Learning on How to Start on Niche Affiliate Marketing Websites

But how other people were able to enjoy such business? Because they have opened their minds to learning. Affiliate marketing encompasses a certain essential step to make it to the top. Yet, possessing the right attitude toward it can give you the rewards it offers.

Time and effort. And a touch of determination is the key.

Now, let’s take a little review on what is a niche site.

It is a website that focuses its discussions or the topics you can find are for a particular group of people. Or if they are selling products, their articles are about a special kind of product or service. And these are sold to a specific target market or audience. This is a model used to attract niche markets.


Classifications of Niche Websites

Today, there are two known kinds of niche websites.

#1: Adsense Niche Site.

This site helps you make money using Google Adsense. Through account creation with them, link your website and select particular keywords. Then, creating contents for your website follows. And with the ads from Google Adsense, you will make income from each click and views.

#2: Affiliate Niche Websites.

These are sites that you can get income from, through affiliate marketing. Popular companies that you can get affiliated with is Amazon among others. All you have to do is select a certain product from them and promote it in your website.

Maximizing your niche site for affiliate marketing gives you a good passive income. But you need to learn and follow the correct way of doing it in the right route.

Starting a Niche Affiliated Marketing Site

To get a good look on how to get started, here are these basic things you need to learn and do. Remember that there are lots of companies that you get affiliated with. But choose carefully. And pick a product that matches your niche site.

Keep the ball rolling.

Step#1: Buy a domain

After being sure of what product to choose that matches your niche, it is the perfect time for you to get a domain. To secure your business, only buy this from trusted domain sources. It has to be unique from other domain names existing in the market today.

Step#2: Web Hosting Company

Another important factor to make your business up and running – web host. This step should be done with care. Thus research for companies that have earned good recommendations from users. Establish your affiliate niche website on the best hosting provider. And this will refrain yourself from troubles.

Step#3: Pick up the appropriate and best theme

You can find cool and free templates from WordPress. But there are also available plans that you can subscribe with. There a lot of beautiful themes, however, you need to choose the ones that harmonize your niche site. It must be a representation of what your site is all about.

Step#4: Excellent Contents Makes your Site a Winner

Yes, you are almost there. To make it complete, place good contents that are relevant to your niche site. It must be well-researched. And it’s written in a way that it gives valuable information to the target audience or readers. Blogs and articles must have the right keywords. As these are essential for your online presence and searchability.

Step #5: Backlinks

A way to get your website to the first page of search results, get some backlinks. Be sure that you are aware as to where these backlinks from to avoid using unreal or worse, stolen ones.

Step #6: Set Up

This step will take a while. You must have well researched about it. Getting the ins and outs of it makes this affiliate business successful.

Wrap Up

Niche affiliated websites is a good source for a passive income. Provided that you have done it right when you have started. So involving yourself in these kinds of businesses need a lot of dedication. Money making sounds great, but actions are more to be done to make it happen. Learn completely on how to do affiliate marketing as it can be your first step towards success.

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Building Passive

Building Passive Income with AirBnB Rental Marketplace

Getting to know about it and its simple steps

Passive income is one of the most sought strategies to meet financial flexibility. And today, AirBnb has gained popularity in the real estate investments. Many people have turned their heads toward this while wishful of being successful.

But, what is Airbnb property investment?

It is an online marketplace or platform for the host who rents out their extra space. This includes apartment, private or shared rooms, vacation rentals, and homestays. Yet, here is the catch, it is only for a short-term lodging. They give an access to the guest who is looking for affordable spaces to stay during travel.

A lucrative way to make an investment. Plus, making money of this method is even better when you can have a group investing in Airbnb property. The logic is quite simple. It will turn out to be getting a property for less capital. Yet with a higher potential of return on investment.

Keep reading and let us learn on how AirBnb works to give you a passive income.

We need to explore the website and learn how it is done. Or, you can also download their mobile app. Once we got into the site, we need to create an account that is absolutely FREE. You can choose the host option which is charged with a fee ranging from 3% to 5% per booking.

Here are 3 easy steps to get you started:

Step#1: Once you have done signing up, you are now ready to create your listing.

As a host, make sure that you will be able to communicate well to your prospective clients on what they can expect. Like, giving out a full description of the space. And this includes the most number of guests it can accommodate. Providing realistic photos together with other details are best to be included too.

Step#2: If you already have bookings, welcoming guest is the next step in line.

The good thing about the platform is the messaging system. I facilitate your way on how you can reach and communicate with your clients.

You must clean the house or room and provide the right supplies that the occupants can use.

Now, if you are not that tied up with other schedules, greeting your guest in person is recommended. But, if it would not be possible, sending them a door code. It is a clever strategy for the host to manage their time.

Step#3: The best part, getting paid! The platform is offering a secured payment system. The money won’t be dealt with by the host upfront. Since AirBnb sends the payment through Paypal, direct deposit and among others.

The host is always on the safe side too, during payment fulfillment. Why? Since guests are charged prior to their arrival. The host gets paid (net of the service charge) right after the client checks in.

For more information on the process, feel free to check AirBnb now.

Remember that it is a good way to earn a passive income. Yet, it would take a while as compared to a long-term rental of properties. AirBnb converts your investments in a shorter term.

The time, money and effort that you have pressed on. These are your keys towards your financial stability.

Again, success in these kinds of investments won’t be an overnight.

You need to know first how it works completely. Studying it is very important. Once you have mastered the mechanics of the strategy, then it would be easy to play around it. To get the best way to achieve our goal.


Like any other businesses and investments. AirBnb can give you a high potential for passive income. That is when understood and done the right way. So, education to self is of utmost importance in this journey towards success.

Never jump in if something is still vague or had remained unanswered.

Yes, we can make money off from AirBnb, yet be skillful in it. Acknowledge the possible risks and know how to counter those. Then, listen to those who have done it successfully and ask them how they were able to make it.




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Make Real Money

Review Various Music in Slicethepie.com to Make Real Money

Let your mind speak and earn from it

How come a hobby will turn out to be the best earning opportunity ever? Yes, many of us love to listen to different songs. And now we can do that while earning by making music reviews in exchange for money. Slicethepie.com is a website that facilitates it. They connect you to song artist through your opinion.

Now, your thoughts matter.

To start with, let us know more about Slicethepie.com. It is a legit platform who pays their members for the reviews made for music as well as fashion products. But this is best for music enthusiast who wants wishes to convert their idle times to earn extra money.

Yet the songs that you will hear from here are from unknown artists who pay to upload their music for feedback. You can also make reviews for anonymous designers. They are the ones who are aiming to get a valuable review on their products for improvement.

Earning opportunities

It is quite easy to make extra cash from this website. First, simply submit reviews. Second, refer your friends to become part of Slicethepie.com, and a 10% commission will be given to you.

Let us see how making reviews will get you paid.

It is free to join Slicethepie.com. After signing up, you will have an option to choose from: music or physical or fashion products.

If you wish to review a song, follow these steps:

close up fashion female girl

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Step#1: Song listening that will last for 90 seconds.

Step#2: It is your moment to express your thoughts and feelings about the song you have to listen to. Must be about on how the artist can improve the piece. The comments can be around a constructive feedback on the vocals and instrumental. Also in rhythm and among other factors.

There should be at least 60 words per opinion.

Step#3: Rate the song, from 1 to 10.

Step#4: Submit and wait for the reward which will be based on a star rating system.

Step#5: Payments have threshold amounting to $10 which you can cash out via PayPal.

The system of the platform is very stringent. To the extent that it requires real, distinctive opinion that can be a basis of the quality of your review.

So, here are some tips that can help you get higher rewards:

man in brown long sleeved button up shirt standing while using gray laptop computer on brown wooden table beside woman in gray long sleeved shirt sitting

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

           Tip#1: Connect to the artist by letting them know how you feel about the song.

        Tip#2: Be eloquent enough to be understood. Don’t say the same things over and over again.

        Tip#3: Make your review lengthy. Showcase your ability to give your opinion and feedback by writing a lot about it. Just make sure that those are relevant to the topic. For a higher pay, you need to write well with a detailed review. So, if you can be as accurate as possible, writing it in long sentences and paragraph is so easy to do.

     Tip#4: To help you become super “all-inclusive”. We suggest that, write all the essential information. While you are listening to the song you’re reviewing.


Music review might be sounding like to be done by professional musicians, right? Yet, it doesn’t normally follow. Because there are many people out there who can truly relate to songs, in different genres. After all, they need opinions, and by the time their songs go out to the mob, everyone can hear and judge it as well. So, grab this chance to make money out of it, click here to know more.

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Sharing Economy

Understanding the Concept of Sharing Economy

List of Websites the People can Use

Sharing is loving. And that particular value has been sweeping off as a business. Sharing economy concept is gaining popularity in advanced countries. Though, it had gathered controversies and contradictions from different sectors.

Let’s dig in a little about it, to help us understand the idea (even the basic ones). As there have been a lot of vagueness and confusions which leads to doubts about the terminology. The truth of the matter is, this could be an interesting topic to tackle.

Interesting to note the different idea it conveys. As the thought of sharing in this context is a little peculiar from our cultural practices.

The Simple Definition

“Sharing economy is an economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals either for free or with a fee.

– Google

This is via websites that are of course run by the power of the internet.

As a touch base, “sharing” in a traditional sense, is an action we do with trusted individuals. Like our family, friends, and neighbors.

But, today’s sharing stage promotes offering partition to strangers. Hence, this is something that critics have seen loopholes because it has a greater degree of risk. Besides to that, most of the services offered are personal like car, food or even extra room in your home.

Yet, it should not end there. A technology-driven industry as such has a strong historical basis. Thus, the people behind this concept are confident in using it. It is just like you are sharing your idea or contents online.

Some good examples of these are file-sharing, music and video sharing.

Another insight from a critic’s point of view:

“Sharing does not entail any monetary involvement in the supposition.”

The term “sharing” might be a misleading ad since the right words should have been “renting”. But, they have seen the definition in a different context. Because sharing could also mean sharing the cost or expenses.

With all the arguments emerging about sharing economy, it made the idea too broad. The terminology used is more appealing.

And has a positive value which can get a higher response rate, so it has been used by the industry.

Now, why don’t we look at the bright side of the opportunity it offers?

Check this short list  of the best sharing companies that we can open an account with:

We can look at this as a way of changed and improved way of life. This gives a better and positive effect on the collaboration of ideas for all consumers


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Room Sharing

This involves an individual person who has an extra space in their home. That they are willing to offer to other people for use. This option is more economical for the renter compared as to booking to a hotel. Below are some room sharing websites:


A room sharing website that of course requires a monetary deal. This is for people who have an extra room or like to let their own room be rented out while they are away for vacation. Visit their website for more information.

Other similar rooms sharing sites are BedyCasa and Wimdu.


This is room sharing site that is free of charge. Interesting way to meet new friends from different part of the globe. If you wish to become a host, rather than renting out a room or space, list it to verified members on this website. Check this out now.

Ride Sharing

This is another service that we can enjoy and it comes in different fashions. It could be a company owned shared car or a personal vehicle. Check the some of them below:


It is a company who owns a fleet of cars that offers users to rent cars from them for a monthly fee. Want to check on them, click here.

Zipcar is another company that works similarly with Car2Go.


An app based service that lets you drive for their company. This means you can drive individuals and send them to their destinations in exchange for money. And it is a cheaper ride for people who need to reach from one destination to another. Click here for more information.

Sidecar works just like Lyft but with its own version of the benefits offered.

There are still many sharing economy concept based companies that are existing today. For Stuff Sharing, you can visit Yerdle, Craigslist, eBay and a lot more.

If you are looking for services, you can check Vayable, TaskRabbit, Upwork, and others.

And for Park sharing, check out FightCar and Park Circa.

Wrap Up

Sharing is built from a relationship. Yet in modern times, we have evolved into something wider as compared to its basic definition.

As the sharing economy stirred the traditional way of thinking. We have opened up to a brighter idea on how we can create an earning out of it. Yes, no denial, it is another good way to generate income. With just simple steps in getting there, it is as easy as 1-2-3.

But, we need to consider and weigh things over. Before jumping into something that seems to be critical.

First, room sharing depends on your own personal value. Like renting out your own personal room takes away your privacy, more or less. So, you have to examine first on how you see and live your life. Trends should not bother your own outlook or preference.

Second, think of your safety at all times. Strangers will be strangers until you have met and knew them. Well, we don’t have to be very bleak towards the idea but it is the reality. But, in a business person’s perspective, the risk is some sort of a monochrome, you might not see but it’s there.

True, risk is there. But a good business reduces the effect of the presence of it. That is why a good calculation must be considered. So, this is where sharing economy companies take its role. They need to have a solid foundation on how to make both parties get the security high and risk at low.

Learning more about how this makes a perfect business is a good start for anybody who wants it for a living. Sharing economy has both pros and cons. But as long as both joiners are doing this in good faith, everyone gets the benefit. A brighter chance for anyone who is looking for an extra income.



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Camera Gear Potential

Sharegrid.com: Maximizing your Camera Gear Potential

Photography got an image of being an expensive hobby or else it is a lucrative profession. With the kind of equipment, they’re using no doubt that it is a prime stuff. Thanks to Sharegrid.com. For making it more achievable to almost everyone who loves photography.

So, people owning a camera could maximize its use by renting it out through a peer-to-peer gear rental.

Before going further, let us know more about ShareGrid

Founded in 2013 by a group of photographers and filmmakers. It is for local photographers and filmmakers to do rental activities among themselves. Wherein, members need not worry too much about its security. Since the system is backed up by Athos Insurance Services.

Everyone in the circle is verified. This is by requiring all to submit a government form of identification.

Also, this is one of, which is called, the collaborative consumption. Otherwise known as sharing economy where owners rent out items that they are not using. Yet, it is highly encouraged that both the renters and owners must be reviewing each other.

This is a good option for any aspiring photographers. Most especially those who wish to test the waters for a business opportunity. It is rather awesome as compared to buying. As these pricey equipment’s or to rent out from expensive rental companies.

Yet, there is still an accompanying risk in transacting rentals directly to strangers. Well, all businesses have it anyway, so you just have to be careful and canny. So, that is what Sharegrid is trying to be on the look.

Let us adjust the lens closer to see how this works:

Photo by Andreas Kind on Unsplash.jpg

Step# 1: Sign up to the website.

Step# 2: Once in, browse for the item that matches your need. Click on the dates you want to have it and when it’s returned.

Step# 3: Choose from the different options for the rental insurance. This covers the damage waiver and annual insurance. Also, it needs a security deposit or you can have a choice of your third party insurance.

So, this process will give the owners the confidence and some peace of mind. That they will be compensated if ever their equipment gets damaged or lost while it’s with the borrower’s care. Hence, it is a fair deal for the both of them.

Like, the renter’s getting the perks of using the most recent camera gear and equipment. Without getting expensive cost in completing the project, that is so awesome! So. The owner takes a chance to make money while no projects are being worked on.

Apart from ShareGrid, here’s a short list of other renting companies.  Your other options also worth exploring.


Operates like the large network of production houses. And individual owners or renters of lens and cameras. Click here for more details.


A recent company who aims to do camera gear similar to Netflix. You can enjoy renting gear as much as you like by subscribing to them. Visit their site for more details.

BorrowLenses – Online Camera Gear Rental

It is noted to be one of the dominant players in the industry. But, it works quite different compared to other rental companies mentioned. Since they aren’t a place for you to offer your gear for rental. But if you are a renter, this is the best option to get quality gears.

They got heaps of stocks and the latest in the business. To become a member, click here.


It works like the BorrowLenses and has been noted to be one of the limited online giant resources. The company has the capacity to function like a rental house in a bigger sense.

If you have rented from them and had decided to buy the gear. They got a “keeper program” that you can take advantage of. This means giving you a reimbursement on your rental fee from the gear buying price. Learn more.

Final Words

To wrap this up, ShareGrid, Borrowlenses or Lensrentals works the same. All allow a photographer or filmmaker to save or make money on the side. It is a great way to supplement income through this hobbies or profession.

It is indeed true that buying gears “always” is an expensive route. As upgrading seems to be part of the cycle of any equipment. Unless getting these camera gears will get you into a rental business. Then, you will get more than a break-even margin from your pastime or main job for a living.

Now we can call it a pleasure and work blending, and that is awesome! Check out the latest lenses and camera gear at ShareGrid.com now.


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