as iBotta, SnipSnap and among others. Click here for more list that you can refer to.
  • On products. It always pays to check on the label. The packaging of the items may have the coupon inserted inside. And these are usable the next time you’ll get this product.

Tip#2:  Organize the coupon.

Keeping these claim stubs intact and neat makes your shopping systematic. Plan while you are still at home on which coupon you want to use so you can have them ready. This will drop the discomfort that can affect not only you but the rest of the buyers in line.

By doing this, it will encourage you to use a coupon as much as possible. As it is easy to use as your paper bill from your wallets yet stashing any amount from your bank account.

Now, dispose of expired coupons as this is good as trash. Getting rid of worthless vouchers will help you clear your organizer. As well as encourage you to look for new and better discounts that stores are offering.

Organizing your coupon will lead to savings. You need to take these little steps to enlighten your mind. That there is a good benefit that starts at $1.00 discount. You’ll never know, but it may bring great savings you if they are totaled.

Savings, it is.

Tip#3: Maximize your Savings.

Caution: Don’t use coupons just because you have it.

Mindlessly using coupon might lead to a disaster. You might have a discount, but be sure that you are going to use it for something that you need rather than a want. Or else, you will end up buying things or items not used which required you to pay a bigger amount of money.

To maximize coupons, choose to go shopping at stores who promises greater value of it. Also, keeping your coupons handy at all times saves you money makes you enjoy surprise deals.

Your creativity will also lead you to build your savings. So take time to think of the best way possible to get the best out of your coupon. Click here to learn more clever thoughts on how you can benefit with coupons.

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Wrap it Up

These coupons as marketing strategies of stores are worth your efforts. Even if these look inconvenient, hassle and minute, it is still worth it. Remember that savings will start as a habit and discipline. If we learn to value these little things, then we are on our way to successful spending and saving attitude. Maximizing the value of a coupon is a real saving grail. Start it now and you’ll see.






Secrets of Creating the Best Comparison Home Appliance Website

After the revolution of E-commerce, everything had been made easier to shop online. The presence of price comparison website will help a lot for the shoppers to save their money. And not only that, they can reduce the time spent in making a decision in buying the products of their choice. This article will drill down the few secrets how to make a comparison website for a home appliance.

Every single family especially those who are started a new home. Their priority is to provide complete sets of appliances in their respective houses. This need has created a great opportunity to have a lucrative business. Such as selling an online home appliance.

Read on, as we reveal the secrets in making a comparison home appliance website.

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Secret #1. Select sellable home appliance

Take one step at a time. Focus only on the most in-demand home appliance. Then, provide a credible information. And should aim to help the customer make their decision simple process.

Home appliances are on a top purchase. It tells you that it is necessary that you pick the right model. With the quality, efficiency and of course the cost of the products. You should ensure the value for money item.

Whether the customers are buying for a freezer, oven or a stove. Maybe they are looking for an air conditioner, refrigerator among others, make sure that you got it for them. Part of the goal is that they will find almost everything on your site. And it must be at the best price deal and the right appliance they want.

Secret #2. Partnership Affiliation

This is very important in the part of your business. Develop a great system. This gives them an affiliation with the manufacturer of products they are promoting. Every single product sold they get their commission for the sales they made.

So, before you start promoting your home appliance website. need Sign up first as a business partner from any popular e-commerce portals. And you will be using this as price comparison. After getting an approval you will be given a referrer name.

Secret #3. Set up

This is most complicated part in starting comparison home appliance website. It requires expertise in advanced technical skills and good in technology know how. But if you are not knowledgeable about this you have the option to hire the best programmer.

Definitely, getting a person savvy in technology, this is quite expensive. But the advantage is you don’t need to blow your mind out. As they will have to deal with matters to make sure that your existing comparison price engine will work. This gives you the confidence that your comparison price website is efficient.

Secret #4. Data Acquisition

You need to get the right data because this is the primary fuel of price engine comparison. You can do this by of building your own scraping web set up. The data quality it is important since this will cause for the system to run smoothly. And makes your price comparison website the most preferred one.

It is a must to have a fresh data to sets minimal latency.

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Bottom Line

Comparison home appliance website is one of the profitable business nowadays.

All you need is follow the 4 given secrets to building a comparison website. You may do further research on how it works.  And make it become more effective and productive. Again don’t forget the secret number two as that is the backbone of the business.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative source of income. And so with being in leverage by price comparison website and blogs.



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Simple steps on how you will no longer Travel Alone, Get a Buddy Airline Pass at Southwest NOW!

Why travel alone when you can tag along with your loved one or best friend? Book that flight via Southwest Airline and get your best buddy an companion pass. Yes, you read it right! And we are talking about flying to any domestic destination for your pal all free of charge.

We can actually get to the other side of the state without spending a penny. And that is an awesome example of getting more for less. It is one of the perks that airlines are offering people traveling domestically.

So before we jump into this exciting freebies, let us learn the real substance of an airline pass. Well, to be more specific, let us take Southwest companion pass as an example. It is a ticket for a free ride for your companion — you mom, dad, spouse or friend, flying with you.

So the next question is, HOW?

Yes, it is.

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Companion Pass on Southwest Airlines in 4 Easy Steps

Step #1: Earn for the companion pass.  Once you were able to earn it, choose a person that you want to be your companion on a particular travel.

Click here to learn more on the process of earning points.

Step#2: You will receive the companion pass via mail. So be patient, wait for it to arrive.

Step#3: Upon receipt, you are now ready to book your next flight, with your buddy. There are two ways to book a ticket: online and phone.

For online bookings, simple click on Companion Pass will be used. While booking on the phone, just tell the representative that you are to use the pass you have earned.

Step#4: Finally, your buddy can now fly with you free of charge.

It is really true that great things in this world come for free! You aren’t going to be lonely anymore traveling.

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But Southwest makes the whole travel more incredible! Why? Get the more awesome deal with these following reasons:

  1. The buddy pass is good until the end of the year and the entire year following. And, if your timing is right, you will enjoy this perk for almost 2 years in a row. Of course, to avail this, requirements must be met.

HEADS UP!  Yet, let us not take expectations too high. as this perk is a result of you earning 110,000 points or a calendar year achieving a hundred one trips. And you need to know and understand better on how these points are defined and work. Read this one, to know more.

  1.  If you qualify, the pass you got can be used as many times as you want within the qualifying year.
  2. It is a free pass. Real stuff, no frills.
  3. You can pick or change your companions at most three times during the calendar year. Still, it can be done in with the convenience of a phone call.


And the winner is, Southwest Airlines, for the best perks of giving out buddy pass! Well, it is indeed an awesome deal, fair enough on how someone can get the required points.

If you are indeed a traveler, as it is your job or due to business demand, we can 100% call it an add-on. Because whether you like it or not, you have to fly to get to your business appointments. And getting this reward is a real joy. Since if you are into a business trip, for sure you are not paying your flight at your personal expense. So that how we see “perk” in that sense, you can earn the points.

True, this goes with the right timing and chance. So if you got this awesome chance of traveling. Collect these points and book with Southwest. To get the buddy airlines to pass and tag along with your best pal in your next qualified trip.






Tips on How to Make Money At Home, Be a Transcriptionist

You can earn money while you are in your home. Convert your idle time into cash instead of watching TV, computer games, or doing nothing. Why not give a try, become a freelance or full-time transcriptionist at the comforts of your home. And earn a comfortable living.

What is Transcription jobs?

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Basically, this is a kind of gig where you scribe a live or recorded speech. Its goal is to convert audio scripts into written or electronic text document. Common examples of this jobs are transcribing a physician’s recorded voice notes. People doing this are called or medical transcriptionist.

In court hearing or proceedings, they are otherwise referred to as legal transcriptionist.

Being a professional transcriptionist is not an easy job or a get rich quick scheme. Yet, this is quite a rewarding Gig compared to other available online opportunities. All you have to do is to uncover the secret of how to become successful in this field.

The key: Learn and practice the skills required.

Here, we will divulge some tips on how to make money being a transcriptionist.  Also, we aim to clear some misconception about this job.

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Tip# 1. You need to have enough training.

It is a real misinformation when people say that training is unnecessary. Getting general transcription job is as challenging as any other task not known to you.  Even you are good at typing and listening skills. Proper training is important. Because being a transcriptionist it involves much more typing job.

Here are things that you need to master.

    • You should know how to format right each type of transcription.
    • Learn on how to use the time coding, proper use of grammar like dash, comma, ellipses.
  • You should be equipped to know proper notation of poor audio.

Knowing these things gives you a better idea of how to qualify and become effective in this job. Someone needs excellent training to succeed in this field.

Tip #2. You need to be an intelligent marketer

Being an intelligent marketer is not at all about you. That you have a strong sales person personality. More than the skills of a sales agent, a multi-level marketer, and other offline salespeople. It works like sharing your skill to market your potential

Bear in mind that all businesses need someone who can do the job right, and this requires skills. And getting that edge, the higher is your chances of getting success. Sell your capabilities out, as this is one route to get yourself a high paying job.

Tip #3. You should choose the company that can provide high paying rate

Do not waste your time and effort to the company who are at a low paying scheme. It will surely end you up with great frustrations. You need to spend time seeking the big box company that can provide high paying gigs. Our goal is getting a job that can make our living comfortable so the right choice of company is very important.


There is always an opportunity to earn a decent income. And landing a job as a transcriptionist and a typing job is just one of those. Yet, we need to follow the above given tips.  For a greater chance of successfully going to a better pasture.

Always remember to gain an excellent training. All in listening, typing, grammar and correct notation to get the right company. Master to market your skills and show self-confidence at all the times. And finally, try to research the company first if they can provide for your financial needs.  As well as if you fit their requirements. Becoming transcriptions and earning at home is such a great opportunity that we all can enjoy.



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