Niche Online Marketplace

Starting your Business on Niche Online Marketplace

Niche online marketplace sounds like jargon. And it needs to be understood better by many to make them appreciate its advantages. But, don’t you know, that many businesses nowadays have started in such a model and found its way to stardom?

So, let us learn first what do we mean by niche?

As defined by the business dictionary. It is a small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focus attention by a marketer.

And these are not existing by itself, but rather a segment of a market. Meaning, it is what had been identified as a demand for a need or want which no one else in the business has supplied. It is a business that has a narrow and focused target market where a specific need is catered.

An example of a niche market could be Vegan Foods, which generally under the category of food. It serves specifically to the audience or plant-based food consumers. There must be a vendor that can supply a unique or specialized need of a customer. That makes a nice marketplace.

Getting our thoughts into a business on niche markets online, here are few tips that can help you get through it. But, we need to understand that creating a marketplace is not an easy task, it is not an overnight process either.

Yet, what is important is we got to start moving and make the step to get there.

Tips for creating your niche marketplace

Tip#1: Think about what your goal is

This encompasses your will and goal of getting into this kind of try. You need to be real and honest with yourself to make this work the way to want it. The true desire is crucial for your strategy to be formulated and succeed. Remember that this needs a lot of dedication, time, effort and money.

So, this is the top thing you have to reflect first before jumping on a decision.

To help you with it, educate yourself and learn more from the experts. As you will need to know on how will you build the marketplace platform you have in mind? However, if you don’t have the skill or a team that has it. You can still make that dream happen, just seek for the right people that you can share your desire with.

Tip#2: Defined product or service just enough to solve a basic user problem.

Since you are still starting, it is important to set the kind of product or service that you want to provide. Yet, to save you from higher risk, use a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This helps to ratify your market concept without investing too much cost.

In this way, you will get to know your market, on how they react or respond. You will only have the chance to learn once the process has started.

This is to simplify the choices of your target users to content quality of service or product. Thus, the marketplace will begin to gain trust from users.

Tip#3: Relate to Users

Interaction is very essential for all entrepreneurs. Once you have launched your business or platform, you have to relate to the users to get to know them and to get feedback. These are all necessary for improving the process.

Listening to your customers or users as early as possible. This will save you from major pitfalls of startups. You need to acknowledge the fact that what you are about to do is more for the end users than to your self.

Tip#4: An Imposing set of Principle

A niche community or marketplace is a platform that must be specialized. So, to get the trust of the users, there must be an all-inclusive knowledge or expertise around its niche. To get this, it is important to set principles. That is built in the community to define the marketplace’s authority to the intended market. It would act as an idea of your audience which translates their person. Like, their lifestyle or interest.

Tip#5: Right Content

Since working in a niche market already gives you an idea of “who” your users are. So, it is your task to keep them excited which make them happy to come back. As we know that it is not only about attracting your customers, it is more about keeping them with you. And that entails a lot of efforts to be successful in that pipe.

To make it happen, you have to deliver what every customer expects. These are the best experience and quality. Yet, beyond that, a creative and appealing content helps your audience understand. Hence will make them interested in your services, products, and lifestyle.

A compelling, informative and convincing article can catch their attention. And will make them interested in how things work with some kind of activity or idea. So, making them feel that you know what you are talking about, makes you an expert. This builds their trust in you and your vendors. So, the next thing is finally conversion.


A niche marketplace is up and coming. As we can see a lot of people are building their businesses out of their experiences and expertise. And, indeed a good content will really help your online marketplace to grow. As it becomes an avenue to educate your users or followers. Yet, before starting on your own, make sure that you got the right equipment and knowledge. If you are not too technical about it, talk to an expert, do your research before jumping on.


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Sell Merchandise

5 Steps in Starting up a Website to Sell Merchandise

The internet is the remarkable place. It has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a business. At a relatively lower cost compared to the traditional brick and mortar shops. With a good dose of dedication to learn on how to do right business in the web.

You can start selling a variety of goods from your website.

So, we need to establish our company to gain a trustworthy reputation. Business is about it, so we need to make sure that we start with the right foot in building our credibility. Since what you are about to start is a virtual business. We need to be sure that we everything is properly set up and to make a good start with our customers.

Here are steps that we can follow to get started.

5 Steps in Starting Up a Website to Sell Merchandise


Step #1: Set Up a Website

This is the primary thing that you need to do as this will represent your store. It’s a place where your customers can learn about you and the things that you are offering to them. Register a domain name and a web hosting company. Afterward, design the appearance of your websites as well as other functionalities.

To make it more enticing to viewers and customers. This talks about the place, nice and beautiful photos. Remember that these must relate to the products that you are selling. There must be a full and convincing description of your products and the company.

Getting a website designer can costly, but you can also use template sites or on a blog platform.

Step #2: Sale Functionality

As mention above, part of the set up if the different functionalities. Sale functionality one of which but with high importance. In order for your customer to make a buy from your website, there must be a shopping cart set up. You can choose from different software available in the marketplace.

This software allows the customer to choose the goods to buy. And it automatic to manages your inventory as well.

Step #3: Merchant Account or Shopping Cart Software

There must be a way for you to collect the payments. Hence, setting up a merchant account is one of the top things you’ll need to consider doing too. Once a sale happens, the money can be directly credited to your bank account linked to your website. Check this out to know on how to accept credit card payments on your website.

You can configure your payment method to shopping cart software, too. This is using a processor that provides secure payments. Without requiring a credit card merchant account.

Step #4: Search Engine Registration

It is a wise idea to have your website registered to lead search engines for the customers to locate you. This is a good strategy to let the world know that your stop is up and running. A store to provide them with the products or services they need. This now needs a building of search engine optimization to contents.

The keywords are has a vital role in making your website searchable into a success. There must be enough of it to help it rank as well as not to be identified as off-topic which will be ignored by Google.


Step #5: Marketing and Publishing your Website

Like any traditional business, you still need to market merchandise in your website. The good thing about selling online is there are online advertising platforms available. And the main goal is to drive traffic to your website. Use search engines, social media or analytic software to track users of your site. As well as the ads that work.


Setting up a website to sell a merchandise is like building your traditional store. It holds all the same concept – to make your presence to the market and sell. The only difference is that we are offering our goods in a virtual environment. So, the approach to take needs to match to the requirements as well to compete in the marketplace.


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Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge: A Healthy Way to Make Money, Join Now.

Weight loss management of often struggling to different people. It takes lots of discipline and motivation to persevere in doing the routine. But, a reward system can be an effective way to stick to your health plan. And, here is a great way to stay on track, get paid to weight loss.

Yes, you have read it right!

There are many platforms that can help us stay fit and earn at the same time. Check out these 7 not just money making apps but also to keep you fit and healthy.

Option #1: DeitBet

This is an app that makes you earn an extra cash while working out. An amazing way to stay motivated in shedding off some fats. And, it is even more fun since it allows you to challenge another fitness enthusiast to join. By following a healthy meal plan and exercise routines. Plus, a small investment of money as an entry fee in using the app, you’re already bound for fun and fitness.
The fee is so minimal as compared to the earning potential it has for you. So do not give up the challenge of working out.

In every achievement, there is a reward waiting. Yet, for incomplete challenges, you will get penalized. That’s discipline.
It is available in iOS and Android. Download now!

exercise female fitness foot

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Option #2: StepBet

This app pays you to do what you do every single day – take a walk. By moving your feet by means of stepping, you will earn extra cash once you will accomplish your goal. Bet on yourself, and if you achieve your target, you will split the pot among others. It is not so much of a competition, all you have to do is to get your goal and you’ll be paid.

Every day, the app will provide you a step goal. The counting automatically starts once the daily target is set. Just walk, or take yourself to one point to another to let your device get to count in.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Get it now.

woman in white jacket holding silver iphone

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Option #3: Sweatcoin

Another app that will take your sweat out, which give you a reward such as gadgets, fitness kits and others. Also, the chance to give donations to charitable institutions. So, step outdoors now.

After downloading the app, it tracks and verifies each step. It is taken up through your phone’s accelerometers and GPS location. then it will be then converted to Sweatcoins. A 1000 steps outside is equal to 0.95 Sweatcoin.

Sweat? With this app, earning extra is at all no sweat!

Download the app now! iOs or Android

Option #4 HealthyWage

Weight loss has never been as exciting as this one. This 4.2 star rated app allows anyone interested in the shedding of extra weights. Or to people who just like to do a variety of fitness regimes to make money. A great experience of losing fats while gaining cash, such an awesome deal, isn’t it?

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Option #5: Cash for Steps

United Healthcare is a health insurance company. They aim to keep their members stay in good physical shape. This is their way to save, by less health insurance claims. They provide them with each fellow an activity tracker. That will monitor the steps they take every day.

There is a daily target called FIT (Frequency, Intensity, Tenacity) and once they hit the goal they’ll earn cash.

The money they will get will be credited in their health reimbursement or savings.


Being health conscious payoff. And with these tricks are invented to motivate us more. Whether a weight loss challenges are no longer hard to complete. The motivation to gain cash while losing weight and staying fit. This makes no lazy feet will have to complain about waking up and get moving. On whatever side you’ll look at, it is a winning situation.


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Building your Passive Income with the Vending Machines

Another day which comes with hope and dreams as an entrepreneur. We always aim for growth, aren’t we? Passive income is part of that plan many of us aim, yet unfortunately, not everyone wants to work on. As it oftentimes demands an extra effort.

Work it out.

Vending machines are a great idea. It is basically like a store that can sell goods without your presence. Cool? Exactly the point, it gives you income by itself. But before indulging in an idea, mind taking a deeper look at what this business can offer. Let us examine both sides.

3 Insightful things For a Better Vending Business

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#1: Start-up cost for vending machines can be much lesser.

It would depend on the kind of machine you are investing in. The standalone ones may need lesser capital that would play around $4,500 to $20,000. Yet, for bigger machines like the ones used in laundry businesses, may need higher capital.

These costs may or may not still included the location.

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#2: Investing in Vending machines is equal to another job while going to a university.

True. And not only to a business particular to this one. In any extra income potential endeavor, it needed our dedication like on how we do on our main source of income. Most especially during the startup stage, it needs a lot of time, effort, and money. Not only that, you need to spend on educating yourself on how it will be run.

That knowledge is very essential to your success rate, just like the time you spent. Never underestimate the necessity to learn. Gain knowledge as much as possible. From the machine operation and products to locations, among others.

Part of the formula that you need to learn is on how to let it work. Considering the machines, location and customer satisfaction to reach success.

Ask yourself these following questions:

  • Are machines to use play an essential role in my business success?
  • Which location can I place it best?
  • Which comes to priority, great machine to a not so good location or vice versa?
  • Or is it still all about customer service satisfaction?

These are a few questions that you have to know. As well as do lots of researches before getting into a business that is promising.

Remember, as Colin R. Davis said, “ The road to success and road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

Hence, be careful and strive hard not to mislead yourself. Educate. Learn. Act. And Succeed.


#3: It is a unique business that has a 24/7 potential for operation and a rule of disposal.

If your business is operating 24/7, and located in a very strategic area. It makes your passive income your major source of finance. Enticing as it looks, yet be reminded that no success is forming overnight. Time is your essential tool to get there, if not wasted. See the logic behind this, the non-stop operation plays with time. And it is possible to bring you the financial freedom you have been seeking for.

Like other businesses, time is significant, each tick of the clock is equal to a dollar. Yet, here is the pinch of truth about it. Rushing your time to get rich, make you miss a lot of time to learn. And that route is dangerous.

Vending machines are not humans (of course!), and it cost money. Yes, not only upon startup but as it gets older too. Make sure if you have started it that you have the back up to get it going and when it stops generating income for you.

The big potential it gives an entrepreneur is coupled with great responsibility. Most especially it does nothing for you any longer. It means disposal. To become a brilliant business owner, think of the end to end process. Not thinking about what you will gain today and never care for the future.

There are ways on how to do that, so again, learn about it. Make it part of your research upon starting up.


Vending machines are potential businesses. The idea is totally amazing. But you need to do this with the right knowledge. To direct your way to success towards financial freedom is inevitable. We just need to take time to learn about it as a whole. As success to anything means getting a hold on it all the step of the way.
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Amazons Affiliate Marketing

Start Selling Products Linked with Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing

Others may earn money as an affiliate in Amazon, by making reviews and promotions to products. It is an affiliate marketing. Like selling physical products and become one of their associate in their program. You’ll earn through a commission scheme.

Through WooCommerce plugin, in WordPress, you need to set up an online store. And start selling physical products from Amazon.

In this way, you can manage your product through an Amazon ID used in tracking your sales as well as commissions.

two brown pencils

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For beginners, here are some steps that can give you an idea. As well as you can follow to get started.

Heads Up! You can set up your online store on a WordPress website and sell Amazon products. Install the WooCommerce plugin. While following these steps, make sure that your website is ready.


Pick products on Amazon that you can sell. Login to Amazon associate dashboard. And search for the products that you want to sell on your online store. Choose the product that will fit your niche.

Add the product and click to get the affiliate link.

As this is relevant in promoting products as banners on their websites. Click the text and image link that leads to the Amazon official page.


Add the product to your website, go to the menu and click “new and then “product”.


Input the essential and relevant information. These are about the products you are promoting, nothing else. This should include the name, description and product category. Complete all the necessary details. Click here to learn more.


Publish the product to make it online in your store. Once it has been posted, you can check this out in your own site.

Of course, you can always add more and other products to your online store. And get a commission through your promotions. You need to follow some instructions on how to do this. Learn more in this video.

Every business needs to be taken care of. Like these products that you are promoting as an affiliate in Amazon.

Below are a few tips that you can have to maximize earning.

Tip#1 Select a theme that is optimized for eCommerce. This will help your store stand out amidst other stores online.

Tip#2: Get products which have best reviews most especially from current or fresh users.

Tip#3: Make use of the most effective description you can get for your product. These must be truthful with the right description. It is important as this can make the buyers take positive actions towards your business

Tip#4: Essential plugins to your website is necessary. The website must be easy to use which promotes good experience. This includes easy and right classification of products. A relevant category must be placed in each product. Also, it must be fast and offers a good response to buyers as well.

Tip#5: Make sure that Amazon affiliate link will never be missed. Any product that hasn’t tagged won’t bring you any earnings.

Wrap up

Amazon affiliate program is one of the methods we can think to get passive income into our finances. Yet, it needs a lot of handworks, dedication as well as knowledge. It won’t take a genius to get there. But education to any matter you take on leads an important role towards your success. If you think you are ready to join the affiliate marketers, carry on. But if not, try to ask the experts first, to make your decision an informed one.

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